Record the subsequent status of the questions (ignore the user interface)?

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saml: Is there any way to configure the Azure AD SSO to ignore the SP forceAuthn parameter?

I'm trying to solve an annoying login parameter initiated by SP based on the cloud, forceAuthn, the SP includes this in its assertion and is set to true. They do this to ensure compliance with some of their other clients and are not willing to allow this to be configurable. This is flooding my organization with support tickets because it forces them to re-login to our Azure AD even when they have a valid session.

I know that Okta allows you to ignore this with "Honoring the force of truth" in the application settings in Okta, but I could not find something like this in Azure AD.

htaccess: how to ignore / redirect all URLs that match a given string

(I think there should be a specific form of WordPress to solve this, but anyway …)

Appropriate rel = "canonical" labels on the head section should have resolved any duplicate content problem.

If these URLs no longer exist, you could say they should return a 404. You can serve this by using mod_rewrite at the top of your .htaccess file, before any existing mod_rewrite directives:

RewriteRule ^ events / action ~ - [R=404]

If you want to send a "410 Gone" instead, change the R = 404 flag for Sun.

To redirect to / events / instead, I would change the directive to read:

RewriteRule ^ events / action ~ / events / [R=302,L]

302 is a temporary redirect, 301 for permanent. (But it was only changed to 301 once you tried it, to avoid caching problems).

However, if you have blocking directives in robots.txt then there is no bot that obeys robots.txt You will see these answers. For example, if Google has previously indexed these URLs, you should consider removing the block in robots.txt So Google can see the answer 4xx.

ios – How can I ignore the activation lock?

The official steps to disable the activation lock of Find my iPhone are documented by Apple at

In a nutshell, the various ways to remove the iCloud activation lock include:

  1. Apple will remove the block if they can verify that the original buyer is requesting the action.
  2. Self-service removal if you can authenticate as the iCloud account that placed the lock on that device.
  3. Businesses that use DEP can often use their MDM to remove the block as a self-service action without the need for Apple to participate.

For consumers, you may have to make an appointment at an Apple store and present the proof of purchase in Genius hand (to prove that you are the authorized owner) along with the proof of identity and they will reset the Activation Lock. and they will give you access. to device.

For businesses, it depends on whether you are enrolled in DEP, the Apple Device Enrollment Program, or you simply want to provide copies of the serial numbers from the original purchase list to verify ownership.

If you purchased the second-hand device, stole it, found it, or purchased the device by some other means than buying it directly from Apple, then you will probably need the original owner to show proof of purchase, etc. Then they will transfer. the device to your account or simply disable the activation lock.

The only form of self-service to remove the block if you can not enter your password on the device itself is authenticate at and remove the activation lock when the device is not connected to the Internet.

.htaccess: How to add / ignore a subfolder in the htaccess file?

I have built an application in http: // url / sdf19 /

I have a .htaccess placed in / sdf19 / containing RewriteRule for clean URLs.

But I have built a PDF generation tool, which is in a subfolder / inc / tools.
I need to link it directly to run before the headers.

Despite some hours of searching, testing fragments, generators, etc. I can not get any request for http: // url / sdf19 / inc / tools to be allowed, without the existing RewriteRule set taking control

Here is my home file


RewriteRule ^ ([a-z]+)  /? $ index.php? page = $ 1 [NC]
RewriteRule ^ ([a-z]+)  / ([0-9]+)  /? $ index.php? page = $ 1 & id = $ 2 [NC]
RewriteRule ^ ([a-z]+)  / ([a-z]+)  /? $ index.php? page = $ 1 & action = $ 2 [NC]
RewriteRule ^ ([a-z]+)  / ([a-z]+)  / ([0-9]+)  /? $ index.php? page = $ 1 & action = $ 2 & id = $ 3 [NC]


I have tried adding this on line 4;
RewriteCond% {REQUEST_URI}! ^ Inc / tools / [NC]

This gave RewriteCond: bad argument line error

I have tried adding this to line 2;

RewriteCond% {REQUEST_URI} ^ / inc / tools /(.*)$
RewriteRule ^. * $ - [L]

I have tried adding a .htaccess in / inc / tools with RewriteEngine OFF, it did not work.

I have tried the linked .htaccess tester in the top post, but its file (above) works IRL, it produces a & # 39; rule that is not met & # 39; for everything it contains!


The desired result is that I can allow direct access to http: // url / sdf19 / inc / tools > everything I've tried so far redirects me to the base http: // url / sdf19 /

Integration: ignore the constant when solving the Legendre equation of order 1 using the order reduction method

I am studying a course on ODE and there is a given example where the Legendre equation is solved using order reduction as follows:

$$ (1-x ^ 2) and & # 39; & # 39; – 2xy & + 2y = 0, P_1 (x) = x \ y (x) = xv, y & # 39; = v + xv & # 39 ;, and & # 39; & # 39; = 2v & # 39; + xv & # 39; & # 39; \ implies (1-x ^ 2) (2v & # 39; + xv & # 39;) – 2x (v + xv & # 39;) + 2xv = 0 \ implies frac {v & # 39; & # 39;} {v & # 39;} = frac {-2} {x} + frac {1} {1-x} + frac {1} {1 + x} $$
After reorganizing and solving the fraction fraction. From here you take the integral of both sides to give. $$ log {v & # 39;} = -2 log {(x)} + log {(1-x)} + log {(1 + x)} $$and it is stated that integration constants do not matter at this point, which I do not understand. When exposed and integrated again, the final answer is given as $$ v = frac {-1} {x} + frac {1} {2} log { left ( frac {1 + x} {1-x} right)} left[ + C right] $$
Similarly, here the constant is in brackets as if it were optional. If v were resolved with integration constants, I think the answer would be the form $$ v = C_1 left[frac{-1}{x}+frac{1}{2}log{left(frac{1+x}{1-x}right)}right]+ C_2 $$
This solution is considered the same & # 39; because it is only a multiple of the previous solution (therefore it is not linearly independent)? Is it standard to ignore the integration constant with this method or would it be safer to leave it?

wi fi – Ignore all those "free" wifi access points

You have probably asked yourself before, but I could not find anything relevant in the searches.

My problem is that I can be using my phone with my 4G data almost unlimited, quite happy, but if I step too close to a place that offers "free" wifi, or if a bus with "free" wifi on board happens to me, all of suddenly, redirects me to the page "You must log in ..".

I do not want to log in, I DO NOT WANT to use your "free" wifi. I want to continue using my 4G data, without having to go through the rigamarole to deactivate the wifi every time I leave home. I want to IGNORE those things "free" wifi.

Can this be achieved in any meaningful way?

Google Sheets: ignore the blank entry in the filter function

I have a Google sheet filter that takes condition 1 (G1 or G2) and condition 2 (H1 or H2). I would like the function to return values, even condition1 and / or condition2 are completely empty IE. When there are no conditions, the complete table is displayed.

What I have now:

= FILTER (A1: E, (A1: A = G1) + (A1: A = G2), (B1: B = H1) + (B1: B = H2))

Any help would be appreciated!

dnd 5e – Does the Metamagic option of the sorcerer's subtle spell allow you to ignore the verbal and somatic components?

The expression "without any somatic or verbal component" is interpreted, in a simple language, which means that they are no longer necessary.

If the intention of this metamagician was to force an election of which component the Sorcerer would ignore, then it should have been expressed in one of the following ways:

Subtle spell. When casting a spell, you can spend 1 spell point to choose one of the verbal or somatic components. Regardless of the components you choose, you do not need to provide them for this spell.
Stated as clearly as possible.

Subtle spell. When you cast a spell, you can spend 1 spell point to cast it without the somatic components or the verbal components.
Keep the general phrasing, but with the comma doing heavy lifting.

Subtle spell. When you cast a spell, you can spend 1 spell point to cast it without the verbal components. Alternatively, you can cast the spell without the somatic components.
Call more attention to the election itself.

Silent spell When you cast a spell, you can spend 1 spell point to cast it without the verbal components.
Still spell When you cast a spell, you can spend 1 spell point to cast it without the Somatic Components.
Divides them into different metamagics; However, it would make it more difficult to gain additional metamagics.

If I ignore the note "Accept cookies" on a website, will cookies be used or not?

Since the EU cookies law, the "Accept cookies" note appears on most websites. If I simply ignore it, to continue using the website but leave the note "intact", will cookies be stored on my computer or not?