google sheets: the IFTTT trigger is not activated unless you click "Check now"

I have created an applet to add Google Calendar events to Google Sheets. It is not activated when I create a new event (I left it for hours), it will only be activated when I click "Check now" in the applet, which obviously overrides the IFTTT utility.

Has anyone had similar problems with Google Calendar or IFTTT applets in general, or know any solution?

How to publish types of custom WordPress posts on Twitter through IFTTT

I have my wordpress site. That has the normal "publication" and a "download" of type of personalized publication. I currently use IFTTT, (If This Then That Service) to publish my WordPress posts on Twitter.

The IFTTT recipe works perfectly for my posts and tweets as soon as I publish any post. You can check my site, and my twitter account is

The problem is that this only works for normal WordPress posts. I searched IFTTT applets to include custom post types that didn't work, and I can't find a solution in the stack exchange either.

How can I use IFTTT to tweet any new publication of the publication type & # 39; download & # 39 ;?

I love IFTTT and I don't want any add-ons that slow down my site. Therefore, provide the code, which ensures that my IFTTT applet is also activated for this type of personalized publication.

Creating a Google calendar event on specific days using IFTTT

I am using the IFTTT to manage my smart home. If the sunset (underground weather) creates a Google calendar event. I need the event to be created only next Friday. Is there any way?

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if this then that – IFTTT can not connect to Instagram

I tried several IFTTT applets. Everything that does something with instagram does not work. The connection can not be made. I receive the error message 101/0
I'm going to Instagram. I give IFTTT permission and access to my installation profile. A pop-up message asks "open with IFTTT". The message "Trouble when turning on the applet, error 101/0" appears

This happens with all instagram applets related to the iPhone. Using the PC I do not get that far.
Can someone help, please ???

if this then that – IFTTT triggers the sound in Android without interrupting other applications

As far as I know, the only way IFTTT + Android plays a sound is through the "play a specific song" action.

But when playing a song, the default music player starts interrupting other activities (listening to music between them)

What I want is simply to "play a specific sound", leaving all other applications running, without even appearing on the screen (although this might be acceptable)

Is there a trick to achieve this?

In the worst case, the default music player could be an Android music player application that will not open or interrupt others if this exists (?)