Beginner: I am a novice and wrote a Sudoku generator in Javascript. I would like to have some ideas about it

let sudoku = ();

function shuffle(a) {
    for (let i = a.length - 1; i > 0; i--) {
        const j = Math.floor(Math.random() * (i + 1));
        (a(i), a(j)) = (a(j), a(i));
    return a;

function randomNumber() {
	let num = Math.floor(Math.random() * 9 + 1);
	return num;

function randomFiller(a) {
	while (a.length < 9) {
		let num = randomNumber();
		if (a.indexOf(num) < a.lastIndexOf(num)) {
	return a;

function populateSudoku() {
	let arr = ();
	while (sudoku.length < 9) {
		arr = ();
	return arr;

function arrange3x3() {
	let arr = ();
	let line1 = ();
	let line2 = ();
	let line3 = ();
	for (let i = 0; i < sudoku.length; i++) {
		line1.push(sudoku(i).splice(0, 3));
		line2.push(sudoku(i).splice(0, 3));
		line3.push(sudoku(i).splice(0, 3));
	for (let i = 0; i < sudoku.length; i += 3) {
		sudoku(i).push(line1.splice(0, 3));
	for (let i = 1; i < sudoku.length; i += 3) {
		sudoku(i).push(line2.splice(0, 3));
	for (let i = 2; i < sudoku.length; i += 3) {
		sudoku(i).push(line3.splice(0, 3));
	sudoku = ().concat.apply((), sudoku);
	return sudoku;

function shuffleY(lmr) {
	let check = false;
	let x = ();
	let y = ();
	let z = ();
	while (check === false) {
		for (let i = 0; i < sudoku.length; i++) {
		for (let i = 0; i < sudoku.length; i++) {
		for (let i = 0; i < sudoku.length; i++) {
		if (x.every((element, index) => {
			return index === x.lastIndexOf(element);
		}) && y.every((element, index) => {
			return index === y.lastIndexOf(element);
		})) {
			check = true;
		} else {
			for (let i = 0; i < sudoku.length; i++) {

function mirrorSudoku() {
	sudoku.forEach((element, index) => {
		sudoku(index) = ().concat.apply((), element);
	let copy = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(sudoku));
	for (let i = 0; i < sudoku.length; i++) {
		for (let j = 0; j < sudoku.length; j++) {
			copy(j)(i) = sudoku(i)(j);
	for (let i = 0; i < copy.length; i++) {
		sudoku(i).push(copy(i).splice(0, 3));
		sudoku(i).push(copy(i).splice(0, 3));
		sudoku(i).push(copy(i).splice(0, 3));


sudoku = ().concat.apply((), sudoku);
sudoku = ().concat.apply((), sudoku);


Interaction design: ideas on how to display auto-complete suggestions and validation messages cleanly

I am currently working on a task for a company I am applying for. I need to have a text input with a submit button that shows suggestions as the user types, but it also needs to show validation messages based on what the user types. I am looking for suggestions on a clean way how to display this.

Here is my current design:

enter the image description here

If unclear, the text box is on the left with the suggestions below, the submit button is in the middle, and the validation message is on the right. You could put the validation message below the suggestions, but it might seem a little crowded. Any other suggestion? It's not terrible as it is, but I find it a bit awkward. Thank you!

optimization: ideas to improve website loading speed?

  1. Yahoo tips to improve page speed
  2. Google tips to improve page speed
  3. If you use PHP, Google's tips to make PHP faster

Here's a basic list made up of Google's Page Speed ​​plugin (here's Yahoo's YSlow):

  • Take advantage of browser caching
  • Specify image dimensions
  • Avoid CSS @import
  • Avoid bad requests
  • Combine images into CSS sprites
  • Defer JavaScript analysis
  • Enable Keep-Alive
  • Enable compression
  • Small CSS online
  • Small JavaScript online
  • Make cached landing page redirects
  • CSS minify
  • Minify HTML
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Minimize redirects
  • Minimize request size
  • Optimize images
  • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
  • Prefer asynchronous resources
  • Put CSS in the document header
  • Delete query strings from static resources
  • Serve resources from a consistent URL
  • Serve scaled images
  • Specify a Vary header: Accept-Encoding
  • Specify a cache validator
  • Specify a character set
  • Defer JavaScript load
  • Delete unused CSS
  • Use efficient CSS selectors

I recommend using the Google or Yahoo page speed plugins to test your pages. It is quick and easy to do and offers a clear guide on how to improve the speed of your page.

to update

As recommended by Nick in the comments here are some better resources and information:

update 2

Here are some good statistics that show why page speed is important (source)

Same Origin Policy – Ideas for Isolating Subdomains

Consider a blogging platform: and we want to host unreliable content on Y

By default, the same origin policy does not allow communication between these two subdomains. Beyond SOP, what are some of the security considerations to keep in mind to ensure that cannot read or interact with the properties of

An example could be the scope of the session cookie for each subdomain to that particular subdomain.

User Centered Design: What other team / discipline is UX-research most valuable to exchanging ideas with?

I am working on a graduation project on the centralization of knowledge in organizations. Especially in large organizations, teams like UX-research have their own tool / dashboard to gather information, while in reality, many valuable ideas can be found in other teams that complement each other.

I wonder which teams / disciplines are most valuable to UX-research to combine their knowledge, and how / at what level.

Need dedicated ideas vs. individual cloud accounts vs. VPS?

I have a 2TB HDD server that shows its age. We have had continuous problems and we are going to migrate soon. I don't know whether to invest in another similarly equipped dedicated machine or to consider splitting accounts into individual cloud instances or VPS. The main reason I'm considering the cloud issue is that we don't really want to have downtime again as we have with the dedicated machine. This last time we were inactive for two days while we received a new part. We have thought about setting up a second redundant server as a failover backup, but that is beyond our financial means or technical knowledge at this time.

The setup I was considering was to put the two high-usage core accounts on individual cloud instances (300gb each) while moving the rest to a single cloud instance or a VPS running WHM / cpanel.

My main questions are:

1) Would the cloud account solve our downtime problems? I don't know much about it, but I understand that you can take a snapshot of the instance on a regular basis so that if something catastrophic happens, it could get back to work quickly compared to the many hours (or days) required to restore full backups of cpanel.

2) With cloud hosting plans should I worry about running yum updates etc. to keep the server secure? Do I have to install CSF etc. or is it all done as part of the package?

3) Something I'm not thinking about?

Kindly check the best ideas

Please see this website that contains wonderful ideas related to fashion, beauty and VSCO hairstyles by 2020. Waiting for your answers.

Ideas for a "SEO Analysis Report" website

Could you give me some ways to improve my website "SEO analysis reports"?
Is this; which is also available in my signature.

SEO Consultants – Get to know your website in our SEO analysis reports –

Check it out and see if anyone can edit it or do something in it and send me the code if possible …

I want "Add sample reports "in it, which I have given here on the page ……

Ideas for a "SEO Analysis Report" website

javascript: any ideas on how to analyze the data of a curriculum?

I have a project where I need to dynamically convert the user-uploaded resumes through a web application to a centralized data set (database), which includes extracting the useful data from that file and converting it into text.

Given that the entry can take any form (PDF, DOCX), how can we address that use case and what back-end technologies can be useful for this application? Is there any API ready to use?

Any recommendation can be useful.

Have unique promotion ideas along with ordinary promotion methods | Forum Promotion

I bet there are many people struggling with promotion and marketing.

Using SEO and ordinary promotion methods, such as influencing social networks, is always a good thing, but with a lot of competition and worthy "enemies", it can sometimes be difficult to achieve your goal.

Would you take some risks and do some wild things to expose yourself or would you convey about the old methods?

I have seen many people trying to get some exposure by doing certain things in their community. You could host or sponsor certain events and have your ads everywhere. But that is not the safest bet, it does not guarantee that it will succeed, nor is it so unique.

Working as a team with other forums and advertising with each other might not be a bad thing, but in doing so, you could also lose some of your members if they think the other forum is more attractive.

There really is a small place for originality when it comes to promotion. Many larger companies have already covered many unique forms of promotion and marketing.

– My idea –

Randomly, I thought of a way to promote yourself. I'm not sure if someone has done it as a forum user to date, but it might seem like a good idea. It implies a certain risk factor, but it could also be a very good way to promote yourself.

Target the students. Start by making printed promotional material and invite students to join your forum. The deal is. Ask them to write for you for a month, without spam. Have interesting discussions begin and also participate in them. After one month, you will choose a winner (or some) and offer them a monthly scholarship / monthly help for 1 year of your study.

Now, the risk factor here is. You should know that not everyone will remain in their forums. You are giving away money. It is up to you to decide how much you are willing to give, but it has to be a decent amount to really interest people.

I would really enforce an agreement along with the scholarship. Make a t-shirt with the logo and URL of your forum and make it part of the deal. Your chosen winner must use it from time to time if he wants to continue obtaining the scholarship from you.

In case there is a certain couple, try to have your chosen one wear a shirt also on those occasions.

What you think? Would that work? I would surely do it in the first month since many students would love to get money, but after that it is a completely different story.

I hope you enjoyed reading this :)