[ Politics ] Open question: Do you think it was a good or bad idea to legalize marijuana?

[ Politics ] Open question: Do you think it was a good or bad idea to legalize marijuana? .

Is it a good idea to replace icons with emoji?

I am currently polishing an application that I have built using fontawesome. Due to the large footprint of fontawesome (almost 2 MB with the more accessible version of SVG + JS), I am considering using emoji instead. These are already in all machines and users must be used to them.

I think it might be a good idea, since the use of the icons that users already associate with their meaning could make it easier for them to quickly understand what a button does, even without reading the associated text. This would be especially good for illiterate, visually impaired or dyslexic users.

The text still exists for the users of screen readers and the icons are wrapped inside elements that are hidden for them.

The only warning I can think of is that Apple does not sometimes allow applications that use emoji on its interface. However, this application is internal to the company and will never appear in any application store, so I do not think this is a problem.

As far as I can tell, all users have emoji compatible operating systems.

Is there something I'm missing?

usa – Is it a bad idea to use a passport with an old name?

My wife and I recently got married. She took my last name. We are planning to fly somewhere internationally, but recently we realized that your passport has its old name. Since getting a new passport is a problem we would like to avoid, if possible, I thought maybe we could buy the tickets with your maiden name and use your passport that matches this one. Could this cause a problem?

We have used your passport to fly in the country before, since someone accidentally bought your ticket with the previous name. But I'm worried it might be more complicated if we fly internationally.

For more details:

intellij idea – Caused by: java.io.IOException: CreateProcess error = 2, the system can not find the file specified with AWS

Getting problem Caused by: java.io.IOException: CreateProcess error = 2, the system can not find the specified file while running the java program from intellij, but when the same command is run from the cmd prompt, then it works correctly.

public class TestRunProgram {
empty main public static (String[] args) launches IOException {

String commandRun = "aws apigateway get-api-keys - profile awsProdUser --region eu-west-1";
System.out.println (commandRun);
Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime ();
Process pr = rt.exec (commandRun);

Getting below problem after execution

                java.io.IOException: the program "aws" can not be executed: CreateProcess = 2 error, the system can not find the specified file
in java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start (ProcessBuilder.java:1048)
in java.lang.Runtime.exec (Runtime.java:620)
in java.lang.Runtime.exec (Runtime.java:450)
in java.lang.Runtime.exec (Runtime.java:347)

With regards to streaming hosts. Has anyone thought of this idea? | Proxies123.com

With regards to streaming hosts. Did anyone ever think of normal pop-up and normal ad clutter? Why not go with the YouTube style of ad display?

Do you want to play the AD before the video starts and have the option of AD breaks like facebook / youtube ads?

It is much cleaner and can generate more revenue in my perspective in terms of consumers and transmission hosts.

It is my only opinion.

Making my own blog had the idea but I can not motivate myself | Proxies123.com

First of you, you both must get 2 things from the start or they will fail even before you start:

1) There is not such a thin form as "fast fashion". Even in the past, Google has favored original and quality content, but now those two factors are more relevant than anything else. Focus on writing quality content, do a little research, write 1 article a day and then go back to work after 7 days with 7 articles, then write 7 shit publications today.

Quality content: comments, recommendations, recurring users, better classification and better income opportunities.
Content of the publication of shit = laughter and shame of name in the comments, spam, bad classification, there is no possibility of obtaining legal income

Now I'm not severe here, those are facts, if it was something very basic to explain, so you can have an idea.

2) And here is the "big" taboo that 90% of new bloggers can not understand: forget about profits.

Yes, most people start doing these things in the hope that they will go big, earn a lot of money and become "the boss," and that's why 95% of them are disappointed when, After 3-4 months, they have nothing in their balance.

This is not a quick "get rich" scheme, in some extreme cases people get to go big quickly, but that's 1% of them, even if it's a lot.

You have to understand that there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of blogs / sites / forums, and you do not even know how to get started, you are new to this, be realistic.

Write quality content, research topic, be original in the type of writing and concentrate on that, not on the profits. Over time, the profits will come, maybe one day is even big, but at the beginning, if you focus on the profits before you start writing, you are doomed to fail and lose motivation quickly.

It does not matter what people tell you or how the YouTube videos tell you, otherwise, there is no legal way to enrich yourself in 1 day.

For example, I am starting a new blog and the last 6 days I am researching niches, competitions, markets that I will focus on, etc. For example, I know something about Medicine, so I can not write about it, but I'm amazing in other niches. Like IM, Tech, Construction, etc …

I have created a file that contains everything I need to start step by step and follow it at the right time (no quick scheme).

Disclaimer: everything I write above is related to blogs NOT with affiliate blogs, there is a big difference between those two and the type of earnings they focus on, so they can not be related, except that both need quality writing. :Thumbs up:

Design patterns: Any idea why Youtube videos do not follow the natural reading direction with the title?

I'm writing an essay on design design, and at the same time I'm researching the diagonal design design pattern (setting the elements so that they line up to the left at the top and to the right at the bottom to correctly follow the user's reading address), and while I'm doing I've noticed that the Youtube player only follows the rule to some extent, and can be seen in almost any view of the player:

enter the description of the image here

As you can see, the player has the title in a rather difficult place to see, while maintaining the correct position of the answer buttons and the subscription button.
Normally, as shown in online articles, the header is always placed over the content and aligned to the left for the read address mentioned.

I was wondering why YouTube would go for this approach. The first thing that comes to my mind is that YouTube simply believes that you do not really need the title very much since you most likely have done it to access the video, but I do not like to jump to conclusions.

I have not been able to find any good research on the subject, therefore, I am asking here.

I'm sorry if this is a pretty noob question. I'm still a beginner to be honest.
Any help would be incredible đŸ™‚

Suggest a game idea to memorize the multiplication table

I want to create a simple game for children to help them memorize the multiplication table. I have seen other games created for this purpose. They created without fantasy. These games are a questionnaire with questions and answers. And the player must only answer correctly. Children do not like these games. They prefer others.

I want to create a dynamic, exciting, fascinating and really entertaining game. The game should be simple and interesting like Tetris or Snake. The player must use his knowledge of the multiplication table to play this game. The player must make the correct decision for a limited time. The entry should not be complex: the player should not write numbers. He or she must control the game with the mouse, the touch screen or the arrow keys and the space key.

Can you suggest an idea for such a game?

I have trouble trying to center my navigation bar but I have no idea why it is not focused at all. Can anyone look and see what mistake I'm making? [on hold]




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Therefore, AOC essentially supported the idea of ​​printing more money to pay for the Green New Deal. Your comment?

I'm pretty sure the Germans did something similar at the beginning of the 20th century and they did not do so well.

Printing more money to cover some of the programs suggested by the Green New Deal will only make the dollar less valuable and, ultimately, will not facilitate the implementation of those reforms.