sharepoint online – Trigger flow with icon instead of button?

I have a SharePoint list with a button that has conditional logic to trigger a flow. It works (conditions display or hide it as needed as well as adjusting color and label as needed), but it doesn’t look great.

enter image description here

I realize that I can do some minor formatting in the button (make the background color less dramatic, for example), but I’m wondering if it’s possible to have an email icon that the user could click to trigger the flow, instead of the big button.

Here’s my JSON formatting for the field:

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "children": (
      "elmType": "button",
      "txtContent": "=if((($RequestStatus) == 'Requested Proof'), if((($LogProofRequested) == ''), 'Click to Send Request Proof Message', 'Click to Re-Send Request Proof Message'), if((($RequestStatus) == 'Received Proof'), if((($LogProofReceived) == ''), 'Click to Send Received Proof Message', 'Click to Re-Send Received Proof Message'), if((($RequestStatus) == 'Cancelled'), if((($LogCancelled) == ''), 'Click to Send Cancelled Message', 'Click to Re-Send Cancelled Message'), 'No associated message to send')",
      "customRowAction": {
        "action": "executeFlow",
        "actionParams": "=if((($RequestStatus) == 'Requested Proof'),'{"id":"cea60216-5abe-4170-bd1d-e00c6c7d6ddb","headerText":"Request Proof Notification","runFlowButtonText":"Send Now"}',if((($RequestStatus) == 'Received Proof'), if((($Period) == 'Next Year'), '{"id":"3c8d3211-2cac-49e7-8767-49e986246a03","headerText":"Received Proof Notification","runFlowButtonText":"Send Now"}', '{"id":"2e5281f3-5378-4a35-8e3d-700b74ea56c4","headerText":"Received Proof Notification","runFlowButtonText":"Send Now"}'), if((($RequestStatus) == 'Cancelled'),'{"id":"ca089b5b-ed8e-4e7b-9283-c7a41553e45a","headerText":"Cancelled Notification","runFlowButtonText":"Send Now"}','{"id":"b8643251-b284-4089-ba29-d1223a179bc9"}')))"
      "style": {
        "background-color": "=if((($RequestStatus) == 'Requested Proof'), if((($LogProofRequested) == ''), 'green', 'darkblue'), if((($RequestStatus) == 'Received Proof'), if((($LogProofReceived) == ''), 'green', 'darkblue'), if((($RequestStatus) == 'Cancelled'), if((($LogCancelled) == ''), 'green', 'darkblue'), 'orange')",
        "color": "white",
        "display": "=if(($Period)=='' || ($Recipients)=='', 'none', if(($Period)=='Next Year', if(($RequestStatus)=='Received Proof' && ($ApprovedSchool)!='' && ($PreviouslyDesignatedSchool)!='', 'inherit', if(($RequestStatus) == 'Requested Proof' || ($RequestStatus) == 'Cancelled', 'inherit', 'none')), if(($Period)=='Current Year', if(($RequestStatus)=='Received Proof' && ($ApprovedSchool)!='' && toString(($TransferDate))!='', 'inherit', if(($RequestStatus)=='Requested Proof' || ($RequestStatus)=='Cancelled', 'inherit', 'none')), 'none')))"
      "elmType": "div",
      "txtContent": "($NotificationSummary)",
      "style": {
        "display": "=if(($Period)=='' || ($Recipients)=='', 'inherit', if(($Period)=='Next Year', if(($RequestStatus)=='Received Proof' && ($ApprovedSchool)!='' && ($PreviouslyDesignatedSchool)!='', 'none', if(($RequestStatus) == 'Requested Proof' || ($RequestStatus) == 'Cancelled', 'none', 'inherit')), if(($Period)=='Current Year', if(($RequestStatus)=='Received Proof' && ($ApprovedSchool)!='' && toString(($TransferDate))!='', 'none', if(($RequestStatus)=='Requested Proof' || ($RequestStatus)=='Cancelled', 'none', 'inherit')), 'inherit')))"

Is there a way to use an icon instead of a button, but retain the “action” and “actionParams” and associate them with that icon to launch the flow?

Contest – $20 to create icon

I’ll pay $20 to make an icon urgently!
The icon should be used just as be Aloise does on the elastics – she has the bow.

It must be a “diamond” of some kind.

Then the elastic icon can be in that shape as well – and at the same time the icon can be placed over our Logo.

Do you see what I mean?

We like the arches on the diamond – where I have made markings. It gives it a belt over the middle that is quite nice

The mold must not be too wide much, as it must also be used to make spacers on the elastic.

But the drawing should not be freehand. It must be completely symmetrical
This other diamond is also nice – but a little too wide and lacks the arches

Does it make sense? Hope you understand?

Can you design the diamond and send it now for review?


How to solve the weird cancel popup icon in ubuntu 20.04?

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big sur – Change icon (Big Sur)

big sur – Change icon (Big Sur) – Ask Different

woocommerce rating icon no downloaded

I do not know why my WooCommerce scoring symbol should be in the form of a star but downloaded in dollars.
enter image description here

How to hide the TeamViewer icon on windows 10

How to hide the TeamViewer icon on windows 10 – Super User

Can anyone tell me what a certain top bar notification icon is from?

I can’t figure out what the middle gray speech bubble icon, the one between the Facebook messenger icon and the weather icon, is from. Text message? Texting app? I have no idea.

enter image description here

Most appropriate icon for "Abort" button

I’m designing a button which when clicked aborts a certain process.
I need an Icon on the button with the text "Abort". The icon will be place on the left and text will be placed right to the icon. But I’m confused which icon to use.
I’ve listed a few icons below that you may agree are close to symbolizing an "Abort" action.

user expectation – Why google material design has Import icon which is used as export in other design system?

When my teammate and myself were discussing the Import option for our application which adopts Material design Icons & Components.

We founded that there is a slight variant of the Import Icon is being used in Material Design System when compared to other design systems.

Material Import Option used in Google Contacts

enter image description here

IBM uses a similar icon for Export

enter image description here

Originally we started the discussion on the Import icon, but in the mid, we got confused with the Export option as well.

Which arrow do we need to use as a best practice for Import and Export?

Stop Windows 10 from randomly using past folder thumbnail for unrelated folder and overriding the custom folder icon

I have a pretty sizable collection of manga stored on my drive, divided into a bunch of folders. To help differentiate them at a glance, I use the Customize function in Folder Properties to set each folder to use the volume cover of its respective manga as thumbnail.

A while after doing this, I started noticing something really weird: if I create a folder full of pictures, or if Windows decided to change any folder’s type to a picture folder, it will randomly pick one of my manga covers to use as thumbnail. Even when the newly created folder is on an entirely different local disk (I partitioned my hard drive into two disks, but they share the same OS), the manga covers still automatically get displayed.

So far I’ve tried the following:

  • Clear Thumbnail cache with a CCleaner’s clean
  • Use Disk Cleanup on both of my local disks to delete cached thumbnail
    (NOTE: my mangas are stored on a local disk not used to install
    windows, so there’s no option to delete thumbnail for it)
  • Use Command Prompt to delete all the thumbnail database files
    following the exact steps detailed in this article:
  • Checked then unchecked the “Always show icons, never thumbnails”
    option in the Folder Options

After each of those attempts, I always have my computer restart.

Yet despite all that, windows still stubbornly force my manga cover on unrelated folders!

Could anyone help me out with this?

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