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Is there anybody who invest the money in ICO? How do you find the projects? Maybe you have some websites or platform where you get the information. I found such website, it’s got a little reviews but it seems fine https://cryptogeek.info/en/media/icobench. What do you recommend to invest?


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         Crypto exchange platforms with leverage are currently the most trending platforms and are becoming more popular with each day. They are considered to be one of the highly profitable trading techniques. This is because, unlike any other exchange existing in the market, they allow investors to borrow leverage LARGER than the initial sum they deposit in the exchange. This is highly beneficial for investors to expand their market position exponentially and pocket huge profits. 


To state an honest fact, leverage trading cryptocurrency exchange is considered to be risky and as we all know, crypto markets are more volatile than anything else. But beyond the fact, we can still see potential investors interested to invest in this exchange and make use of this advanced strategy. If you are one of them, all you have to do is choose the right platform with right features such as, 


  • Perpetual contracts

  • Social/Copy Trading

  • Partial Close Trades

  • Deleveraging option

  • GDPR compliance

  • Risk management

  • Trading bonus


With a team of qualified, seasoned experts, Blockchain App Factory will help you with next-gen features and trading strategies for your leverage exchange software development, which will help you boost profits for your business without being prone to any risks. To know more, reach out to us. 


How to fix Windows explorer file icon for icon file (.ico)?

After setting a program like Paint 3D as a default program to open .ico files, the Windows explorer doesn’t show the icon itself next to the file name anymore. Instead it only displays the icon of the chosen default program. How do you restore it to show the icon itself instead of the icon of the default program?

Starting up an ICO in Africa

good day
My name is john
I’m starting up an ICO in Africa and I’ve researched but not convinced that I’m there yet… Im in need real advice and steps to ensure the successful launch of my company..

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Hello ? an ICO script sale? mining and hyip: 50 percent of the original price
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ICO Cryptian – ICO, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Landing Page HTML Template | NulledTeam UnderGround

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Ethereum: How are ERC20 tokens sold on an ICO before appearing on exchanges?

In many places, there is talk of tokens being listed on exchanges AFTER being sold in a successful ICO.

How was the token sold during the ICO? Buyers transferred ETH / BTC to some addresses and hoped to get tokens in return? Maybe buy a little to try it and increase?

It seems like ERC20 is just a protocol for ETH smart contracts that enables token transfer. That doesn't seem to require any guarantee that the buyer gets the token.

So in practice for successful ICOs, how does the token purchase process work without an exchange? Have smart contracts been developed that can guarantee that if someone sends ETH to an address, they are guaranteed to receive this new token at an address they control?

And finally, how do they gain control of the direction in the first place? If the sender assigns them an address, then the sender does not have the power to access it later? If it's an ETH token, maybe they can use their own private key or something?

Basically I'm looking for a full technical explanation of what happened in the successful ICOs at the level of the actual sale and issuance of the new token on some account.

Python extract .ico from exe

After hours of research for a python .exe icon extractor, I didn't find anything reliable.

So, my question is: can Python do that kind of thing? If yes, what module should I use?

Thank you.

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