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Menapay is a delivery portal based on Blockchain focused on the Middle East and Africa, and is conceived in its entirety from the yearning for the battle and also puts a stop to the various difficulties faced by the general population in the Middle East and Africa and Thus. It makes your life easier to save money.

Either way, it is the first simple stage of its kind in the economy of the Middle East and Africa.

Characteristics of menapay

Menapay is extraordinary from different stages of its kind, as it provides a reliable installation portal that is direct and secure with regards to our regular account exchanges.

Menapay gets rid of the crouched appearance in Islam when it comes to managing an account, since it is free of middle-aged people, therefore, Menapay offers a comprehensiveness independent of religion or potential sexual orientation.

Menapay's reception of blockchain advancement makes it computerized and, therefore, reduces to zero the level of problems that are usually experienced due to mismanagement of the trials of an account in the Middle East and Africa.

Tokenonomica menapay

To finish a part of the menapay network, Menacash is the means of exchange.

The Menacash is unique in its class and is not the same as the different digital forms of money, since while the different cryptographic forms of money are bound to hesitate in their value, the Menacash is sponsored by USD and is equivalent to 1 USD and is not susceptible to change.

. The benefits of MenaPay

  • The platform is based on decentralized blockchain technology that provides a secure and transparent environment for user transactions.

  • The MenaPay application allows you to withdraw money with your MenaCash cryptographic currency. Here, users can withdraw their tokens from MenaCash to redeem them through the MenaPay foundation.

  • It is known that cryptocurrencies are volatile with an unstable value, MenaCash is created as a stable cryptocurrency backed by the US dollar that will be equal to 1 Token of MenaCash at all times.

  • The MenaPay application is easy to use with an easy interface for mobile and desktop applications, APIs and SDKs for easy integration. The interface in Arabic language is also available, since the target market is the Middle East and many more functions.

  • The MenaPay application uses an incentive system where users and card holders will be motivated and rewarded. The objective of the project is to share 75% of the income generated and the profits among the cardholders of MenaPay. The users of the platform will be rewarded based on the level of their participation.

  • The target market is skeptical to use traditional banks because of their religious beliefs. The MenaPay project is a totally non-banking Islamic digital solution (100%) based on the blockchain protocol.

  • A large population of the target population does not have banking services due to the bad service of the banks and the conservative approach of the people regarding Islam. The MenaPay platform will replace banks with people that are created to meet their daily needs and global transactions.

  • On the MenaPay platform, the premium merchant will offer a special discount only to MenaPay users.

  • Cryptocurrencies can not be used in transactions of daily life due to entrepreneurs. The platform will build a network of off-line resellers to allow broad exposure, easy entry and massive adaptation to the use of cryptocurrencies.

  • The MenaPay platform will accept 30 main cryptocurrencies for payment and the MenaPay tokens can be purchased by bank transfer and credit card. The token can be paid at the door when the user is going to consummate an off-line transaction.

Access to Menapay.

You can reach Menapay with a work area or with a versatile portfolio that manages the good organization ERC20 Ethereum.

Menapay coordination

The main reason for the existence of Menapay is to facilitate life in our regular exchange using blockchain innovation. It covers a wide area of ​​our habitual daily existence as in the web Café, Hotels. Market. Bazaar, restaurants, shopping center, candy machines, among others.

How menapay works

In Menapay, tokens can be exchanged from one individual to another electronically using the p2p payment instrument or through an individual provider for a loaned product or administration.

. Learn more about Menapay.

Website: https: //

Telegram: https: //

Facebook: https: //

Twitter: https: //

New innovative ICO listing website is a new and updated site of ICO Currencies that allows you to discover everything about ICO currencies. It has everything from Pre-ICOs to ongoing ICOs to nearby ICOs, along with information on what they are and what their main characteristics are.
You can also request to join the new ICO if you already have one. For this, go to the Contact tab, and your request will be sent.

What is the cryptocurrency?

When it is sold virtually through digital assets, virtual money is used, and that virtual or digital money is called digital currency. In addition, the procedure related to this trade is referred to as cryptography. The cryptocurrency is also called subdivision of virtual money.

What is ICO?

The ICO or the initial offer of currencies is a procedure in which a company involves those financial specialists who plan to achieve something in a virtual currency. You can compare the ICO with the initial public offering in which the financial specialist buys shares in an association.

Describe Tokens?

A token is a virtual money, but it has no blockchain and depends on other block chains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. In addition, the tokens are sold to the general audience among the ICO campaigns.

What are the dangers of participating in ICO?

When competing in ICO, it is not guaranteed that the token you choose will be successful; It is with your ICO or in your future improvement. This suggests that you only have to contribute that amount that you can support to lose. Contact tab to communicate something specific.

What is a Pre-ICO?

Pre-ICO is the latest sensation in the field of digital currency. It allows creators to buy tokens before the real real crowdsale starts. Similarly, it offers chips at a lower cost and also receives less support than the main and real ICO. In addition, it uses a different contract from the fundamental ICO to easily record and review with ease.

What is an ICO next?

The next ICO will allow you to read carefully about the organization before participating in the actual agreement. In addition, it will provide you with the review of the organization's technical document before participating in the token agreement. With the next ICO, you will have all the data.

What is the ICO in progress?

These are those ICO that are progressive and offer their main card in the sale. On this site, you will find the ICO in progress and you will have the opportunity to read about them with ease.

G-GAME – The world leader in laser technology ICO – Cryptocurrencies Corner

G-GAME aims to become the leading ICO for a real business with innovative laser technology for the shooting area –

About G-GAME

G-Game was launched by a team of recreational sports enthusiasts in the duel simulation and blockchain world specialists. G-Game is the exclusive partner of SIMGUN Gmbh and provides access to state-of-the-art military standard dueling simulation equipment for the masses. In addition, the G-Game team is working on the conception and implementation of a web platform that will connect both worlds and later allow betting on E-Sport events.

Technology simgun
Under the SIMGAME brand, military technology is also accessible to private and commercial customers

SIMGUN is already used successfully in the public sector. Special forces, the police and the army in Switzerland, Germany and other European countries already use technology for their training. SIMGUN is also in international use, conversations have already taken place in the United States. In October, the SIMGUN team will also be present at the IACP fair in Orlando, Florida.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police is one of the biggest duels simulation events. The laser technology can be applied flexibly, also in clay pigeon shooting (target shooting) it is well received, as it is respectful with the environment and safe (no risk of injury with certified laser technology class 1)

Details of the G-GAME token

Tokens offered – 1000M
Hardcover – $ 50M
Distributed chips – 30 days after the sale of chips ends

Read our documents
Here are our complete documents that help you understand about us.

White paper –

Become a partner
Start your G-Game career NOW
Become a license partner
Marketing concepts and training are offered to

The organization of G-Game events (game parks, clubs, companies, etc.)
The sale of SIMGAME products through our online store in the B2B and B2C area (playgrounds, clubs, associations, etc.)
The rental of SIMGAME, B2B and B2C products.

Contact us here

Join the private sale here:

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Skynavpro ™

We are proud to announce the start of our ICO today. Only another ICO? DO NOT! We have 12,000 registered pilots, 8,700 application downloads and a working device prototype. Invest in the next phase: global sky marketing.[nav]Pro for manned and unmanned aircraft (drones), a multimillion dollar market in US dollars. We welcome you on board as part of the revolution in flight. Investment opportunity:


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Participant payment module

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Invest in Electroneum: a new cryptocurrency in your initial foreign exchange offer (ico)

Yes, the demand for this currency will increase after the ICO due to the massive adoption of this currency that will be used in gaming casinos and online, and can also be used with ease through the mobile transfer of ETN funds.

Current number of ticket sales users: 49,733
Total Electroneum units sold: 1,225,816,970 (1.2 billion +)

Join and invest here:

quote name = & # 39; dextro & # 39; date = & # 39; Oct 8 2017, 11:28 AM & # 39; post = & # 39; 5151832 & # 39;]
Thanks for the heads of this coin! I ended up buying some today, the 20% bonus is working for 3 more days. I love that this coin is used for games and that small amounts can be extracted with a mobile device. Super cool! sun_bespectacled.gif

[ann][ico] Bitcoin Mega – The solution for Cryptocurrencies Ico Startup Business

IPB image

Small size image

secondItdoorInorth, Forrk anorthre dorYPtordoyourrmynorthdoY

Bitcoin Mega brings solid money to the world, fulfilling the original promise of Bitcoin as "point-to-point electronic cash". Merchants and users are enabled with low rates and reliable confirmations. The future shines bright with unrestricted growth, global adoption, innovation without permits and decentralized development.

Asecondoryout secondItdoorInorth SUBWAYmySuna

Bitcoin Mega is a complete solution for your ICO Crypto Currencies business. Now you can easily start the ICO website with just a few clicks. Our Bitcoin Mega board is carefully coded so that it looks good on any device.

Small size image

myXdohanorthSunmy It AnorthYwhmyrmy

BCM can be exchanged anywhere in the world. It can act as a dashboard, portfolio and means of payment in an application. You can find the information of the download platforms at the end of this page.

Small size image

secondItdoorInorth SUBWAYmySuna IdoOR reIstrIsecondyoutIornorth

We are selling forks now, you reach us and buy the chips as soon as possible. Next to the sale of forks and the presale, we have 5 rounds of chip sales in the different value.

Bitcoin Mega Total Supply: 21,000,000 BCM

Small size image

PrIdoInorthSun Y secondornorthyous

The percentage bonus is explained below. For each level, the additional bonus percentage will be reduced. Hurry to buy the BCM soon.

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secondItdoorInorth SUBWAYmySuna ForrkIdoOR RORAreSUBWAYAP

Small size image
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Thmy ORPdoorsubwayInorthSun myXdohanorthSunmys Traremy seconddoSUBWAY

List of future exchanges, where you can negotiate the BCM with the BTC / ETH pairs in the future.

Small size image