Why the hell is my iPhone storage full if my iCloud is empty?

This has been bothering me for so long, my phone never has storage, no matter how much I delete. I have less than 40 photos and only about 2 very large games. But that's not the problem.

Yesterday my mother saw this problem and chose to buy 50 GB for my phone. That option where you go to the configuration [iCloud, etc.] and choose the plan of 0.99 per month. This increases my iCloud storage from 5GB to 50GB, but my damn phone still has 16GB! My iCloud only has about 3 GB full, so why the hell do the real storage things on my phone not increase or transfer to iCloud? A friend bought this same plan and increased the phone storage to 64 GB in addition to the 50G GB added to iCloud.

Someone please help! This has been killing me for weeks and I'm tired of it!

Individual iCloud passwords disappear randomly / occasionally

Every few months I notice that one or two passwords I need are no longer found in the iCloud password list found in Mac Safari preferences.

Has anyone else found this?
How can I prevent this from happening?

Contacts: What changes to the address book database will activate synchronization with iCloud?

I had a problem in which my contacts no longer synchronized between my desktop and my iPhone / iCloud lists. I found that the only trick that worked was to backup everything, export all my contacts from the iCloud website to a VCF file, separate, delete and then reconnect and import the VCF file. It worked, but I lost all contact images (faces) as a result, since I don't think the VCF format supports it. Annoying, since I had more than 200 assigned, so I've been trying to find a way to automate the reallocation.

In AddressBook-v22.abcddb I found what I need to modify to reconfigure the images (image reference, modification times, update count), but although the desktop seems happy, it is not loading in the cloud to synchronize with The rest of my devices. I realized that if I make a trivial issue to a contact & # 39; fixed & # 39; it will sync, but I can't see what would have triggered it in the database registry.

Does anyone know what would activate the desktop address book to synchronize its modification back to the cloud? Is it something that I can configure / activate or is it only in the Contacts.app code to make it happen?

Photos and iCloud – Superuser

I use an iMac with a 121 Gb SSD which is the disk of my system and a larger conventional unit (3 Tb). To recover space on my C: / drive, I moved the photo library to drive D: / and designated it in its new location as "System Photo Folder." The library in its new location seems to work fine and iCloud is being updated. However, I have not recovered any space on the C: / drive. It must have about 40 GB of free space. In "Manage storage", the system showed the old photo library and allowed me to delete it. However, Finder does not show any recovered space. I cannot locate the file or files that are using this space. Please advise.

Does ICloud Keychain require 2fa in macOS 10.15 Catalina?

I installed Catalina on a partition on my MacBook Air 2012. However, when I set up the iCloud keychain, it asks me to configure 2FA, and then, when I refuse, it just says "Settings" and finally falls asleep. Is this a mistake or a security feature?

iTunes: how can I recover data from an iPhone 5 that was backed up in iCloud, if I forgot the iPhone password?

I used to use an iPhone 5. Then I made the transition to an Android and forgot the iPhone password. I want to recover the data, including photos, recordings (I used the application called "Voice recorder and audio editor"), contacts and game data. I haven't backed up the data in iTunes, but I think I did it in iCloud. I also think I had Find My iPhone activated, in case that helps. I don't want to factory reset my iPhone because that would delete all the data; The point is to recover the data.

It would be nice to jailbreaking the phone or bypass the password in any way, but I need to recover the data.

The iPhone had the latest version available for the iPhone 5 (at some point Apple stopped allowing the iPhone 5 to be updated further).

I had the "personalized access code" or whatever it is called (which can use any number of digits).

As a reference: I have 2 Windows computers available to use: one has Windows 7 and another has Windows 10.

How can I recover data from my iPhone 5?

icloud: How do you download a video sent by mail to the iPhone camera roll?

If you have been sent an email with the "Click to download" link to icloud, you can click on the iPhone link and the video will play. How do I save this video on the camera roll?

Note: if the same link is opened on a macbook, the video is automatically downloaded (saved in the download folder). I am effectively after the same but for iPhone.

icloud: How can I make a MacBook a reliable device so that I can receive Apple ID verification codes?

I have a new MacBook Pro and I want to make it a reliable device so I can receive Apple ID verification codes. My old MacBook Pro and my iPad are trusted devices, but I can't make the new one a trusted device for my Apple ID. I have logged in to iCloud on both devices with the same account. I can locate the new MacBook with the "Find my Mac" function on icloud.com.

Both MacBooks are running Mojave 10.14.5

Macos: does iCloud on iOS and mac require my phone password to log in to icloud on my mac? Since when?

Recently I noticed that when trying to log in to my icloud on my iphone 7 with ios 12.3.1, or on my mac with high sierra, I must enter my unlock password from the iphone screen in ios (to log in to icloud), and my mac Login screen unlock to log in to icloud on mac os. Since when does Apple require you to enter your actual passwords for hardware devices just to log in to icloud? It seems a security issue.

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