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Hello friends, I'm h.srinath, I'm from India. I have a great knowledge in website design, content management system, wordpress, joomla, magento and web hosting. I also know graphic design, presentations and all multimedia. I'm doing my own business in the WWW industry.

To make money online I am using 2 ways:
1) Freelance
2) Forex / binary options trading

Any ideas and suggestions for me would be appreciated.

Thank you

I forgot my nikon coolpix s800c pattren and also my username and password, and I'm not opening the way to reset it with a laptop without opening it.

It is white and its model number is s800c.IT is 16.0 megapixels. Zoom Wide10X with Android Wi-Fi.

sequences and series – somehow I calculated 0 = -1 I know I'm wrong but I need to know why I'm wrong

This is my derivation n! / (N-1)! = N. If I extend this derivation to negative integers (I do not know if I can extend it or not) then -1! / – two! = – 1. If I take -1! as x and -2! how and then x / y = -1.Of this I get x = -y. Now there is another series or factorial equation that I calculated in some way. This series or equation is n! / N-1 = (n-1)! + (N-2)! (I do not know if this equation already exists or not) Now again if I extend this equation to negative integers (again, I do not know if I can extend this equation to negative integers or not) then 0! / – 1 = -1! + -2! what gives 1 / -1 = -1! + -2! what gives -1 = -1! + -2! Now -1! = x and -2! = and then -1 = x + y but from the first equation I already calculated x = -y, so substituting x in the second equation, I get -1 = -y + and that gives -1 = 0 now my question is Can I extend these basic factorial equations that are valid for positive integers to negative factorial as well? and if not, why not?

Hi guys and girls! I'm a noob

Hey Hey hey! I'm Tory. Pleased to meet you all.

I'm looking for a custom script to load bot and DMCA | Proxies123.com

It would only be dev please " I'm going to pay for that"

How does it work?

the system (script) creates a copy of the video, in case the video is deleted (for DMCA or other), the system will make the backup appear automatically, (each time the video was deleted)

this script works with API for those videohost and filehost

for videohost:

(uqload.com, streamango, verystream, rapidvideo, ok.ru, netu.tv,)

for filehost:

(ddl.to, uptobox.com, 1fichier.com)

if you are interested please Me pm

Thank you,

I bought many add-ons to start GSA, but still I'm not building links.

Hello, 2 months ago, I bought GSA SER. They told me that without the proxy scraper it would not work, so I bought the GSA proxy scraper. Then they told me that without Capcha Bracker, I can not make this software work. Then, I had to pay for the 2capcha service. Then I bought 50 emails for verification purposes.

Then, I had to buy Spin Rewriter for life, then the link indexer to index the backlinks created. After buying all that, still, I was not creating any link.

Then, someone told me to buy a list of links. Then I bought the list of SeRocket links. Still GSA did not create any link for me. Then someone told me to buy the VPS server. Then, I bought 8GB of RAM, 4core processor with 1gbps Internet support.

Then, GSA started creating really crappy backlinks that I do not want in my money site. Then someone told me to buy a SerEngine web2.0 account. So you can get backlinks of good quality. I bought SerEngine's web 2.0 and added the api to gsa. But now, I'm getting the problem of no engine machinery.

Now, someone is telling me that I wasted my money on the GSA proxy scraper. As GSA Proxy Scraper only provides public proxies, but to run GSA we need private proxies. Now, I'm thinking of buying private proxies. I do not know if even if I buy private proxies, will this GSA bride start giving me the links I wanted?

This software is a nuisance in the ass. Once I get this software to work, I will create a detailed video, where I will show others what they are doing wrong and why the GSA is not creating any link to them. But before doing that, I need my GSA to work.

My question is: – Is there anyone on this form who can get my RDP and see what I am doing wrong? I have invested a lot of money and I have had a lot of stress for more than the last 2 months, but I have not had the success of creating the links correctly. If there is someone on this form, who wants to help me and I will be happy to pay through PayPal if it helps me get started. If you are an expert and can help me, please send me an email to khalsawebsitedesigners@gmail.com and let me know, and I will provide you with my Remote Desktop Connection details so you can see my GSA SER and guide me why I am. I keep getting the errors after having done everything, in these 2 months.

6.0 marshmallow: I'm not sure how to give life to the dual sim variant of mate 8 64 gb

I'm lost here, I have nougat in my companion, partner 8, but I forgot completely that you had to root the nougat in a particular way. Anyway, I do not have access to erecovery, power + volUPvolDown does not work and I can not access fastboot. The only thing I get is power on the screen and my message "your phone is unlocked and can not be trusted, blah, blah".

I need to update a file recovery.img, system.img and any other relevant img. How can I do this with my phone in this state?

in cmd I'm using testdisk but the file is not localized?

I am trying to use the test disk in my Ubuntu software version 16.04 using cmd text (sudo apt-get install test disk) and after typing the password, I can not locate the package's test disk. What should I do?

I'm constantly having problems logging in!

I have a post from you that says, with just one click! DO NOT! This is not the first time, for the past month it has been something! This morning when I click on the post. He said he did not have a current code. No, I do not do it because you did not send one today or yesterday. Part of my family is in Israel for a wedding and I want to keep track of them. I do not understand all this technical jargon. Last week I had to ask someone to take a picture so that you would know that I was Verneine Kay Gebbie. Well, I'm still Verneine