I'm thinking of selling my scripts. Which one are you most excited for? | Proxies123.com

I'm thinking of selling my scripts in my store later this year, I just need to update them correcting errors, improving the design, making it work with php 7 and adding new features. Which script is more interested in seeing it launched?

Cartcake (simple shopping cart)

Casey (frontend for Stacey 2.3 CMS)

Clancake (CMS script for game clans)

Hostclaw (billing script for WHM)

Metmi (import mysql / mariasql .sql database over 100MB in an empty database)

Quizcake (Create multiple-choice tests and get the results of your answers)

Each script will cost $ 30

Why would my Internet speed increase when I'm connected through UPS?

In the last places where I have lived over the years I have noticed a strange phenomenon: when I have my Internet connection with coaxial cable that goes through the coaxial in my UPS and then to my modem, Internet speed results of a speed test. remarkable blow. My current plan is 60mbps down, but after going through UPS, I'm "going down" at 70mbps. I've seen even bigger jumps when I was on a faster Internet plan in a former residence.

I've wondered if it's just an incorrect report, but I hope that the popular speed test websites have already considered it. Is it possible for my ISP to give me more energy because I perceive a congestion due to the transfer of UPS? I'm not complaining, after all, I've always been curious.

If I'm playing a game where one of my characters died and then that character is revived, how would that be handled? What I do?

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html – PHP 7 how can I see the error I'm having in an input file

I'm uploading an image from mobile, I get this file upload_image.php

But you are telling me that I have an error,

$ fileError = $ _FILES['imagen']['error'];

I make him a var_dump ($ fileError) and I get the following:

array (size = 5)
  'name' => string: '1675157615761576171651757165.jpg'
  'type' => string ''
  'tmp_name' => string ''
  'error' => int 1
  'size' => int 0

How I can to know What error are you giving me? it just tells me that I have an error, but wich ones?

Why Republican Senator Mitt Romney said: & # 39; I'm sick & # 39; for Trump's conduct revealed in Mueller's report?

Trump is not to blame for the Russian conspiracy.

So someone else is. Romney, naturally, since he is happy to accumulate wealth, not only boasts of how he steals from us but also buys and lives in expensive houses and laughs,

since we all suffer and struggle trying to squeeze a few thousand for good horses.

I mean what a good stud costs? 20 30 thousand?

What is the house and Romney's boats and other properties cost us all? MILLIONS over millions without a doubt.

Those Russians got that money from somewhere … and Romney surely has a lot if he does.


I'm looking for a free cloud service other than Dropbox where I can download files on Linux using wget

I am looking for an alternative free cloud service as an alternative to Dropbox where I can download a shared file using wget on Linux.

I tried to do the same with other free cloud services like Google Drive, Mega, Box, pCloud, but unfortunately they do not seem to allow downloading a file via wget as Dropbox does.

Google does not help at all, I think I need the help of someone who has done this successfully.

Unfortunately, often the file I need to share is larger than the 2GB allocation that Dropbox offers.

Does anyone please know an alternative?

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards, Fabio

I'm an introvert, is it a good thing?


Being introverted means that you do not trust other people for validation or happiness. You can energize yourself while you are alone and can engage in your hobbies. Introverts are more likely to be good at things and develop numerous hobbies because of the quality of the time they spend learning new things. You do not pursue the attention or tastes of social networks. You probably do not pick up the phone every five seconds waiting for a text message. Introverts are patient people with incredible attention span. They can do the work. You are hardworking, independent and a great listener as you mentioned. You are there for people in their time of need and you do not surround yourself with superficial acquaintances simply by having them; You surround yourself with true friends who appreciate you for what you are. Introverts are likely to be smart and successful because of their hard work and handling. Pay attention to things and it is a good problem solver.

Do not listen to what other people have to say. Being an introverted rock, it's not something you can change either. It's a personality type shared by many, even though extroverts are more common. I am not aware of the exact proportion. But introverts are not invisible. We exist! And we can be sociable, we can enjoy human company, and we're anything but boring! We just need to be close to those we know well and in whom we trust. And we do not like the talks. We are very interesting people with a wide range of knowledge.


USA UU "Taxing the rich" = "e-excuse me, rich sir, would you like to pay taxes this year? No? Well, I'm sorry to bother you."


Magento2: I'm getting placeholder images in the cron tab. Need to get correct images in cron.

I'm getting placeholder images in crontab.

I like this:
This is a wrong image.

How to get the product image in the cron tab?

I'm looking for a lawyer. Divorce. Distribution of goods.

Hello everyone. I am separating from my wife and I want to condemn her legal part of her property. Please advise a good lawyer to help me in this case.