google sheets – How does one automatically generate a hyperlink for a cell containing a path?

I’m familiar with the HYPERLINK formula in Google Sheets to create links in a column, using a value in separate column as seen in this screenshot in row #2.

enter image description here

I want the user to have the ability to enter a path and have a link, using a predefined domain, automatically generated, as shown in A3, without having to use the “INSERT” -> “Insert link” command. This way if they insert new rows, and add a path to a new cell, the link will automatically generate. And if they update the path in the cell, the link updates accordingly. I’m hoping to set this up to also save space because an extra column doesn’t have to be added to the sheet.

I tried conditional formatting, but wasn’t able to accomplish my goal.

Visited hyperlink text

Color won’t change for visited links. I’v changed the color, rest the menu, tried linking to websites, and other slides. Nothing ever happens. It just remains the original link text color. What am I doing wrong?

hyperlink – How do I check the all the links my desktop application is connecting to?

In chrome, in More tools> Network, I can see all the links I am connected. Is there such a thing for desktop based programs? Say for example, I open up “Microsoft Store”, is there such a way that I can see what links that that program is connected to?

Essentially I want to see all the links “insert any desktop program” is connected to.

Dynamic page creation using hyperlink from another page

I have a custom list with multiple fields with employee data. One of the fields is the employees section. Currently, to view employees for a specific section, I created 1. A page that has the section list with a hyperlink, 2. A page for each section with a web part that has a custom view to show only employees in that specific section.

Now I remember that on a dynamic website using ASP or PHP, I could do all of this with two pages. One lists the departments and the other builds the page you are requesting on the fly.

Is this possible using SharePoint where one page will have the section while the second page will have a custom view criteria (Show items only when the following is true) where column "X" will have filter criteria instead of build a page for each and every section.

Thank you

InfoPath forms-based hyperlink column change

I have a requirement from my client that is different from everything I have done in SP. So, I am redesigning your Change Request system. I created a form with multiple views in InfoPath that serves different purposes and will kick off the email notification workflows as the Change Request progresses. So I have a column in my SP 2013 list titled "Actions". This column serves as a status update screen for those looking at the list. Currently, when a user clicks on a new item, they are asked to complete the initial change request form and then submit it. It completes the list very well. However, the Actions column now indicates the next step to take, "Initial Triage". This is a view on my InfoPath form. I would like to make the contents of the Actions column clickable and redirect the user to the appropriate new form to complete. Upon completion and submission of that form, the Actions column changes once again and allows the user to proceed to the next form to complete.

I know it's a bite, but is there any way I can accomplish this? Any help would be amazing.

Thank you,


sharepoint enterprise – SP2010 – 2019 How can I put a hyperlink based on the user input of that field or another field?

I can't figure out how to create an item that takes a user-entered ticket number and concatenates that with the URL to create a hyperlink to the ticket in the ticket system.

User enters ticket # 123456

Ticket system URL: https: //Ticket/Display.html? Id = <ticket#>

The best answer would hide this url and allow users to click 12345 number and open the website to that ticket.

Other options???

I am going back to Sharepoint and this server will update to SP2019 in the next few months so I need the solution to be simple 🙂 and I need it to survive the updates (2010> 2013> 2016> 2019).

Add hyperlink to column in SharePoint list using JSLINK – Help

I am having trouble adding a hyperlink to a field using the following.
The field in my column is called LinkTitle (single line of text)
My point of view is called Dashboard and I have refrenced the js as well
~ sitecollection / SiteName / SiteAssets / jsLink.js
But it does not work.
Any idea what I'm doing wrong or missing?

(function () {  

    // Create an object that have the context information about the fields that we want to change the rendering of.   

    var nameFiledContext = {};  

    nameFiledContext.Templates = {};  

    nameFiledContext.Templates.Fields = {  

        // Apply the new hyperlink HTML Rendering to the field in your view.  Swap out "" for your field name 

        "LinkTitle": { "View": DashBoard }  




// This function applies the rendering logic 

function DashBoard(ctx) {  

    var name = ctx.CurrentItem.LinkTitle;  //Swap out name variable for whatever field contains your hyperlink name

    return "";      //Put the url for your hyperlink in the href above


I would like to download a basic template for a hyperlink bookmarks page

Hello, this is a strange request.

Where can I download a single predefined page of text hyperlinks?

Basically I would like to open this file every time and set it as my home page.

I have many favorites, the favorite bar is too small. I would like a pager.

If you have a cool background, that would be even better.

online sharepoint: column calculated to display a hyperlink or only text based on the third field

I have created a calculated column that shows a hyperlink based on 3 fields.

Primary name
PrimaryLink = Calculated column


JSON for column format

   "$schema": "",
   "elmType": "a",
   "txtContent": "($PrimaryName)",
   "attributes": {
   "target": "_blank",
   "href": "($PrimaryURL)"

Then, if I enter a PrimaryName and a PrimaryURL, the PrimaryName will be displayed as a hyperlink in PrimaryLink to what was configured in PrimaryURL. If I only put a primary name, it still shows a hyperlink that goes to the list / AllItems.aspx

Is there any way in which, if I don't fill in PrimaryURL, I can only display text and no hyperlinks?

sharepoint online: format the hyperlink type field with the file directory path

By default, a hyperlink type field in a SharePoint Online list looks like a normal field. It is not until the cursor passes over the text that you really see that it is a hyperlink.

I am trying to edit / format this field so that it "appears" (that is, underline and color the font with blue color; shade the background, etc.).

I can achieve this using a simple JSON script; however, it only works when the hyperlink points to a web-based source (that is, Some of my items have a hyperlink that directs the user to a file directory (that is, //server_name/files/samplefile.docx) For this type of hyperlinks, the JSON script simply leaves the field blank.

Some help?

Here is the list:


These are the values ​​for item 1:

Object 1

And the values ​​for item 2:

enter the description of the image here

And there is the JSON script that applies to the "Test" field:

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "a",
  "txtContent": "@currentField.desc",
  "style": {
    "color": "red",
    "font-weight": "bold"
  "attributes": {
    "target": "_blank",
    "href": "@currentField"