[ Dogs ] Open question: I caught my husband cheating on our hunting dog. How should I punish the dachshund?

[Dogs] Open question: I caught my husband cheating on me with our hunting dog. How should I punish the dachshund? .

dnd 5e – How many variations of the hunting class are there?

Assume that everything that matters to us is what you get directly from being a fighter. The fighter takes four categories of decision; Let's cover them one by one.

Fight style

As you say, Fighting Style is chosen in level 1, which gives 5 options

Initial skills

On the first level, wrestlers choose two skills from a list of eight, which gives 28 Total options

Martial archetype

First there is the Champion. At level 10, the champions get a second fighting style; it seems that there should be four options, but since we do not care in what order we get our Styles, there are only ten possible pairs, so the multiplier for this is two.

The next one is the Battlemaster. They choose five maneuvers per level 12, from a list of 16; that's 4368 possible options They also get competition in one of 17 Craft tool sets, for a total of 74256 Battle Masters.

Finally, the Eldritch knight. By level 12 they know 8 spells; they can be any combination of magician spells of 1st and 2nd level, and 6 of them must be Abjuration or Evocation. There are 15 spells that satisfy all these conditions and 49 satisfy all, except the requirement of the School. Then they can have (15C6 * 49C2) + (15C7 * 49) + (15C8) = 5005 * 1176 + 6435 * 49 + 6435 = 6207630 spell choices Added to that 3 of 16 cantrips, a total of 560 Cantrip options, and you get 3476272800 possible gentlemen of Eldritch.

Add the classes and you get 3476347058.

How is it

A level 12 fighter has 4 ASIs; if all are spent as ASI, then the player has 8 points to distribute more than 6 skills, which is 13C5 = 1287. If 1, 2 or 3 are spent as ASI, then the total number of options is 21, 126 or 462. Cool.

The player's manual offers 42 feats; They are also incredibly complicated. Maybe later I'll edit in an analysis of what individual feats do to mathematics (spoiler: it's very complicated), but for now I'm just going to pretend that each feat can be taken once and does not require decisions. So for 1, 2, 3 or 4 feats, you have 42, 861, 11480 or 111930 elections Cross-multiply these numbers, and you come across 2350530 + 1446480 + 397782 + 54054 = 4248846 options here


Put these options together and you will get: 5 * 28 * 3476347058 * 4248846 = 2.0678649e + 18. That's just a hair in two quintillions of options.

You state in the comments that "This would be a useful point for subsequent discussions of "everything is the same" and "feat / skill trap""This is wrong, I would not do it, two quintillion is a nonsense number, list the following useful character options:

  • A fighter with 14 Charisma and 15 Wisdom, and the same character with 15 Charisma and 14 Wisdom.
  • A wrestler who took the Endurance (Strength) feat for +1 Strength and no other effect, a Hunter who took the Master of Arms feat for +1 Strength and no other effect, and a fighter who took the feat Very Armed for +1 Force and no other effect
  • 1364 Battle Masters who only use Precision Attack and ignore their other four maneuvers.
  • An Eldritch knight who can throw Light, and one that can launch Dance lights
  • A champion who put the 8 points of ASI in Intelligence.

And each of these characters overlap and repeat themselves millions of times, along with many others. I have not done anything useful here; I've made a fun math problem, and this answer does not deserve a place in any half-hearted conversation.

explorer: ninja themed hunting construction (rope dart)

I have an interesting one for you: I was inspired by a wonderful PS2 game called Red Ninja: End of Honor, and I'm playing a level 3 fighter (archetype of rivals with a drake mount), using altered drake rules (the drake will not be manageable until level 9) and we have just reached level 4. My version so far is as follows:

Kaida Long
Level 3 human fighter (roughrider)
str: 16, dex 20, with 10, int 12, wis 8, cha 8

Mastery of exotic weapons (hand crossbow, rope throw), far shot, point-blank shot, precise shot

Minor hand bag, mitral chain shirt, lightweight crossbow (+20 screws), 100 foot spider silk rope, rope retrieval device, heavy wrist thrower, grip screw, rope dart

The rope is attached to the rope recovery device, and the rope is thrown for flavor. When you need to climb something, you will attach the grappling bolt to the rope and then shoot the doll launcher at something, and then you can ascend to 100 feet / turn. Similarly, she will pull her rope dart and 30 feet of rope when the fight begins and threatens everything within 20 feet, and can hit anything in 80 feet as long as there is a line of sight and nothing on the road.

We just got to level 4. I was thinking of fighting or submerging a barbarian level (hurler) to get that sweet sweet range increase. My question is: What suggestions do you have for this compilation? I know that the fighter is not the best for that, but I need a lot of exploits to make the construction worthwhile.

Q. S .: I have the light crossbow in case the rope retriever, wrist thrower or rope dart breaks. I know that the feats that will help me a lot with my constitution are: fast shot, fast reload, death from above (once my draco is manageable), distance thrower and combat reflexes.

Hunting for a ded. server. Bare with me, I'm new!

Quote Originally Posted by SolaDrive – John
See publication

How big are these sites in terms of resource use and traffic? If they are small, just get a VPS and save your money. Are you going to want cPanel too?

Hi, Juan, thanks for the reply.

3 of the sites get significant traffic. Two of them are used to what I know, but maybe not these days. These sites have a different scope and are owned by different companies.

Then there are the sites that I manage directly, which are small and are good with shared hosting, but are willing to move to a ded. Box if I keep working with them. and then there is possibly another site that will have its own site administrator that does a fairly decent traffic.

I'm reading a bit about VPS, but I do not know if that will be enough considering.

As I said (maybe I forgot to say it), some of these sites have their own administrator. they fall under me when I inherited them (yes, long story) but, I think in the current picture, they all have separate CPanels.

I'm not aware of the server's jargon, so I apologize in advance if I do not understand what you're saying. Sometimes, the smaller the words, the better.

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Amazing videos, fun and great to watch, relax every day

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