What’s the number one food humans should eat?

There isnt any one thing for humans. Some species have evolved to live on a very singular kind of diet as you mention, but humans need a variety in their diet. We should have a lot more vegetable matter with some animal protein in modest amounts. Just look at our teeth and compare it to other species. A predatory cat has teeth made for killing and ripping chunks of flesh. Their stomach is much more highly acidic to digest raw meat. A horse has front teeth for cutting but large flat back teeth for grinding. Look at a humans…we have a little bit of both…..that says, from an evolutionary point of view, we need a variety on our diet

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blockchain: could proof of work be provided in the form of human creativity voted for by other humans?

These are not the only requirements.

The most fundamental requirement is that PoW really check something. It is not enough to do a job and show that you have done it; the work actually has to express acceptance of a specific branch of the block tree. Otherwise, it is useless to avoid double spending.

It follows that the problem to be solved must be generated from the details of a specific branch / block, and the test should show that the work was done with this specific block in mind. The job cannot be reused to indicate acceptance of a different block. The block is integrated into work at the most fundamental level.

How would you do that for creative work? How do you generate creative assignments that are tied exclusively to a specific block? That is completely crazy. If the job is, for example, a painting, once the job is done and the paint is drawn, it can be assigned as easily to block A as it is to block B. So it checks nothing.

Another requirement is that the work is not only verified easily, but also digitally and decentralized. Your software can, without any additional knowledge, computationally verify that a certain amount of hashing has been placed in a block. You cannot verify that someone who voted is actually a human being; for that you need to trust reliable external sources.

Which leads to the final point, that virtually everyone proposing alternative PoW mechanisms overlooks, if there was a way to verify the identity of humans and collect their votes, no proof of work would be necessary at all. Instead of voting on works of art, they can simply vote on which branch they think is correct. This way they can synchronize transactions and avoid double spending. The reason we don't do that in Bitcoin is that there is no way to verify identities decentrally and digitally, with enough standards to reliably manage voting. That is why we rely on independently verifiable computational work tests.

dnd 5e: Are half-elves supposed to have a thin construction like elves, or are they supposed to have an intermediate construction between humans and elves? [5e]

The weight descriptions in the Player's Manual for Half-Elves are inconsistent. The Half Elf section in Chapter 2 (p. 38) says:

They range from less than 5 feet to about 6 feet tall, and from 100 to 180 pounds, with men only slightly taller and heavier than women.

However, the "Height and Weight" table in Chapter 4 (p. 121) offers a weight formula for Half-Elves of 110 + (2d8) x (2d4), which is 114 to 238 pounds.

This is very different.

Do we have any reason to label one description correct and the other an error? The errata of PHB 2018 are silent on this point.

Looking at the rest of the formulas in the table, humans weigh between 114 and 270 pounds, while wood elves weigh between 102 and 180 pounds and tall elves weigh between 92 and 170 pounds. (I have excluded the Drow because they are significantly shorter.)

So are half-elves supposed to have a lean build like elves (100-180 lbs), or are they supposed to have an intermediate build between humans and elves (114-238 lbs)?

(As a side note, changing the weight modifier of the Half-Elves in the table from your current 2d4 (which is like a human's) to just 1d4 (like the Wood and High Elves & # 39;) would produce a range calculated from 112 to 176 pounds.)

dnd 5e – Do we know what skin tones humans can have in the D&D tradition?

This question is inspired by What different skin color can a tiefling officially have?

From the 5e Tiefling player career description, Infernal Bloodline section (PHB, p. 42):

Their skin tones cover the full range of human coloring, but also includes various shades of red.

The emphasis is mine.

It occurred to me, I don't think we have the full range of human skin colors described anywhere. D&D Beyond says:

the humans of the silver marches have all possible color variations and characteristics.

But are they all possible variations from real life? If so, does it include blue, for example? Or is it possible from the existing tradition?

Fifth edition rules and tradition would be preferred, but since data on this topic seems sparse, older editions or traditions not tied to a specific edition would also be fine.

character creation: are Reikland's humans all doomed?

In the Character Chapter, in Skills and Species Talents, Humans (Reiklander) (p36), the list of talents suggests that you have to choose between some talents.
Here is the way it is written:

Talents: Damned, Savvy or Smooth, 3 random talents

When I read this line, I see a symmetry that groups the choice: (Doomed, Savvy, Suave) Y (3 Random Talents).
It made me think that we have to choose between Doomed, Savvy and Suave. The character Salundra von Drakenburg only has Savvy in the character Starter Set.
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Security: Wasn't the aim of reCAPTCHA distinguish humans from bots? reCAPTCHA has stopped showing a challenge and simply blocks you

This is what I get now instead of a "challenge" to solve:

Your computer or network may be sending automatic queries. To protect our users, we cannot process your request at this time.

What do you mean by "may be sending automatic queries"? That is all point so that reCAPTCHA exists and is used by any webmaster: to distinguish such requests from human ones! By giving a challenge that only a human can solve. But they don't even show such a puzzle / challenge. So it makes no sense to have the thing there in the first place; Simply block any default request, which is indeed the case now.

Incredibly idiot. Has really become literally impossible To do anything online. Nothing allows you to register anywhere. Nothing works.

exchanges: do humans offer Bisq offer IDs?

Two recent "offer IDs" of Bisq are:

  1. "emzlols-7639fae0-cd4d-48cf-acc5-abc97dab89db-124 "
  2. "aixcp-6efe1e8d-90bf-4c25-b021-53616cad1109-124 "

(The emphasis is mine. These are totally public, so I don't see a reason to write / censor them here.)

I can't help noticing that the first one says "Hahaha"in it. Is it a pure coincidence, generated automatically at random, or are these identification strings chosen in some way by the manufacturers / sellers of offers? At least the first part before the first indent?

[ Astronomy & Space ] Open question: Would it be possible for humans to land in the sun if they were at night?

[Astronomy and space] Open question: Would it be possible for humans to land in the sun if they were at night?

dnd 5e – Can Tharashk House humans develop the Discovery Mark?

This seems to be a problem of revision in the edition. At some point it was decided that the humans of the Tharashk House cannot develop the brand, but it was not edited correctly everywhere. This, at least, seems to be D&D Beyond's explanation of why humans in their editor can't take the mark.

Quoting Stormknight in the D&D Beyond forums:

Mark of Finding is only for Half-Orcs.

The first review took a human from the house.

However, this was apparently not supposed to happen, since it is now on the fix list:

Jeremy Crawford on twitter:

The Mark of Finding game feature is correct. It works for both humans and half orcs.

Eberron's previous iterations in D&D did not have this limit, as elaborated by KRyan:

3.5e (the first to support Eberron) allowed humans, orcs and half-orcs to obtain the Discovery Mark, and 4e allowed anyone to obtain any dragon mark

Therefore, it seems that some sort of design decision was made in the first revision of the new configuration book for 5e that was poorly implemented throughout the book, and then it was decided to reverse the decision, but it was never solved correctly.