Image cropping and image resizing in 24 hours for $ 5

Image cropping and image resizing in 24 hours

Do you need professional help with your images? You are dialing the correct Service then.

Services I offer in this Service SA:

  • Resize images, photos of any format (JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, etc.)
  • Delimit image, photos, logos, graphics, banners

You can use resized images on your website, social media profiles Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Why choose me?

  • High quality work
  • Fast delivery
  • Unlimited reviews until satisfaction

Other services I offer:

  1. Background removal
  2. photo editing
  3. Banner design, etc.

Don't forget to check the service extras below!

Important:Contact me before placing your order, to know the exact delivery time and the cost of your order

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magento2: the permanent cart cookie is not generated for guests and I want that guest to add items for 24 hours in the cart

I have a problem with the persistent shopping cart for the guest (user not logged in),

  1. Cookie duration – 31536000 – 365 days // Cookie duration
  2. Persistence shelf life (seconds) – 2100000 // Persistent shopping cart shelf life
  3. Cookie path – / // Cookie path set to /
  4. Cookie Domain: set it blank // I've kept it blank
  5. Session duration (seconds) – 2100000 – 24 hours // Set session duration for 24 hours

but it always expires after 1 hour for the guest user (user not connected). Please tell me the solution. I'm getting stuck now.

Thank you all in advance!

Visas h1b – San Francisco To Hydrabad through Hong Kong with 15 hours of layover, should I submit a pre-arrival registration for a hotel stay in the HKG transit area?

I am an H1b visa holder and work in the USA. UU. Traveling to India through Hong Kong, where there is a 15h stopover. I have seen that there is a pre-arrival record that Indians must pass if they are leaving the HKG transit area. However, I plan to stay at a hotel called "Regal Airport Hotel" that is located within the HKG transit area.

Will I still have to go through the pre-arrival registration? What are my other options? However, I do not plan to leave the transit area.

Thanks for the help!

Transaction confirmed by hours, not available in balance

My bitcoin transaction has been confirmed for more than 24 hours and also in the blockchain, but it has not yet been reflected in the balance of the receivers, all the details of the transaction are correct, what could be the problem?

online sharepoint: if the calculated value column exceeds 24 hours

I got this calculated column that shows the values ​​of "hh: mm: ss". But I have noticed that if it exceeds 24:00:00 it will restart to ex. 01:00:00 ..

Is there any way to validate or format the column so that when it exceeds ex. 23:59:59 will the text "More than 24> hours" or something like that be displayed? Or is there a way to make it exceed 24:00:00?

RedSwitches share settlement offer * E3-1230 at 60 euros * 2 hours of preparation time | stock settlement agreement. We offer you the best compliance server hosting solution in the industry with 24×7 support. Choosing the right type of web hosting platform could be a daunting task, since you need to guarantee the technical specifications depending on your exact needs. Deployed with an advanced server infrastructure, you can take advantage of our server solutions with a bandwidth of 1 Gbps and a highly scalable infrastructure of 99.95% uptime. We offer you the best compliance server hosting solution in the industry with 24×7 support.

Note: The cancellation of the current server and the addition of a new order will not be accepted.

Contact to deal with us:

E-mail: [protected email]
Skype: sales-red switches

Processor: Intel Quad-Core Xeon E3-1230
HDD: 1×120 GB SSD
Ram: 16 GB
Bandwidth: 100 TB
Port: 1GBPS
Location: France
Price: 60 EUR
Configuration and delivery: 2 hours

Processor: X3440
RAM: 16 GB
HDD: 4×3 TB
Bandwidth: 100 TB
Port: 1 GBPS
Configuration and delivery: 2 hours
Price: 55 EUR

E-mail: [protected email]
Skype: sales-red switches

Do you have any questions?

Contact Us – [protected email]
Website: Red switches | Dedicated server, virtual private servers, web hosting

Thank you
RedSwitches – Sales Team

make professional postcard design or eddm postcard in 24 hours for $ 15

make professional postcard design or eddm postcard in 24 hours

Are you looking for a standard postcard or EDDM design?

I am here just for you. High quality professional work. I will make for you a creative, modern, real estate, gym and fitness, invitation, party, celebrity, corporate, fantastic, professional, unique, promotional, vacation, personal, church, any other POSTCARD design and EDDM postal postal design service Direct as you wish, you will not worry about your payment.


Why do you choose me?

  • Expert in Direct Mail EDDM and design of POSTCARDS
  • 24/7 VIP SUPPORT
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Fast and friendly customer service
  • 100% unique and easy to edit AI / PSD files.
  • 300DPI delivery Ready to print CMYK JPEG / PNG / PDF format.
  • I give you a unique postcard or EDDM postcard design with unlimited review until you are satisfied.

EDDM direct mail SIZES:

  • 9×6.5 inches
  • 11×4 inches or suggest any other size


  • 6×4 inches
  • 9×6 inches
  • 11×4 inches or suggest any other size

I will help you achieve a perfect combination of style, expression and quality, which will represent the success of your business!
Thanks for watching.