transaction has received 0 confirmations past 24 hour

I have the following transactions that stays unconfirmed for the past 24 hour:

is there anything that i can do ?

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statistics – Finding how crowded a given train connections is (by day of week, and by hour)

You can get a rough estimate by looking at the ticket prices a week or two in advance. The departures with the cheapest tickets will likely be least crowded. If I for example check the coming Monday (October 26th), there are for most departures saver fares available ranging from €24.90 to €39.90. For one departure, no saver fares are available, but you need a full price ticket for €41.00.

The departures with tickets for €24.90 at 5:58, 20:58 and 21:58 will likely have the least number of passengers. The departures with only full price tickets for €41.00 at 18:58 will likely have the most.

BTW, the service runs every hour and not only every 2 hours.

php – Order posts by hour with ACF and Timber (TWIG)

First of all I use ACF and Timber (TWIG).

I’m trying to create a calendar with a classification by year, month and hour.

I created a custom ACF field : event_date and an another field for start time event_hour_start

All works fine with years and months but how I can order posts by hour for each month please ?


  • November
    • First event – 14:00
    • Second event – 16:00
  • December
    • First event – 11:00
    • Second event – 12:00


$events = Timber::get_posts(array(
    'post_type' => 'events',
    'meta_key'  => 'event_date',
    'orderby'   => 'meta_value_num',
    'order'     => 'DESC'

$events_list = array();

if($events) {
    foreach($events as $event) {
        $date = get_field('event_date', $event->ID, false);
        $hour_start = get_field('event_hour_start', $event->ID, false);
        $hour_end = get_field('event_hour_end', $event->ID, false);

        $date = new DateTime($date);

        $year = $date->format('Y');
        $month = $date->format('F');

        $events_list($year)($month)() = array($event, $date, $hour_start, $hour_end);

$context('events_list') = $events_list;


{% for year, years in events_list %}
    <p>Year : {{ year }}</p><br>
    {% for month, months in years %}
        <p>Month : {{ month }}</p>
        {% for event, events in months %}
            <p>{{ events(0).post_title }}</p><br>
        {% endfor %}
    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

Why does my phone heat up when i use it for half a hour

So one day I come home do the usual
I go to social media apps like Instagram and Twitter and half an hour later I check my battery percentage and it’s about to die and my phone is heating up.
My phone is Samsung S6 it’s just a few months old.
What should I do should I go to Samsung and replace it?

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performance – Merge/Insertion sort program taking longer than an hour to finish – C++

My program uses merge and insertion sort to sort a set of numbers.
It works perfectly fine for small inputs, less than 2 seconds for 1,000 ints. But I need to sort 1,000,000 ints. When I try with 1 million, it takes over 2 hours to sort. Can someone please help me optimize this program so it works faster?

FYI: I have several versions of this program because I have been trying to make it faster. Originally, my program would read 1 million ints from a text file, sort, then output the sorted numbers to a text file. But I assumed that was taking a large portion of the running time so I took that out completely.

Instead, I initialized the vector with 1,000,000 ints in the main program, like so:

vector<int> vec {7000, 8090, 189, 19, 0, 29032, ... ,90};

Again, my program works great with small input sizes. Any advice? Thank you!

#include <time.h>
#include <stdio.h>

using namespace std;

void merge(vector<int> &vec, int left, int center, int right, int originalsize)
   int leftVsize, rightVsize; //left and right vector sizes
   vector<int> vec1;

   leftVsize = center-left+1;            //calculating left and right temporary vector sizes
   rightVsize = right - center;

   vector<int> tempLeft(leftVsize);     //initializing temp left and right vectors
   vector<int> tempRight(rightVsize);

   for(int i = 0; i < tempLeft.size(); ++i)
   { =;      //initializing left vector

   for(int i = 0; i < tempRight.size(); ++i)
   { =;   //initializing right vector

   int i = left, j = 0, k = 0;

   while((j < tempLeft.size()) && (k < tempRight.size()))      //while left and right vector have elements
      if( <=     //if left element is smaller
      { =;   //add value to original vector
      else      //else
      { =;      //add value to original vector

 while(j < tempLeft.size())      //while left vector has elements
 { =;

 while(k < tempRight.size())     //while right vector has elements
 { =;


void insertionSort(vector<int> &vec, int originalsize)
   for(int i = 1; i < originalsize; ++i)     //starting from 1 for original vector size
    int tempval = vec(i);      //set tempval to vector value at 1
    int j = i;                    //j now equals i

    for(j = i; ((j > 0)&&(tempval < vec(j-1))); --j)    //for j=i while j is greater than 0 and tempval is less than the number before it
      vec(j) = vec(j-1);    //set vector(j) to vector(j-1)
      vec(j) = tempval;   //tempval now holds vec(j)

void sort(vector<int> &vec, int left, int right, int originalsize)
  int insertion = right - left;
  if(insertion <= 8)    //if righ-left is less than or equal to 8
     insertionSort(vec, originalsize);       // call insertion sort
  if(left < right)
    int center = (left+right)/2;    //calculating center of vector
    sort(vec, left, center, originalsize);    //calling sort for temp vector
    sort(vec, center+1, right, originalsize);   //calling sort for temp vector
    merge(vec, left, center, right, originalsize);    //calling merge to merge two vectors together

int main()
  vector<int> vec { 1 million ints };
  int temp;
  clock_t q, q1, q2,t;

  int orgsize = vec.size();


  sort(vec, 0, (vec.size()-1), orgsize);    //calling sort function


  cout << "Total Time: "<< ((float)q)/CLOCKS_PER_SEC <<"n";
 return 0;

dnd 5e – Does the benefit of the ranger’s Natural Explorer feature only activate starting with the second hour of travel in their favored terrain?

The DM decides when it’s appropriate to check if the party’s navigator is lost in the wilderness

Source: Dungeon Master’s Guide, page 111

Strictly rules as written, it’s the DM that decides when to check if the party is lost. If your DM decides that it’s opportune (and appropriate) that the party is lost from the start, then the Ranger’s Natural Explorer ability doesn’t trigger.

Now, the following is my own personal consideration:

It doesn’t make any sense to me to “be lost” without magical interference already at the start of the journey, and it’s also very hard to lose yourself in the first hour if you’re even moderately proficient with being outdoors, which for most Rangers inside their favorite terrain is definitely the case. I’d say that this could be a passive survival DC 10 check.

Lastly, penalizing the Ranger on a ribbon feature that already sees the light of day very rarely would leave a sour taste in my mouth, so I’d recommend not going down the route of getting lost in the first hour.