– Regarding ratings of hotel

There’s no common standard being established internationally on the hotel star’s rating.

Each country establishes its own star rating process and implemented it through associations or through government departments.

Having said that, the star ratings still serve as a good guideline for one to choose a hotel.

In your case, I believe the star rated reported on Google was submitted by the hotel through Google Business listing.

On top of star rating, I would suggest to check out third-party review sites. E.g.

infinity categories – Hilbert’s Hotel as sequence, infinite moves taken one after another

How to get a free room in Hilbert’s Hotel?

a. An infinite amount of moves taken simultaneously from n to n + 1. Room 1 is free.

b. All Guests moving one after another from n to n+1 for an infinite amount of time. After an infinite amount of time, all Guests moved. Room 1 is free.

How would you argue against b. or would you may agree with b.?

For my opinion b. would be a. surprise, I don’t know what is going in b. For me a. has better arguments, because in b. one single guest should stay out in every case.

infinity – Is Hilbert’s Hotel thought experiment a Paradox or an unsolved Topic?

In Wikipedia „Hilbert’s paradox of the Grand Hotel“ is described in captor Analysis:

Hilbert’s paradox is a veridical paradox: it leads to a counter-intuitive result that is provably true.

For me, we still not know, what would going to happen in this thought experiment, indeed infinity it is a well explored topic. There is no proof, that a single guest can’t move to its successor room and there is no proof, that every single guest will be in a room at the end (if a single new guest arrives).

So isn’t it still an unsolved thought experiment, where we do not know the answer, rather than saying the counter-intuitive result is provably true?

covid 19 – Can I currently (June 2020) travel from Israel to the Taba hotel area and return to Israel?

The Israel Ministry Of Health published this guidance on returning to Israel:

Entry into Israel is permitted to any citizen or resident of Israel, but they are obliged to be isolated upon their arrival from abroad.
All foreign nationals are denied entry to Israel.
In exceptional cases, one may apply for approval of the Foreign Ministry subject to proof of the ability to remain in home isolation for 14 days upon arrival in Israel.

Therefore it could be very hard/impossible to return.

Regarding whether the border is open, it is. The Israel Airports Authority published updated info on opening times and the border crossing is listed as the Menachim Begin Terminal there. The rules/guidance for the border can be viewed here.

What is the red light in the hotel bath for?

That depends on the type and wattage of the light used. The majority of the ones I’ve seen mounted in the ceiling were of the high wattage heat lamp style. The majority of those looked like red flood lamps. The lights used as night lights are generally under-mounted, low wattage lights. The majority of these are not necessarily red. But recently, more of them are designed to have light on the blue end of the spectrum eliminated. Light on the red end of the spectrum provides for more surface heating. Light on the blue end provides for more deeply penetrating energy.

budget – Are luxury hotel rooms in the Sydney area available at a discount during the lockdown?

During the current lockdown, there’s a major reduction in international and inter-state travel in Australia. Is it possible to book rooms in luxury hotels, such as Shangri-La, in the Sydney area at a cheaper rate than they’d normally be offered?

I’m open to using an opaque hotel booking – I’m not interested in location, just so long as it’s noice, unusual and different.

I had a quick look at Shangri-La Sydney’s offers page, but I didn’t notice any specials that seemed oriented to the current couple of months (apart from the winter package, which I remember them doing in past years).

bed bugs – Why would cockroaches and other pests thrive in a hotel?

Disclaimer: I have never been in a hotel. I’m not basing this on actual experiences.

I’ve generally got the idea and heard many stories or remarks about how hotels in various popular vacation countries often have bugs in the rooms. Like cockroaches. Spiders. Rats?

How can this be? With people constantly moving in and out and professional daily cleaning, how can any pests thrive in such a place?

I’ve had the disgusting spiders at home, way too many times, but never once a cockroach (but the odd rat). I don’t even understand how it can possibly be dirty enough for a cockroach to actually live inside an apartment. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen a cockroach at all in my entire life…

Is the bug situation vastly different in other places? That sounds nightmarish. Can it be all made up, like so many other factoids?

Credit card stopped due to fraud activity, but hotel booking needs credit card for security bond

So I’ll be checking in a apartment hotel tomorrow, my company booked the hotel with the company credit card, but I realize that during check in they require a credit card for security bond. And the hotel stated on their website that no cash payment is accepted.

My card got stopped yesterday by the bank due to a suspicious fraud, and new card is still on its way via mail. So I don’t have a valid credit card to use, and they do not accept cash. So I have no idea what I need to do, called them just now but reception opens tomorrow morning, and I’m quite worried. Can they cancel my stay if I don’t have a valid credit card for the security bond? I do have a Debit MasterCard but that’s different from a credit card.

How am I supposed to book a hotel for 90 days?

If countries require proof of hotel booking reservation for the whole duration of the intended stay, how are you supposed to satisfy that requirement if e.g. only allows reservations of 30 days?

Check-in and check-out at a hotel, how to calculate the number of nights?

If I spent ten days at a hotel (April 21-May 1) and paid an additional 1-week departure (May 1-May 7) on the 8th before 11:00 AM, but decided to pay another week on the 7th, the day before the payment of the first additional week. Question: when is my payment date? Is it on the 14th or 15th (before 11:00 a.m.)?