How to deal with a noisy refrigerator when you stay in a studio / hotel?

I'm currently staying in a studio, so the fridge is near the bed. Unfortunately, the refrigerator is quite noisy, which is a bit annoying during the day but can make it hard to sleep at night. Of course, I could turn off the refrigerator completely, but I have food inside that I would like to keep refrigerated.

How can I deal with this noisy refrigerator while keeping some food inside?

Shipping – I forgot the article in a hotel in Spain; the hotel says they can't give it back to me

I recently returned from a trip to Europe. (I live in the United States.) On my way back I had a stopover in Madrid and forgot a coat in the hotel room where I stayed. I contacted the hotel and they told me they had the coat, but they couldn't send it internationally. They told me in an email:

We do not handle international shipments since we cannot complete customs paperwork.
I suggest you contact a courier company to pick up the forgotten item and let us know the collection date to have it ready.

There are two ways I can see to solve my problem:

  1. I sent an email as they suggested. What companies offer this type of service and how do I find it? I looked at UPS and DHL but I saw nothing obvious.
  2. I complete a customs form for them and use it to submit the item. it's possible?

Is any of these two alternatives possible? Thanks in advance.

Buy high quality water filters for your hotel: everything else

When you are part of the hotel and hotel business, you should always make sure that you do not leave stone without moving to help people have a luxurious and comfortable stay. From the perfect environment to finger-licking food, everything must be right. Not only the interiors of the hotel make it cozy, but also the facilities it offers. Along with all other things, you should take note of the quality of the products and services you offer. When you are in the hospitality business, it is your responsibility that customers do not suffer from your carelessness. For this, one of the most important things you should do is get a GE GXRLQR water filter installed This will also ensure the safety of your employees, less sick leave and more productivity.

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In addition, if you replace tap water with filtered water, you can also reduce the accumulation of limestone in utensils. But, before buying water filters, there are certain things to check. From warranty periods to reviews and price comparisons, you should conduct a thorough investigation and then decide on the filter that is the best in all aspects.

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Do I have to prepare a hotel reservation, travel agenda or plane ticket when I apply for a Korean tourist visa from Japan?

I am a foreigner who works in Japan, so I have a residence card here (my card will last until 2024)
I am planning to go to Korea next January. From the website I see that I only need to complete the visa application form, prepare my passport, residence card, photo and work certificate.
It is not even written on the website, but should I prepare the hotel reservation, travel agenda, plane ticket or prove my financial capacity when applying for a Korean tourist visa from Japan?

Can I book a hotel with a prepaid debit card on

The most important thing to keep in mind is this at does not charge the guest any reservation or cancellation fees or any other fees related to their reservation, and makes no payment. Payment is charged directly by the provider.

However, when it comes to most sites, there is no distinction between the two types of debit cards: the payment should be the same as if it were a normal debit card. You will only have to try it to see if the owner you want to deal with accepts it.

United States: daily tips to hotel staff in currencies (US)

The fairly typical label among those who tip the cleaning service usually tips every day the service is provided. It can be done by different people on different days, so it makes sense to tip at the time the work is done. However, I am sure it will be appreciated.

In any case, I don't think it's intrinsically rude to leave an appropriate tip with coins, but given the low value of the coins that are typically used in the US. UU. (25 cents are usually the largest coins in normal use) and the typical amount of advice for cleaning, would need a lot of at least 8-12 + coins. Therefore, a better approach would generally be to tip $ 1 bills. The reception should gladly make changes to make it easier for you to tip your staff. If I travel internationally and end up with coins that I don't want to take home, I can leave them as part of a tip on the last day.

Anyway, you can leave the money on the edge of the desk on top of a note that says "thank you", to make it clear that it is a tip and express your appreciation.

Unless you leave the room in an exceptionally messy state, I don't think you should apologize for it. They have seen much worse. I would not leave a complicated note explaining that "they can" take the coins as a sign of gratitude; Just leave a tip and your gratitude will be evident.

Visas h1b – San Francisco To Hydrabad through Hong Kong with 15 hours of layover, should I submit a pre-arrival registration for a hotel stay in the HKG transit area?

I am an H1b visa holder and work in the USA. UU. Traveling to India through Hong Kong, where there is a 15h stopover. I have seen that there is a pre-arrival record that Indians must pass if they are leaving the HKG transit area. However, I plan to stay at a hotel called "Regal Airport Hotel" that is located within the HKG transit area.

Will I still have to go through the pre-arrival registration? What are my other options? However, I do not plan to leave the transit area.

Thanks for the help!

If I lost my ID and was using cash to check into a hotel, could I use a photo of my ID outside my phone?

Because I am trying to find out for myself.

Hotel reservation – advance purchase with credit card

When booking hotel rooms, the cheapest option is normally advance payment, which you cannot cancel or change, if you book with a credit card, the credit card company covers any loss if flights are delayed or canceled. or for some "real" reason that doesn't appear?

Any New York hotel with traditional breakfast included?

Are there hotels in New York that include a traditional breakfast (preferably buffet) with eggs, bacon, sausages, french fries, etc.

Most I've seen only have a continental breakfast … I'd rather visit a restaurant than eat a continental breakfast.