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Dedicated server without measure E3-1230 E3-1240v5 E5 2670 E5 2650 E5 2650 E5 2620v4 with 1 Gbps port at 10 Gbps.[​IMG]
HostSpicy is a privately owned hosting company that offers shared hosting, reseller, vps servers, RDP servers and dedicated servers that are hosted in multiple locations for partners worldwide since March 2012. Our vision is to provide our customers with a service that allows them to focus on their businesses, make their users happy and get exactly the hosting solution they need.

"You deserve peace of mind, your business deserves an exceptional accommodation experience and a true dedication from passionate people who love what they do."

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Our Services Located in: The Netherlands | Germany | USA and France.

Why choose Hostspicy?

  • We have technicians on site 24 hours a day.
  • We keep spare parts on site for hardware replacement.
  • There is no notice period for cancellations. Cancel at any time.
  • We are a friendly VPN and VPN provider!
  • We have many happy customers.
  • Without long-term commitment or enclose, if your business model changes, the end customer cancels or simply decides that you want to do something different, you can cancel all or part of your services with us.
  • Special offers and offers can be ordered by new and existing customers, you can even cancel your previous service without penalty.
  • Flexible billing terms, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment. Select the payment date that best suits you.
  • DMCA ignored (Netherlands)

Our dedicated server features

– Remote restart / shutdown
– 24×7 KVM
– Reinstallation at any time.

Here are some of our best promotional offers:

[Netherlands – FULL DUPLEX PORT]

E3 1230v2 32GB 2x2TB SATA 1GBPS 100TB bandwidth – 89 Euros / month

E3 1230v2 32GB 2x2TB SATA 2GBPS 100TB bandwidth – 94 Euros / month
2x Intel E5620 32GB 11x2TB SATA 1GBPS 100TB bandwidth – 99 euros / month
E3 1240v5 32GB 2x2TB SATA 1GBPS 100TB Bandwidth – 109 Euros / Month
E3 1230v2 32GB 11x2TB SATA 1GBPS 100TB bandwidth – 119 euros / month
E3 1230v2 32GB 2x2TB SATA 1GBPS Bandwidth without meter – 119 euros / month
E3 1240v5 32GB 2x2TB SATA 1GBPS 100TB Bandwidth – 109 Euros / Month
E3 1240v5 32GB 2x2TB SATA 1GBPS Bandwidth without meter – 129 euros / month
[B][B]E3 1240v5 32GB 2x4TB SATA 1GBPS Without Bandwidth Without Meter – 139 Euros / Month[/B][/B]
2x Intel E5620 32GB 12×1.5TB SATA 1GBPS Bandwidth without meter – 129 euros / month
2x Intel E5620 32GB 12×1.5TB SATA 2GBPS Bandwidth without meter – 149 Euros / month

Do you need more personalized offers? It allows us to contact us through the live chat on our website:
You can also send us an email to: [email protected]

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Get your server at a lower price with a guaranteed bandwidth of 500 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps without measuring.
Dedicated servers from France, all plans can be found here:


Explore our full-speed 1GBPS, 2GBPS, 4Gbps and 10GBPS full-speed servers with 100% uptime guaranteed. Dedicated servers from the Netherlands, all plans can be found here:


Special storage servers:


Live channels / IPTV transmission servers:


All our servers are fully customizable, you can add RAM, HDD, PORT, BANDWIDTH at any time.


  • Extra Bandwidth Price: 0.50 cents / TB
  • Port from 1GBPS to 2GBPS: 15 Euros.
  • PORT 10 GBPS: 45 Euros
  • Available RAM up to 128 GB
  • Storage available UP TO 8TB SATA per unit and 2TB SSD per unit
  • Cpanel / WHM: 20 Euros
  • Add IP addresses: 2.5 Euros

Any special customized settings are welcome …

Payment gateways accepted:

  • Paypal
  • Webmoney
  • Indian bank transfer
  • Razorpay (credit / debit cards)
  • Webmoney
  • perfect money
  • BTC / LTC / ETH / BCH

Choosing Hostspicy means choosing an experienced hosting provider who knows how to offer a perfect hosting experience, day after day, year after year.

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Contact Us – [email protected]
Skype: smtsny
Website: | Dedicated server, virtual private servers, web hosting and RDP servers.

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HostSpicy.Com- Intel Xeon E3 1240 / E3 1230.24 / 32 GB RAM, SSD, 1 gbps Starting at $ 6.99 / month (NL, FR) | NewProxyLists

Remote Desktop "RDP"
Safe, reliable, fast, Excellent Support for

Locations: France, The Netherlands

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Recurring discount code of 20% – "MONSOONLOOT"
30% discount in the first month of use Code of use – "MONSOONLOOT30"

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[ Contact US Via Live Chat or Through Support Tickets] By coupon
We just added another location "Netherlands" to provide our users who love uploading and downloading at duplex speed: fly:

We also have other hosting plans. You can always check our plans on our main website:

Server configurations

Intel® Xeon® E3 1240 at 3.10 GHz
24 GB of DDR3 RAM
Windows Server 2012 Standard x64
1GBPS network connection
Location- France

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Intel® Xeon® E3 1230 at 3.20 GHz

32 GB of DDR3 RAM
Windows Server 2012 Standard x64
1GBPS / 2GBPS duplex network connection
120 GB SSD (solid state drive) for excellent operating system performance
Location- The Netherlands

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Results of SpeedTest

Download speed


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Regular plans R.D.P – Netherlands – 1GBPS / 2GBPS
URL of the page: –



RDP low budget storage – Netherlands – 1GBPS / 2GBPS



SSD RDP – Netherlands – 1GBPS / 2GBPS



Low Budget RDP – FRANCE – 1GBPS



Admin Power RDP – Netherlands – 1GBPS


Admin Power RDP – France – 1GBPS


Dedicated RDP – Netherlands – 1GBPS / 2GBPS



Pre-installed software: –

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
WinRar [ Use it in store mode]
Internet download man
File & Image Uploader
Thumbnail me
Classic multimedia player

Note: – Open ticket if you want any other program
Not allowed:-
Child pornography
Public Turners
There are no portable programs[Open Ticket If You Want Anything]
Piracy activities or anything related to that
Share IP, Accounts e.t.c
Running multiple WinRar processes
No more than 4 active torrents

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– Hostspicy Web Solutions Team