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    ‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️ I need a real person who is ready to receive some items … Card to your address … and make some deposits once the items have been shipped … and give me 30% of What I uploaded After I finished selling the items … I just need serious people here … I'm the man of my own words … I don't screw up … Send me a message for long-term business. ..‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️

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    TELEGRAM @ mariofernando445

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    ICQ 747142657
    ICQ 747142657


Hello everyone, I am honest and respectful MAN Here I sell 100% verified CC with online access is available | Proxies123.com

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Problems in Liquid Web – unethical – my honest criticism

Fyi, I've been with Liquidweb since they took over wiredtree customers, I think. With the increase in cpanel prices, I agreed to switch to another control panel offered by Liquid Web, however, it seems that they still charged me for the month $ 50 for January. And after constantly complaining to fix the invoice billed in excess, since I refused to pay the invoice charged in excess due to the fact that I had asked them to migrate me to another control panel to avoid any price increase on my invoice. They only managed to credit me $ 20 just for next month. I doubt that next month these credits will really be used because with such an unethical approach to this problem it means changing to a different provider. We all like to make money, but using unethical and furtive ways to earn extra money from your client is not right for me.

I am not sure if they have done the same with other clients who have also requested to migrate to interwok to avoid increasing the invoice, or if in the past their clients have had problems with billing but they are unethical to me, the amount could Not being too high but seeing my site suspended today while I ask you to issue me the proper credit to fix the bill (which is easily feasible, I have been in the hosting business myself, I know it is not a daunting task) I simply Anger and rethink my decision that if so, a small thing they were willing to let their client's server be offline, and if any other problem ever arises, they will not mind either.

Anyway … my small but honest review of liquidweb, I'm not sure when companies will start using ethical practices, it's time to find a new and, hopefully, honest / ethical host.

Dems, if President Hillary Clinton had ordered the attack against Solemani, do you know that she would be defending that decision firmly? Be honest?

If I had sent 5 units to catch him, he would be called a genius, a true hero, he would handle the situation as a true leader.

The Democrats praised Obama when he made the Navy Seals go to Bin Laden's house with women and children inside and killed him and dragged his body to the street, women and children were killed in that raid, and Obama was praised as a true Leader.

Obama interrupted television broadcasts to Brag about what he did, how he stopped the terror.

Trump had a terrorist general and his bodyguards (without women or children) and did not kill in a residential area and abuse his power

The Democrats are hypocrites and know that they will lose the 2020 elections.

What is your honest opinion about the impediment of triumph so far?

Ignore WT Door, who is a trial expert in Moscow because he lives there. He is just trying to win his GRU trolling rubles.

My honest opinion is that it has been the source of great political prestige, but we knew what would happen upon entering. Democrats have had a hearing based on whether Trump committed an impeccable crime, and Republicans have been trying to have their own hearing on the Bidens and the whistleblower and, literally, anyone other than who it is. If this is Trump's best defense, it's not very good.

I still don't think the Senate votes to eliminate Trump, but I don't think they would do it even if they had video evidence of Trump killing a homeless man. The complaints made by the complainant have been very well supported by all witnesses, even if it took Sondland several attempts.

Paperwork – Is it a known scam or honest supervision at the Cambodian border crossings not to seal your entry / exit form?

A month ago I entered Cambodia from Thailand in Koh Kong and they charged me an additional USD $ 7, which is commonly considered an Internet scam. Koh Kong is considered to be less scammer than the great Poipet crossing, but still quite scammer.

Yesterday I tried to return to Thailand at one of the small border crossings near Battambang that has a good reputation for not having scams. It was the second last day of my visa, so I was sure everything was fine. But the officers told me that I was missing a stamp on my entry / exit form. I knew I had my entry passport in May because I checked it immediately. But I didn't know that I should also check the form.

I tried to return to Koh Kong before my visa ran out, but the distance was too great. I should do it at lunchtime tomorrow, one day.

Could this be another scam that people know? That they leave the seal on purpose knowing that the visitor will be sent back to their crossing and will probably stay longer now? Are you likely trying to charge me more than the official 1-day stay rate? Are they likely to give up the excessive stay rate because the missing seal is their own mistake? How much should the rate be in 2019?

United States: How honest is it to be with immigration from the United States about the uncertainty about travel plans?

I will travel to the United States (from the United Kingdom) for work. If the work does not work out, I will have to return to the UK shortly after the meeting and make it work. If the work is going well, I will take an extended vacation after the meeting, possibly up to 6 weeks, possibly all in the US. UU., Possibly traveling further. I have a brother in the United States who is likely to spend part of the time. I will have a return ticket, but I will not use the return segment if I extend the trip.

When I arrive in the US I hope you ask me "How long will you stay in the US?" In passport control. It would be easy to say the duration of the meeting. I could explain my situation and the uncertainty involved in the duration of my trip, but it seems that I would wave some red flags; Long stay, uncertainty, more time away from work than usual, especially in the US UU. I worry that getting into all these details causes problems. However, lying to immigration officials could cause worse problems if such dishonesty is identified.

Is honesty the best policy in this situation, or should I tell you the easy story that may well be true, but may not? I am interested in minimizing the possibility of problems, especially any problem that interferes with my ability to travel to the United States.

Please be honest, is Trump making America great again?

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