Updated My DIY Home Archery Range

Changed my target board to thick foam. Much easier on the arrows than the previous hard wood board I had!

Windows-hosted new site shows no preview: "Future home of something quite cool." message is displayed

I added a theme and made a sample home page.

What could cause the site to display no previews or even display no changes when published?

Note: I did my best to search similar previously-asked questions but found just one that didn’t help.

samsung galaxy j3 – RECOVER home screen folders/ internet shortcuts

I accidentally deleted some internet shortcuts from my Android home screen, that includes folders with more internet shortcuts.

I don’t know if there is a trash bin but that would be nice. I cannot find a note on this anywhere, or is there an app to help with that? Thanks

Samsung Galaxy J37v.04

if useful:

note: I do not have a PC available, and only have this smartphone… checking something called dumpster.

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How can I display free product on home page

enter image description here

I am creating a eBook store website.Now I want to display free eBook on home page with new wp query.How can I do that

apache http server – How to fix the error “vncserver: The HOME environment variable is not set” – run a Python script from PHP on behalf of the user?

The script in ** Python ** is run from ** PHP **. The script runs normally, but reaching the lines of launch ** vncserver ** – it cannot run it:

#!/usr/bin/env python3.8
# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

import time
import requests
from datetime import datetime
from pymongo import MongoClient
from multiprocessing import Pool
import json
import math 
import subprocess
import os
SCRIPT_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))

    ## VNC Display checks
    # Configure DISPLAY variable to VNC
    os.environ("DISPLAY") = cfg("vnc_display")
    if os.system("xhost >& /dev/null"):
        print("WARNING: No VNC display opened under %s. Running VNC Server and trying again" % (os.environ("DISPLAY")))
        os.system("vncserver %s" % (os.environ("DISPLAY")))
        if os.system("xhost >& /dev/null"):
            print("ERROR: No VNC display opened under %s. Cannot continue" % (os.environ("DISPLAY")))

if __name__ == "__main__":

stops work and displays a message:

vncserver: The HOME environment variable is not set
No VNC display opened under :1.
Running VNC Server and trying again.
ERROR: No VNC display opened under :1.
Cannot continue.

As I understand it, ** vncserver ** does not want to start with user privileges ** Apache **, but only from under the user – the error is related to execution rights. Because if you run the script directly, on the command line, on behalf of the user – there are no errors and everything works fine.
I think I need to teach somehow the script to work correctly with ** Apache ** privileges, but I don’t know how to do it. Please suggest solutions. Thank.

dual boot – Ubuntu partitions (/, /home & swap) are showing under a Windows extended partition? And, how to use the existing /home partition?

I was getting frequent error messages (usually on Ibus Preferences – which were very frequent, and errors on few on other categories too). So, I re-installed using a LiveCD creating new partitions for root (/) and swap (linux-swap) by formatting them. However, I did the mistake of not selecting the existing home partition (/home). In fact, I did not specify any particular space for /home.

After the (re)install, I tried something to mount my old /home partition back. And, after doing this (or, at least I think so), all my ubuntu partitions are showing under a windows (extended) partition (/dev/sda3). I thought it was because I installed ubuntu in a empty windows (NTFS) partition (/dev/sda3 of 195.1 GB, in the below fig.).

Partition data - after 1st (re)installation.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot taken after the original ubuntu install.

I wanted the ubuntu partitions to be placed along-side windows NTFS partitions (not within any of them) in the HDD. So, I re-installed ubuntu again, this time I selected the un-allocated space (220.35 GB in the above fig.) to install. And, I selected the existing home partition as /home (with the format button unchecked). However, still the ubuntu partitions are still showing under a Windows partition (/dev/sda3). Not sure why.

(Note the difference in the size of /dev/sda3 after the 1st & 2nd installation. See screenshots).

Partition data - after 2nd (re)installation.

Now, I have 2 questions.

1. How can I install ubuntu in the hdd along-side windows, without any dependency? (Note that the **temp** is a NTFS, which is another windows partition & I’m not sure why it is also brought under this extended partition).
2. How to make an exiting home partition (not directory) to be the default **/home** for ubuntu – after completing the installation (without using LiveCD i.e. from a Ubuntu terminal). I’m sure there are ways, but I guess they all assume **/home** to contain user info only & not the data.
    i. I am (understandably) unable to access the **dev/sdax** (**/home** partition) using **cd/cp/mv** commands. Without these, how can I backup my data before doing this?
    ii. When I mount the old home partition as **/home**, the user folder created in the new home (during install) is getting removed. I don’t mind this, but can I restore my old users from the old **/home** partition when I mount it. If so, how can I do so.
    iii. Somewhere while trying, I saw my home partition listed as **/media/<something>** in the **Files** window. What does it mean & how can I handle mounting in such cases.

Note: I have all my data under the /home partition.

WIN 10 Home 32-Bit apps (microsoft Office, Teamviewer)

As a Mac Catalina Admin (here only 64 Bit apps working) i have a question about 32-Bit apps:
in taskmgr i see on my WIN 10 system (about 2 years old) – MS Office 365 in 32-bit mode.
is this normal or can i set a default, that only 64 bit version apps are installed?
thanks in advance

sharepoint online – SPFX application extension to redirect user to home page if User doesn’t has appropriate permission

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android – Recreate activity returns home on back press starting API 28

I observe an unwanted behavior starting Android Emulator API level 28 when I recreate an activity. On back press I’m gettin on the home screen instead of the previous activity like below on API level 27 and below.

So the situation is as follows:

class diagram

In the AndroidManifest.xml the MainActivity is set as singleTask. Both the MainActivity and the SettingsActivity extend the BaseActivity.

In the SettingsActivity I let the user change to dark mode or another language and then I recreate the activity with:


The BaseActivity then recreates itself (approach from here), if necessary according to the (new) preferences like:

overridePendingTransition(0, 0);

The recreation works fine but on API level 27 and below I assume I get an task looking like the one on the left and from API 28 upwards I assume I get one looking like the one on the right:

task expected task actual

But I would also expect for API 28 and upwards a task looking like the first one.

I figured out that in the BaseActivity I could add the Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TASK Intent flag to recreate the activity if necessary which gives me the desired behavior but I don’t understand why this actually helps and if this is the best thing to do here. Any Intent/Task expert here?

What do I miss here?