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malware – Help! My home PC has been infected by a virus! What do I do now?

I’m sorry to hear you’ve got a computer virus. Fortunately, thousands of people deal with virus infections daily, and in most cases, the computer and all data can be restored. By following good online practice you can avoid future infections.

There are two main approaches for removing a virus:

  • Use anti-virus software to perform a “deep scan and clean”.
  • Wipe and reinstall the computer – colloquially known as “nuke from orbit”.

Using anti-virus software is quicker and easier, but has a greater risk that the virus will silently remain and cause problems later. Wiping and reinstalling is recommended for knowledgeable users. It is normally possible to keep all your data while doing this.

Using anti-virus software

If you do not have anti-virus software already there are various free options (e.g. Windows Defender, AVG Free) and many paid options (e.g. Symantec Endpoint Protection, Kaspersky Internet Security).

Make sure the anti-virus software is up-to-date.

You can then run a full scan of your computer. Some AV software calls this a deep scan. If any viruses are found, you will get the option to quarantine the affected file.

Some advanced viruses have the ability to hide from anti-virus software. To cope with this, some AV software has the ability to “scan on boot”. The AV runs before Windows starts, and in this mode, the virus is crippled, allowing the AV software to more effectively remove it. Once complete you can boot into Windows as normal. Other AV software allows you to create a boot disk instead of “scan on boot”.

The precise instructions for all this depend on your anti-virus software. Consult the manual for further information.

Wipe and reinstall

The basic idea is to copy all your data onto an external hard drive, then reinstall Windows. This will give you a blank – and hopefully uninfected – Windows installation. You will then need to reinstall all your software, restore all your data, and customise the settings you had before.

Before you start, make sure you have installation media and license codes for all your commercial software. If necessary, you can extract a Windows and Office product key from your installation. You can also download disk images from Microsoft – provided you have a product key.

You need to carefully backup all your data onto an external hard drive. It can be difficult to get everything. People often forget their address book and bookmarks. This is a stressful point, because once you start reinstalling Windows, you lose the ability to recover further data. As an alternative, you can buy a new hard disk, and put the old hard disk in a USB enclosure like this.

You then need to reinstall Windows, all your other software, then restore your data and settings.

Avoiding reinfection

You must follow basic security practice:

  • Keep all software up-to-date. Secunia PSI helps you check software is up-to-date.
  • Run anti-virus software, and keep it up-to-date.
  • Enable the firewall (this is on by default in recent Windows versions)

Beyond this, you need to exercise care. It is difficult to explain precisely how to do this, but here is some basic guidance:

  • Be careful where you click.
  • Be especially careful when downloading software. Every exe file you download gets full access to your computer.
  • Take care with removable media. Some viruses have executable files that look like folder icons. But if you click them, you will be infected.
  • Take care with shared drives, which may be on a NAS, or in cloud storage like DropBox.

While your computer had a virus, it is possible that all your passwords have been captured. You should at least change your passwords for online accounts that are important to you, e.g. web mail, social media, online banking. It usually isn’t necessary to change low value passwords for forums and e-commerce sites.

It’s also possible that credit card numbers have been compromised if you have used them on this computer. I believe this is fairly rare, and changing your cards is a (modest) hassle. Instead, hold on to your cards, keep a close eye on your statements and change the cards if fraud occurs.

If you’ve followed this through to the end, well done! It is not an easy process, and you will hopefully have recovered from the infection. Take care online – but don’t be afraid of your computer.

How to modify SharePoint Online home page?

I want to modify SharePoint Online home page. I am trying to add the html, css and js in snnipt webpart but its not get work. I want to add the the Text, images and sliders section on the home page. I want to this using available webpart in SharePoint online.
Can anyone please help out me in this?

How to set serach page as home page

I would like to set search page /catalogsearch/result/AVMP as the home page. Anyone have any idea?

apache http server – Throttled speed to specific IP address from within home WiFi only

I am experiencing a weird problem where:

  • Accessing my own dedicated server at a hosting provider in France is slow between the hours of 6pm and 10pm.
  • Just accessing this particular IP is slow, not everything else
  • Accessing the IP from my phone for example is fine

I called my ISP and they say they don’t block or throttle anything. I also reset my router completely but the problem persists.

I can download TO my server with no problem and also contacted my server provider. They ran some tests and they get full speed.

What can I do? How can I find out what is causing this issue?

Which home security system is the best?

I shed the major outfits over a year ago and switched to SimpliSafe. I picked an older package – I think on Amazon. SimpliSafe markets a newer system now.

One thing I like about it is I buy the equipment and have options of adding components that I feel that I need and not a setup that a company wants to push on me.

I’m not real familiar with the newer system so I don’t know exactly what components are available but I do recommend the company.

Check out their website to see what they have.

And tell them JoeSpirit sent you. They don’t know who the Hell I am anyway…


microsoft office 365 – Steps for migrating user home directory to OneDrive for Business

I need to migrate or move the HomeDrives of all corporate users into OneDrive for Business.
There are approximately 600+ user directories in a total of 4.5 TB

The entire users have been assigned of minimum Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 license to allow 1 TB OneDrive quota.

Microsoft Office desktop client is already using Office 365 (Click to Run).

Group Policy has been configured to map each users H: drive into DFSSVR05-VMHomeDirs%USERNAME%

How to transfer all of their data into the OneDrive without manual Cut & Pasting to C:Users%USERNAME% OneDrive

Thanks in advance.

Work From Home Site, Ready to Make Money

Why are you selling this site?
need money for other project

How is it monetized?
selling ebook

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
very little

What challenges are there with running this site?


wp-login.php not working goes back to home page

If i enter mydomain/wp-login.php it does not open the sign in page but goes back to the home page. However, if i enter mydomain/wp-admin its working it opens the sign in page and it shows the url https://mydomain/wp-login.php?redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Fmydomain%2Fwp-admin%2F&reauth=1

I use buddyboss theme and the header in the front end “sign in” links to wp-login.php and since its going back to the homepage we cannot sign in. How to change the link to wp-admin or fix my wp-login.php

I disabled all plugins but its the same problem.

Can I get a visa to Germany outside my home county as a student in the USA?

I’m a Kenyan college student currently in the United States on an F1 Visa but I would like to go to Germany to visit my family in the summer of next year, can I apply for a German Visa in the USA ?