Google analytics keyword spam traffic [on hold]

While I was working on something, I would like to take a look since I have this problem and I could not find the real problem.
Kindly watch the video. kindly help.


How to set the same width for multiple text views regardless of vertically aligned word count on Android? [on hold]

As you can see in the attached imageenter the description of the image here, line 1 has two words, line 2 has 4 words and the last line has one word. But they all have the same width regardless of the size of the text and the number of words. Can anyone help me achieve this?

What happened to Eladrin? Did something make them unavailable to play? [on hold]

I did an Eladrin Ranger and the DM did not allow it.

I'm confused. Did something happen to Eladrin? I wonder why none of the DMs in my three playgroups would allow my character. They just told me to make a new character.

I have the Player Manual, although it may be outdated.

Who is an OpenSRS hosted email reseller? [on hold]

Does anyone know a reseller of the OpenSRS White Label Hosted Mail (Tucows) solution ( I would like to test your product before becoming a reseller and I think it is better to do it by testing an existing reseller's solution. Thank you!

What happens when the small hut crosses solid objects? [on hold]

If something like a large car does not fit inside the small cabin of Leomund, will the spell simply fail or be covered as much as possible, leaving those parts exposed and vulnerable to attack?

How would you do a Diplomacy roll in 5e? [on hold]

Looking through a 3.5e campaign he mentions a Diplomacy roll. But in 5e the closest is persuasion, which doesn't feel exactly the same.

Any alternative suggestions?

Privacy: avoid IP registration of my VPS provider [on hold]

Assuming that my VPN provider allows me to route all types of Internet traffic through its servers, can I access my VPS in the cloud using ssh?

Tablet with replaceable battery and not less than "10 [on hold]

Can you suggest a tablet for the above characteristics? I can't find those tablets anywhere.

How to put an image from the notification to an image view? [on hold]

I'm new to Android Dev. I managed to send and receive notifications with url for the image using node.js, but I'm having trouble taking the image of the notification and putting it in the image view. For the image in the notification I am using Picasso.

How to classify the channels and source media of the original data in the results as Google Analysis Control Panel [on hold]

I am trying to classify Channel and Source / Medium of Original Data in Channel and Source / Medium as Google Analysis Panel