I am planning to run a Cult thematic campaign, but I have no ideas for the plot [on hold]

I am planning to run a Cult thematic campaign with about 8 players and I have no ideas on how to advance the plot. I will take any idea.

"takes" vs "lands on" the best quality control coding practice [on hold]

Then the sales user is taken to product page
Then the sales user Land on product page

Is there a better or better way to write gherkin test cases / scenarios like this?

Canonical label on the coupon site [on hold]

I would like to hear your opinion. I have a website of offers / coupons.

This is the store URL:
https://www.zlavobook.sk/zlavove-kupony/booking/ – canonical set to: https://www.zlavobook.sk/zlavove-kupony/booking/
It contains the description of the store and all the coupons.

The coupon URLs of this store are:
https://www.zlavobook.sk/zlava/booking-zlava/ – canonical set to: https://www.zlavobook.sk/zlavove-kupony/booking/

https://www.zlavobook.sk/zlava/az-4-naspat-z-nakupu-5e-bonus-na-booking-com/ – canonical set for: https://www.zlavobook.sk/zlava/az -4-naspat-z-nakupu-5e-bonus-na-booking-com / "

So, I guess how to set up the canonical ones would be that all coupons in the same store should point to the store's URL (https://www.zlavobook.sk/zlavove-kupony/booking/)
No one is looking for a specific sale or deal. They are trying to get all the coupons from the store. I know I will lose specific offer positions in SERP, but all content (including offers) is in the store URL.

I'm right?
Thank you

How to write an SRV record when I can't write the SRV record? [on hold]

I am using Freenom to register my free domain and I want to use an SRV registry to prevent users of my MC server from writing the port (which is 25566, not 25565 that they would not need to write). Freenom does not support SRV records, what do I do? Thank you

Am I to blame for not leveling up? [on hold]

In a previous DnD session, I tried to falsify a document to help get information for the good of the party, which I thought was creative, which I got quite high, however, I did not. This led to my character being jailed for a week and forced to play an NPC for 4 sessions. Before being jailed, the game group returned from a break, so we had a year of time in the game recovering from the adventures. During the time I was playing an NPC, the party leveled up, and when I asked if my main character leveled off, the response was negative since I was not present. Is it my fault for trying to be creative? The group was at level 7 before the rest level up if that mattered.

How are animated undead controlled? [on hold]

I know that summoned creatures are controlled by voice commands, but is it the same for the undead raised with animated undead? Is it a telepathic link?

How do I sell my domain / site and receive a gift card? [on hold]

I have a domain and I want to exchange it for a gift card, please, how do I do this?

Grand Theft Auto Multiverse [on hold]

Punch kick punch punch. How can GTA fight with other users be more like Tekken Force with a full range of fighting moves that the winner takes to others? Even further, how can a Battle Royal be done?

All TLDs that allow single letter registration? [on hold]

Wikipedia has a list, but for example .MW
It doesn't allow 1 newsletter but they mentioned it and they didn't do it but they allowed