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Sentiment data analysis show that small and medium-sized bitcoin whales are still reluctant to sell their bitcoins, despite falling prices to $ 34,000. The analytics agency wrote on Twitter that wallets containing 10 to 1,000 bitcoins continue to hold their digital currency. Wallets with more than 1,000 bitcoins, on the other hand, are buying more bitcoins as the market collapses. The data, however, shows that addresses that own small amounts of bitcoins have started selling their assets quickly in recent days.


Do I need a Polish passport to travel to Poland from the U.S.A if I hold U.S and Polish citizenship

If I would want to travel to Poland from the U.S would I only need a U.S. passport or do I also need a Polish passport? I hold Polish and U.S. citizenship. If I can’t go to Poland without a Polish passport, would I be able to travel there with a person that does have a Polish passport?

hold – Control evaluation for functional constraints

I’m trying to understand how to use Mathematica to find a solution subject to constraints, where one of the constraints is specified as a predicate function. But I don’t know how to control evaluation in order to use the predicate function as a condition.

Here’s the problem. I want to find three integers, $a$, $b$, and $c$, subject to these constraints:

  1. They sum to 70
  2. Each of the integer is greater than or equal to 15 and less than 30
  3. No digits from 1-9 appears twice if you consider all the digits in the squares of the integers.

So how do I approach this with Mathematica? I expect I can use FindInstance to find values under a set of constraints.

I can express constraints 1 and 2 by setting variables equal to equations and inequalities:

eq = (a + b + c == 70);
cs = 15 <= a <= 30 && 15 <= b <= 30 && 15 <= c <= 30;

In order to express the third constraint, I have defined this predicate function, which takes a list of numbers and returns true when they do not re-use digits:

UniqueDigitsQ(xss_) := With(
  {nonzeros = Select(Flatten(Map(IntegerDigits,xss)) ,#1!=0&)},
  SortBy(Tally(nonzeros),Last)((-1,-1)) <2);

So I would like to be able to express the third constraint by saying:

cs2 = UniqueDigitsQ( {a^2,b^2,c^2} );

But this fails, because the predicate function cannot handle symbolic argument.

Is there a way to fix this problem by defining the function in such a way that it does not evaluate until the arguments are numeric? Or else, what is the right approach?

❕NEWS – Doge coin millionaire continues to hold despite losing $ 167,000 a day | Proxies123.com

CNN reports that a 33-year-old Doge coin investor lost $ 167,000 in one day; But he still intends to continue to hold this coin. His name is Glauber Contessuto, and on February 5, he donated $ 250,000 of his life savings to Doge coin. As Doge climbed on April 15, contessuto’s assets were valued at more than $ 1 million, and even when the coin peaked at $ 0.73 on May 8, his assets were valued at over $ 2 million. However, Etherium, Bitcoin and Doge Coin prices fell sharply on Monday following news of a crackdown on digital currency mining in China and he took a high loss in his asset.

Wacom ( inteso pro ) shift hold issue

Not sure what is causing this issue but on driver version 6.3.41-2 I did not experience this issue, that I did already noticed previously.

I decide to update to latest driver and now I have it again, it randomly seems that I’m adding the shift while using the pen causing multiple object selection.

May be just something in tablet configuration / options or is a BUG?

unity – Hold to Jump higher by using UI button

There is a jump script (Hold to Jump higher) and it works correctly on PC.

    var jumpclick = Input.GetButtonDown("Jump");
    var jumpPressed = Input.GetButton("Jump");

    if (jumpclick)
        rb.velocity = Vector3.up * jumpVelocity;
    if (rb.velocity.y < 0)
        rb.velocity += Vector3.up * Physics.gravity.y * (fallSpeed - 1) * Time.deltaTime;
    else if (rb.velocity.y > 0 && !jumpPressed)
        rb.velocity += Vector3.up * Physics.gravity.y * (lowJumpSpeed - 1) * Time.deltaTime;

but I want to jump by using UI button.

I tried to change “Input” to the “CrossPlatformInputManager” and add Event Trigger components on Ui button (SetDownState, SetUpState).

    var jumpclick = CrossPlatformInputManager.GetButtonDown("Jump"); //works
    var jumpPressed = CrossPlatformInputManager.GetButton("Jump"); //not works

but CrossPlatformInputManager.GetButton(“Jump”) doesn’t work

magento2 – How to send email to Admin in Magento 2.4 when order status change ( Cancel and Hold )

I want to send Email in Magento 2 when order status change in ( Cancel and Hold )

My current code is :


namespace HlemailCustomemailObserver;

use MagentoFrameworkEventObserverInterface;
use MagentoSalesModelOrderEmailSenderOrderCommentSender;

class OrderSaveAfter implements ObserverInterface

protected $orderCommentSender;

public function __construct(
    OrderCommentSender $orderCommentSender
    $this->orderCommentSender = $orderCommentSender;

public function execute(MagentoFrameworkEventObserver $observer)
    $order = $observer->getEvent()->getOrder();
    if ($order->getState() == 'canceled') {
        $this->orderCommentSender->send($order, true);

How to send email to Admin.
Any help is appriciated.

homotopy theory – Does lifting correspondence hold for principal bundles too?

Let $P$ be a (nontrivial) principal bundle over the base space $mathbb{R}^4$ and fibers diffeomorphic to $SU(3)$.

Also assume that $P$ is equipped with an Ehresmann connection.

Then, for for any two given points $x,y in mathbb{R}^4$, all paths that connect them are path-homotopic.

Does this imply that the horizontal lifts of all these paths onto $P$ that start at the same point are also path-homotopic? Or at least can I assert that all such horizontal lifts end at the same point?

trading – Am I misunderstanding shorting a currency in which I hold collateral on?

I want to know if I misunderstanding shorting a currency in which I hold collateral on?

In my margin account I have 1 BTC

I short only 4 BTC on BTC/USD even though I am allowed up to 10x (The maintenance margin is that I must maintain)

The price raises 20%

Forget for the moment the interest on the 4 BTC I just borrowed…

I now have 20% more collateral? Thus I will never get liquidated for the price going up? Since my margin’s value goes up with the BTC? The unrealized loss is mitigated by the the upward value? (Meaning I will have always have the collateral to support the upward?)

Of course when it goes down (as it always does) Any collateral value I am losing is made up in Profit? (Of course I will always exit with a profit if the price goes down)