alternatives – Not able to get hold of the Bitcoin company

We lost our father in February due to Covid and he had money invested in Bitcoin (2 accounts), we were able to access these accounts due to information he left for us and were able to transfer these funds into a folder which we automatically thought it meant this would be transferred to his bank account. The money did not transfer and we have written emails and made phone calls to the company to ask what information we need to provide to get this money to add into his estate. They have not responded now and we have been trying for over 2 months now. Anyone on here have any advice before we use our solicitor?

Thank you in advance.

Messages On Hold

Don’t risk losing valuable calls with silence or boring chimes playing for your on hold. The better option is to entertain and inform callers with Messages On Hold so they don’t hang-up.


world of darkness – How does a Hold or Clinch maneuver interact with the blind fighting rules in Vampire: The Masquerade v20?

Say two kindred are clinching one another, or one performs a Hold maneuver on another, in blind fighting conditions (in pitch darkness for example).
Let’s say one of them is Gangrel with Eyes of the Beast. Eyes of the Beast should mitigate effects of blind fighting (V20 Core Rulebook, p. 274).
Would they have the same Brawl+Str difficulty on rolls to break free from a Hold or Clinch? Or would someone who is under effect of blind fighting have +2 difficulty?

Another question:

Let’s say Arms of the Abyss is constricting a victim inside Shroud of Night. The description of Arms of the Abyss (V20 Core Rulebook, p. 189) states:

Breaking the grasp of the tentacle requires the victim to win a resisted Str roll against the tentacle (difficulty 6 for each).

Should the blinded victim roll difficulty 8 to break free? Or is it still difficulty 6?

optimization – Hold manuever during blind fighting (Vampire: The Masquerade v20)

I’m wondering if two kindred are clinching one another or one performs Hold maneuver on another in blind figthing conditions (in pitch darkness for exmaple). Lets say one of them is Gangrel with Eyes of the Beast. Eyes of the Beast should mitigate effects of blind fighting (p.274 v20). Would they have the same Brawl+Str difficulty on Hold or Clinch break free rolls? Or the one who is under effect of blind fighting should have +2 difficulty?

Another question. Shroud of night and Arms of the abyss. Lets say arms of abyss constricting viktim inside shroud of night. P.189 states:

Breaking the grasp of tentackle requiries the victim to win a resisted Str roll against the tentackle (difficulty 6 for each).

Should blinded viktim roll difficulty 8 to breask free, or itis still 6?

Messages On Hold program

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dnd 5e – How much weight can the standard 50′ rope hold?

So, given @Szega’s very, very valid “5E is not a physic simulator” point but running with the suggestion of extrapolating from the DC 17 strength check anyway

The 5E lifting and carrying rule is quite coarse:

You can push, drag, or lift a weight in pounds up to twice your carrying capacity (or 30 times your Strength score).

If we assume that a +7 to Strength will hit a DC 17 reliably, that means 24 Strength (only monsters can break ropes every time, it seems) … and 30 × 17 gives 720 lbs.

The answer from @chaoticgeek looks at real-world ropes and gives 675lbs as the “safe load factor” — ¹⁄₁₂th the tensile strength. The number based on the DC is right in that ballpark, and if we use 12× ~700lbs as maximum load with stress, we get around 8500 lbs. So this all seems reasonable.

Or, one could argue that someone with Str 4 — a -3 bonus — can hit a DC 17 some of the time, and that the safe load should cover that, because that’s what “safe” means. That gives a safe load for standard hemp or silk rope at only 68 pounds, with max weight at a little over 800 lbs. This one seems low.

Also, note that the uncommon magical item Rope of Climbing says:

This 60-foot length of silk rope weighs 3 pounds and can hold up to 3,000 pounds

But it doesn’t have a given strength DC to break. Instead, it has AC 20, 20 hit points, and (slow) regeneration. So it’s probably safe to just say that its limit doesn’t necessarily correspond to that of regular rope.

unity – How do i making my button UI can be hold?

So i want to make my button can hold or do stuff when hold, in this case I want to make grab function, when the button down can grab but if button up its not grab.

before that I already have the function and using Standart Asset with crossplatform.

here the preview enter image description here

that’s the current button

and here the script :

void Update()

        Physics2D.queriesStartInColliders = false;
        RaycastHit2D hit = Physics2D.Raycast(transform.position, Vector2.right * transform.localScale.x, distance, boxMask);

        if (PushKey())
            isGrab = !isGrab;

            if (hit.collider != null && hit.collider.gameObject.tag == "Box" && isGrab)
                box = hit.collider.gameObject;
                box.GetComponent<FixedJoint2D>().connectedBody = this.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>();
                box.GetComponent<FixedJoint2D>().enabled = true;
                box.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().gravityScale = 1;
                box.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().mass = 1;

            else if (!isGrab)
                box.GetComponent<FixedJoint2D>().enabled = false;
                box.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().gravityScale = 6;
                box.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().mass = 6;

    public bool PushKey()
        return CrossPlatformInputManager.GetButtonDown("E");

the current function mean first tap button grab activated and second tap button grab deactivated.

Do spouses of UK citizens who hold a non-EU passport have to apply for a Schengen VIsa now

The short-stay visa requirement in the Schengen area was always based on citizenship. If your spouse comes from the 60+ countries listed in the so-called “annex II” (covering most of the Americas, non-EU Europe, UAE, Japan, South-Korea, Malaysia…), they can visit visa-free. If they don’t, they need a visa. That was the case before Brexit and will continue to be the case.

What changed are the rules around getting that visa. For people covered by the EU freedom of movement (including the family of British citizens before Brexit), that visa must be free of charge and valid reasons to refuse a visa are very limited. For other people (including most British citizens’ spouses after Brexit), you have to pay a visa fee and submit a lot more documentation.

There is an additional exemption for spouses of EU citizens residing in another EU country with a residence card as a “member of the family of an EU citizen” (article 10 or 20 card, it should explicitely say so on the card). In that case, it’s not necessary to apply for a visa for a short visit, even if you come from a country whose citizens usually need one. The exemption should still apply to British citizens who settled in the EU before January 2021 and their family but otherwise ceased to be relevant after Brexit.

Telephone ‘hold’ messages? – User Experience Stack Exchange

While designing hold message, the most important is that the content people hear has to be relevant to what they are calling for and ensure that you understand the wait time users are going to hold for and customize the message and content accordingly so that the message . Based upon that you will need to structure your hold message. I recommend this article for inputs on how to design hold messages

Get To The Point So if your message on hold script looks good on paper, or a website, then it’s fine, right? Nope. Print copy is a much
different beast than audio copy. Obviously, print copy appeals to the
eye and can be read and re-read over and over again while skipping
“non-essential” details. On Hold copy has to be approached
differently. Callers don’t have the advantage to self-edit. Say what
needs to be said, and in a way that works for the EAR. Here’s an
example from a message on hold for a pest removal company:

“Moles. They can cause a lot of damage. You don’t like moles, and neither do we. Let’s get rid of ’em. We’ll be right back to tell you

Know Your Average Hold Time You should know, or at least have an educated guess, about the average length of hold time your callers
experience. It could be 10 seconds; it could be six minutes. If
callers stay on hold for a minute or longer, don’t bombard them with a
non-stop recitation of all you do. There’s only so much a caller can
absorb. Talk to your music and message on hold company about spacing
out the voiced messages in a way that gives the caller some musical
breaks between topics. Short hold times call for short, single-idea
paragraphs. Longer hold times give you more options.

I recommend looking at this excellent article on what to put in your hold messages 5 Best Practices for Refreshing Message On Hold Content

With regards to the music type to use, I recommend checking out this article Choosing the Right Music On Hold in 5 Steps. To quote the article

Consider your audience. Maybe you and your callers are a lot alike, and you eat the same kind of food, talk the same way, and
listen to the same radio stations. Or maybe you are very different,
and you prefer Opera while they love the new Lady Gaga album. The key
to choosing the right hold music is knowing your callers and
understanding what they want to hear.

Read through your Message On Hold. What does your script say, and how does it say it? Is your writing lighthearted? Reassuring?
Soothing? Exciting? Whatever music you choose should reflect your MOH

Bitcoin price now is up to 3%? Should i sell or should i hold? [closed]

I have have bitcoin, but it not much. Im confused rather I should sell or I should hold? Anyone have an opinion?