dnd 5e: if I fail with a tactile spell, can I hold it and try again?

That does not exist in 5e.

In general, if you need to touch the target, this is handled as part of the spell cast, with a melee attack to determine if you succeed. For example, shocking understanding:

Lightning strikes from your hand to strike a creature you are trying to touch. Perform a melee attack against the target. You have an advantage in the attack roll if the target wears a metal armor. In a stroke, the target receives 1d8 of lightning damage and cannot react until the beginning of its next turn.

If the spell attack fails, the spell does nothing. Note that, since you are accustomed to the mechanics of the third edition, spell attacks are launched against the normal AC of the target.

There are some exceptional cases:

Spells that act as weapons

This includes flame blade Y vampire touch. These also use melee attacks, but the spell lasts for a while and allows you to perform additional attacks during that time.

Spells that increase weapon attacks

The various paladin spells "hurt" as brand hit These are all verbal-only bonus action spells (so you can cast them with a weapon in your hand and attack immediately) with a duration of 1 minute. Once the spell ends, the next time you hit someone with a melee weapon, the spell adds damage and other effects. This is possibly the most similar to the "sustained touch spell" of the 3rd edition: you make your attack, and if you fail, it is transferred to your next attack. However, they are not "tactile" spells; You keep doing normal gun attacks.

dnd 5e: Can a character hold a two-handed magic weapon in one hand only to take advantage of the blessings of the weapon?

Let's say there is a great magic sword that provides some kind of useful blessing: for example, it gives you advantages in all your saving throws in front of spells.

Should I allow a character to simply hold that weapon in one of his free hands just to take advantage of that blessing? This character has no intention of using the great magic sword as a weapon, and in fact almost never intends to make a melee attack since he is a spellcaster.

That the character does not even have competition with big words is another interesting fact, although completely tangential.

Canon: Is it possible to use the bulb mode with the EOS Remote application without having to press and hold the shutter button?

No, the EOS Remote application does not have a press and lock function to shoot in bulb mode, such as the Triggertrap application. However, the Triggertrap application is unlikely to work for you, since you need two smartphones to use the Wi-Fi function to shoot, as well as a camera shutter cable and a dongle.

Your best option is, as mentioned, to try a different way to open the shutter, either remote controls or a cable that has a lock. The Magic Lantern bulb timer function or a CHDK script can work to do so without additional hardware, but this depends on whether there is a suitable construction for your specific camera.

Microsoft Word – Press and hold to insert a special character / symbol in Windows?

I just learned that on Mac, it is possible to press and hold a key to insert symbols associated with that key (for example, A -> ÀÁÂÃÄÅ).

Is it possible to emulate this behavior on a Windows machine?
If it is specific to the software, I would like it to work in Word, if not in the entire Office suite.

list manipulation: hold and drag the mouse to select several buttons / cells

Is it possible to create a TogglerBar-type of object in which you can select / deselect several buttons simply by pressing and holding the left mouse button and dragging it over the buttons? Similar to the multiple selection option when keeping control and mouse in Windows, but without the drawing box.

It seems that, by default, TogglerBar I only select a button when the left button is released, but I don't know any way to do what I want. Any ideas?

Just to give some context. I am working with cell dynamics and I intend to facilitate the selection of a large group of cells in an epithelium. This is, in a sense, a follow-up to a question I asked earlier regarding an "alternating" Voronoi mesh.

dnd 5e: hold a shield without using your hands

Would it be acceptable to hold a shield without using your hands? For example, use it as an ornament, a Chinese hat, tied as a backpack, etc.

* Just wait without "putting it"?

I ask why I got an article called "Uven Rune Shield" and I am not competent with the shields, but the article says "While holding the shield, you benefit from the following properties", so I was thinking if I can benefit from its magical properties just holding it like a hat or an ornament

I was thinking that after reading this post
Can you hold a shield without putting on?

Windows 10: If you press and hold any key and then press the Shift key, the key will not be repeated

For a couple of days, I have a strange problem with my keyboard. When I press and hold any key, such as A, the letter repeats until I release O until I also press the Shift key and will not continue repeating as an uppercase, even if I stop pressing Shift again. Pressing shift first, then letting go works fine until you press shift again. This is problematic when I try to go from walking to running in many games. I can play it with a different keyboard on the same PC. How can i fix this?

pathfinder 1e – Can a creature with Telepathy communicate when it is under the effect of Hold Monster?

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Can PC zombies cast magic? [on hold]

If the necromancer of my PC turns the party's paladin into a zombie, can the paladin still cast magic?

Oliver's method in numerical calculation and degree of convergence [on hold]

enter the description of the image here
This is Oliver Mehod.
Iterative method to extract roots from equations.
What is the degree of convergence of Oliver's method and how can I prove it?