dnd 4e – Do I have to hold the Power Jewel to use it?

Power Jewel (Advendurers Vault, p176):

Power ♦ Daily (Minor Action)
This power allows you to regain the use of an encounter power of 1st or 3rd level.

Do I have to get it from my backpack before using it?

What about items that are normally1 used, like a Whistle of Warning2?

  1. Normally meaning their mundane versions have some applications, as opposed to a Power Jewel
  2. Adventurer’s Vault 2, page 78: Encounter(Minor) Each ally within 10 squares of you who can hear the whistle can shift 1 square and draw a weapon or retrieve an implement as a free action.

user expectation – Terminology: Long press or Touch & hold?

I would suggest “Touch and hold”. Many users tend not to understand the term “long” in longpress. Therefore “Press and (then) hold” is a better description of the action.


OK, due to the comments below, here is a more descriptive answer 🙂

“Longpress” means “press for a long time”.The word “long” comes first but that is the second action the user has to commit. We also have to tell the user how much time (s)he shall spend during that “long” time.

The word “longpress” is not (yet) a term that common people understand.

So, every term beginning with the word “long…” aught to be avoided.

“Press and hold” on the other hand tells the user to 1: press on the item and then 2: keep on doing so until something else happens, something that will inform the user (s)he can release his/her finger from the device.

equipment protection – Is it safe to hold DSLR with hot shoe mounted top handle?

Most likely not. This is a closeup of the hotshoe:

closeup of hotshoe flash

Image by Xeviro from English Wikipedia, used under CC BY-SA 3.0. Source:

It’s only the two thin metal rails which are essentially holding your camera. Personally I’d have no issues picking it up once or twice like that, but extended use likely will see the rails be bent.

Alternatively, as the accepted answer to the question you asked mentions, a weaker link is connecting the hotshoe to the camera body. You may find that the hotshoe is still connected to your handle, but the camera is not.

I wouldn’t risk damaging the camera. You can find handles that use the tripod screw mount, which is actually designed to hold the weight of the camera and also supports it from the bottom (rather than hanging from it).

dnd 5e – Can I cast hold person, and have my Hound of Ill Omen attack, on the turn I summon the hound if our initiatives match?

If my Shadow Sorcerer survives to level 6, I will have a Hound of Ill Omen.

As a Bonus Action, you can spend 3 Sorcery Points to magically summon a hound of ill omen to target one creature you can see within 120 feet of you.
{snip stats and moving through objects and creatures}
The hound appears in an unoccupied space of your choice within 30 feet of the target.

I will summon it next to the target for the purposes of this question. (within 5′)

Roll Initiative for the hound.

For this question, the Hound’s initiative roll ends up being the same as mine.

Additionally, while the hound is within 5 feet of the target, the target has disadvantage on Saving Throws against any spell you cast.

Here is where the order of operation concern comes in.

  1. I have used a bonus action to summon the Hound

  2. The Hound can attack on its turn

  3. I can use an Action to cast a spell: I specifically want to cast Hold Person.

    It is my understanding that the target will have disadvantage on the saving throw versus Hold Person. If the target fails its save, the Hound will be able to attack the held target with advantage, and will have an automatic critical on any hit.

Is there a problem with this order of operations? The bonus action should be usable by me before I cast that spell, and summoning the Hound does not appear to be a ‘cast a spell’ action.

On the rare occasion that our initiative aligns, I’d like to take full advantage of it.

Will this work?

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c# – List to hold copies of a prefab for later deletion

A List<string> is all well and good if you just want names. But you don’t want to delete the name, you want to delete the game object.

Also, if you always want to delete from the start of the collection (First-In, First-Out), and you don’t need to traverse or randomly access items in the collection, then the structure you want is a Queue.

So, replace:

List<string> obstacleList = new List<string>(10);


Queue<GameObject> obstacles = new Queue<GameObject>(10);

Next, capture the newly-created instance when you make it:

var instance = Instantiate(Obstacle, new Vector3(nextObstacle + randH, randV, 0), Quaternion.identity);

And add it to your queue:


Your removal can then look like this (put it before you add so you don’t exceed your promised capacity):

if (obstacles.Count >= 10)
    var toBeDestroyed = obstacles.Dequeue();

Can a Ledger Nano X hold multiple BitCoin Wallets?

From my reading of Ledger Nano X, it can hold multiple types of currency, for instance, BitCoin and Ethereum.

Can it hold two or more separate BitCoin wallets with different balances?


Warning Newbie: How does a Ledger hold multiple currencies?

So you startup your ledger, copy down your 24 words, and you now have a public and private key. (I think). Now you add the BitCoin App to your Ledger and you can add BTC to your “hardware wallet” using those keys. (Though phrasing it that way is a bit of a misnomer since the only thing your Ledger ever really stores is your private/public keys.)

So far so good for one currency. However, a Ledger will hold multiple currencies. That I can find there is no asking for another 24 words. You just add the second app and you now have a wallet in that new currency. So I assume that means that if you purchase Ethereum coins it is going to use the same public/private keys that you used on BitCoin?

That would also imply that you cannot have two BitCoin wallets on the same Ledger because attempting to do so wouldn’t make sense without a second set of keys which the Ledger doesn’t have.

Is what I am saying correct?


What properties does the linear space of all convergent sequences in R with the sup norm hold? And why?

I am thinking that the space is complete, and maybe there are certain sets that are compact in the space, and X* is isomorphic to the space with the sup norm.
But I totally got stuck with the proofs, any hints?

linear algebra – Does the eigenvalue equality hold for my expression?


$g(boldsymbol{theta},boldsymbol{theta_0}) = trace (
boldsymbol{Omega{(boldsymbol{theta})}}^{-1} boldsymbol{Omega{(boldsymbol{theta_0})}})-ln(det(boldsymbol{Omega{(boldsymbol{theta_0})}})/det(boldsymbol{Omega{(boldsymbol{theta})}}))-N $

where $boldsymbol{theta} in boldsymbol{Theta}$ with $boldsymbol{Theta}$ a compact subset of $R^{n}$, $n$ and $N$ are fixed numbers, and $boldsymbol{theta_0}$ belongs to the interior of $boldsymbol{Theta}$.

Denote the eigenvalues of the symmetric matrices $boldsymbol{Omega{(boldsymbol{theta_0})}}$ and $boldsymbol{Omega{(boldsymbol{theta})}}$ by $lambda_{0s}$ and $lambda_s$ $(s=1,2,…,N)$ respectively, where $lambda_{0s}>0$ and $lambda_s>0$ for all $s$.

Given the above, does the following hold or is a further condition required, and if so which one?

$g(boldsymbol{theta},boldsymbol{theta_0}) = sum_{s=1}^N ((lambda_{0s}/lambda_{s})-ln(lambda_{0s}/lambda_{s})-1) ?$