seo – If a user lands on my page, stays for 2 mins, then hits a reload link, stays on the same page for 3 mins, what’s my page’s avg. visit duration?

Say I have a user coming from Google search or whatsoever. He/She is a first visit to my website. The landing page is thispage.html.

He/she stayed for 2 minutes on my site, viewed this and that, and did some interactions.

Then, he/she clicked the refresh link. Actually the link is provided by my page, something like this:

<a href="thispage.html">Reload</a>

Then he enters the page again and stay for another 3 mins, and then left my page.

What is my page’s average visit duration?

5 mins for 2.5 mins? Will it affects my SEO?

Just FYI, I asked so because I have a web page that needs a series of complicated interactions from the user. Sometimes the user would like to take over the whole steps again but it’s a bit complicated for me to reset all the UI and variables so a simple way is to let the user refresh the page.

Thanks for any details explanation.

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unity – Gameobject doesn’t move when hits wall

I have a gameobject that moves tile based(It moves 1 unity unit continously when I press button)
But when ıt hits a wall, ıt doesn’t move anymore

enter image description here

As you see, When It hits a wall, ıt doesn’t move any direction anymore.
Actually I found the problem but I couldn’t find how to solve. The main problem is when cube
hits wall, the distance between nextPosition and transform.position never will be <0.0005f
But Idk how to solve this.

Those are code that moves cube :

void MovePlayer()
    rb.MovePosition(Vector3.MoveTowards(transform.position, nextPosition, speed * Time.deltaTime));

    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.W))
        direction = Vector3.forward;

    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.S))
        direction = Vector3.back;

    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.A))
        direction = Vector3.left;

    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.D))
        direction = Vector3.right;

    if (Vector3.Distance(transform.position, nextPosition) < 0.0005f)
        nextPosition = transform.position + direction;

I tried to make with timer but failed

 float timer = 0.25f;
 float elapsed;
  private void Update()

    elapsed += Time.deltaTime;

    if(Vector3.Distance(transform.position, nextPosition) > 0.9f && elapsed > timer)
        nextPosition = transform.position;

I tried to make wtih collision. But this time when I try to make a lateral movement, ıt just moves 1 unit(1 tile) every time I pressed button.

float timer = 0.25f;
float elapsed;
bool elapsedBool;

 private void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)
    if(collision.gameObject.tag == "Wall")

        elapsedBool = true;
        nextPosition = transform.position;
        direction =;


private void OnCollisionExit(Collision collision)
    if(collision.gameObject.tag == "Wall")
        elapsedBool = false;
        elapsed = 0f;

void ElapsedTime()
    if(elapsedBool == true)
        elapsed += Time.deltaTime;

dnd 5e – Does a barbarian need to damage a target to keep Rage from ending, or just attack the target (whether or not it hits)?

I’m playing DND 5e, the rage ability states that the effect ends early if your turn ends and you haven’t attacked a hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then.

Does this mean that the Barbarian has to DEAL damage to an opponent, or just use an attack action in general, and the hit landing not being a factor? Discord Server hits 450k members!

Our Discord server recently hit 450k members (we actually hit 500k but had to prune)

dnd 5e – If an Echo Knight fighter makes an attack from their echo’s space and hits a paralyzed enemy, is it automatically a critical hit?

The Manifest Echo feature lets the Echo Knight fighter create an echo, and attack from the echo’s space (EGtW, p. 183):

When you take the Attack action on your turn, any attack you make with that action can originate from your space or the echo’s space. You make this choice for each attack.

Suppose an attack originating from the echo’s space hits a paralyzed creature. The Paralyzed condition states the following:

Any attack that hits the creature is a critical hit if the attacker is within 5 feet of the creature.

If the echo is within 5 feet of the paralyzed target but the Echo Knight isn’t, is it automatically a critical hit?

dnd 5e – If an attack through an Echo Knight’s echo hits a paralyzed enemy , is the attack automatically a critical hit?

“The attack originates from the echo’s space” means we treat the attacker as being in the echo’s space for rules purposes.

The Manifest Echo feature states:

any attack you make with that action can originate from your space or the echo’s space.

“Originate…from the echo’s space” indicates that for the purposes of this attack, any rules applicable for that attack treat you as though you are in the echo’s space. So for the purposes of the critical hit rule on a paralyzed creature, we treat “the attacker” as though they are in the echo’s space.

Yeah, it’s a critical hit.

dnd 5e – What happens if an Arcane Archer fighter’s Banishing Arrow hits a mounted combatant?

When the mount and rider are charging into combat, and the rider is hit with an banishing arrow, what may happen?

The rider is banished if they fail the save.

Does the mount keep moving without the rider?

Worgs are intelligent mounts (Int 7), so you’re dealing with a creature that acts independently per the rules for mounted combat:

Intelligent creatures, such as dragons, act independently…

An independent mount retains its place in the initiative order. Bearing a rider puts no restrictions on the actions the mount can take, and it moves and acts as it wishes. It might flee from combat, rush to attack and devour a badly injured foe, or otherwise act against your wishes.

Does it get its own separate turn while the rider is banished?

Per the rules for independent mounts above, it always has its own separate turn.

When the effect ends, will the rider appear back in the space where they vanished? Or will they reappear back on the mount some distance away?

When they come back, they’ll reappear in the space they left or the nearest unoccupied space, per the rules for that feature. Whether they fall on their duff or not would be a DM ruling; however, the Mounted Combat rules I cited above have some useful guidance:

If your mount is knocked prone, you can use your reaction to dismount it as it falls and land on your feet. Otherwise, you are dismounted and fall prone in a space within 5 feet it.

This DM would force the Hobgoblin to burn their reaction to not fall prone.

As an aside, canonically worgs are incredibly vicious and dangerous intelligent mounts that are only slightly less likely to kill their handler than to kill their enemies. So once a worg has elected to charge the party, don’t expect the banishment of their rider to deter their attack.

excel – VLookup to return MAX value from multiple hits

I tried to vlookup the max value of available Qty against the material in another sheet which has below format. some one who can correct the way I work will be of much help.

What I tried but doesn’t work

=INDEX('(Report.xlsb)Stock Report'!$L:$W,MATCH(D19,'(Report.xlsb)Stock Report'!$L$1:$L$9837,0),MAX(12))





pr.probability – Convergence of the probabilities that drifted Brownian motion with jump never hits zero

Let $X_t=2+t+W_t$ for $tge 0$, where $(W_t)_{tge 0}$ is a standard Brownian motion. For every $nge 1$, set $X^n_t:=X_t-{bf 1}_{tge n}$. Denote respectively

$$tau:=inf{tge 0:~ X_tle 0}quad mbox{and} quad tau^n:=inf{tge 0:~ X^n_tle 0}.$$

Could we prove or disprove $lim_{ntoinfty}mathbb P(tau^n=infty)=mathbb P(tau=infty)$?

Personal thoughts : We can show $mathbb P(tau^n=infty), mathbb P(tau=infty)>0$ and $mathbb P(tau^n=infty)ge mathbb P(tau=infty)$. Consider their difference

$$mathbb P(tau^n=infty)- mathbb P(tau=infty)=mathbb P(X(t)>0, forall tge 0 mbox{ and } exists sge n mbox{ s.t. } X(s)le 1).$$

My feeling is that $lim_{ntoinfty}mathbb P(X(t)>0, forall tge 0 mbox{ and } exists sge n mbox{ s.t. } X(s)le 1)>0$ but I do not know how to prove it rigorously.