youtube – Deleting Comment History

You can see your own comment history on YouTube, but others can’t. The only comment history that others can see is the 3 latest comments made on a channel if you are using a phone. And that feature was made to see the type of comments a person posts on that channel. Other than that feature which lets people see the 3 latest comments on the channel you commented there is no other way for people to see all of your comments.

(Other than the person’s channel you are commenting on can see all the comments you made on their channel by searching your name.)

To clarify, no one can see your full comment history on YouTube.

backup – Where are Firefox bookmark and history files stored?

And what are the names? I want to copy each in the event of device failure.

Sync is apparently not an option as the Sync “application” has returned “‘Cannot connect to network” for several weeks, and the web page to create an account just has a swirl that never loads anything else.

I’m not sold on sharing data with mozilla anyway, tho if anyone knows how to do that, also, …

All the tutorials I’ve found online are about desktop. I tried applying solutions there to android, like searching for ‘places.sqlite’, but no dice.

I’m running OS 5.1.1, unrooted. I’ve got two 3rd-party file managers, and of course Firefox lets one browse root directories (file:///…).


Azure IoT Hub monitoring usage and history

I recently started a project with Azure IoT Edge with the IoT Hub Free Tier so I’m a total beginner. I set up a device sensor, a module and I am sucessfully sending data to my module and IoT Hub. I can
monitor the messages sent from the sensor with Azure IoT Hub expension from Visual Studio Code.

I can see the messages I’m sending but I am having an issue with the number of messages being sent.
I use Azure portal metrics to monitor the number of messages sent and very often Azure would show me different numbers as I refresh. For example “1000” messages and after a refresh “800” messages etc…

Another issue I’m having is also that when using the Metrics functionality, it shows me that some messages are being sent during a time where my sensors weren’t sending any messages.

Is there a way to get a detailled report with a history on the messages that the Hub receives?

Any help or advice would be highly appreciated! Thank you

How do I remove cross-browser history data on Chrome?

I just found that Chrome can also sync my historical data.

I visited some URLs on my company’s computer. And when I get home, I log on the same Google account, I found that a URL is automatically showed up when I type the first few characters.

How can I remove the data?

How do they spam my email with my browsing history?

I really can’t figure how they do it and hope someone can help figure it out. I want to write a blocker extension program to my operating system or browser if they are the source of the problem.

My old email (exposed during the LinkedIn data breach) would receive spam emails related to my search history. I haven’t used this email for years and it is not tied to my FB, Google or anything like that. As to the problem, let say I searched for the song flashlight and couple week later , I would start seeing spam email with advs about the tactic flashlight spam emails. At first I thought it was a coincidence but this just keep happening with something that I searched over and over again. And because of the subject of those emails are the same as my search terms, but not to the content on the web page I visited, I am suspecting that it may have something to do with my search history on Google or something like key logger is installed on my machine.

However, the devices I am using at home are most likely not infected with malware, keyloggers or trojan as I have bitdefender on all of them that scan my devices periodically. Not to mention my laptop is sort of brand new and I purchased it after it started happening. I also switched my internet provider to make sure I have different router and IP to break the PII linkage between my old email and my IP if it was the issue. I also verified my DNS on my router is pointing to the right place.

Is there anything else you can think of that can lead to this? I’ve done many other different small things to try and determine how I am “hacked”. But many things I have done will eventually point out that my network and my machines are clean. I can provide examples as you start raising questions. Anyway, the spam emails related to my search terms (never showed my personal information) fed to my old email is my main issue I can’t resolve now.

Thanks in advance with any tips, suggestions.

Trumps MT Rushmore speech was the Most watched TV event in history?

It was one of the most sickening displays of divisiveness the country has seen. He took a national holiday celebration and turned it into a campaign rally for himself. Bad mouthing everyone but those who support him and barely touching upon the over 130,000 covid deaths in the US since Feb.

You enjoyed it along with other trump suck ups but the world once again saw him for what he is. A lying, dangerous POS.

Command history lost

Is there a way to know if someone (including system administrators) has deleted the bash commands history on purpose? (the history -r doesn’t seem to work)
And is there any way to recover that history?

[ History ] Open Question : Was Hitler afraid of foreign travel?

In the pre-war days he could have had the Bismark sail him right into Tokyo Bay to meet Hirohito. 

google chrome extensions – How to search pushbullet history?

I know I pushbullet’ed myself a link about 1-2 years ago, and it would be easy to search for, but I can’t find a way to search pushbullet (I’m using the chrome addon). Is there a way to search pushbullet history?

I found this outdated thread, but it didn’t have an answer.

Why am i receiving actual residential addresses in my google history?

In my activity log in goole i am getting You tube weather based activities along with a location. That takes me to maps and to persons home