sql server: how to view data like field value change history

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xpub – How to see all the history of my Ledger Nano S?

I followed the instructions in this Reddit post on how to find my xpub address and tap on the wrench icon button and then "Detailed Logs" on Ledger Live.

The problem is that this xpub value doesn't work on blockchain.com or blockchair.com. Ledger Live's historical chart looks good, but only shows up to a year of historical balances.

How can I see my complete history of Bitcoin transactions made with the Ledger Nano S?

How to customize browsing history / flow with React Navigation?

I am facing a scalability problem in a project. I need to move between pages of different navigation stacks. A practical example is when I am on stack X (which has pages A and B), I need to go from B to page 2 on another stack Y (which has pages 1 and 2). Going is easy, the problem is getting back correctly. Because I need to go back from page 2 to page 1 (instead of going back to B), and after that, when I choose to go back to page 1, I have to go to page B.

Navigation diagram

Everything seems to be solvable, making a custom back button in the header. But there are other flows performed on these stacks in a "natural" way (just stacking and unstacking), ie this example would be an exception. How can I handle these navigation exceptions using the native components of React Navigation? (Even if I don't have an answer, I'm happy to start a discussion)

Development environment

  • react native: 0.61.2
  • react-navigation ": ^ 4.0.10
  • react-navigation-stack ": ^ 1.10.3

Can a GSuite administrator see your search history if you are logged in to that email?

Suppose you are logged into an account owned by an education organization (.edu) and do some NSFW searches on it.

Can they see your search history if they want to?
If so, how do you destroy your search history as best you can?

bitcoin wallet app: 30 months of history and 50 GB of data?

Most mobile wallets are thin clients, which means they don't download or validate the entire blockchain history. Instead, they simply download the block headers (80 bytes per block) and then request any additional block / transaction information related to the addresses the wallet controls.

As of writing, the network is currently at block height ~ 623,000, so we should expect a thin client to download over this amount of data:

623000 blocks * (80 bytes / block) = 49,840,000 bytes = ~50 Mb

The actual quantity is likely to be slightly higher, but we can get an idea of ​​the order of magnitude of the data from this estimate.

So assuming this wallet is just a thin client, it's weird that it downloads 50 Gb of data. If this is the app you're mentioning, recent user reviews make this excessive data usage seem like a bug (see developer responses on that page).

[ History ] Open question: How will you celebrate Adolf Hitlers birthday?

[Story] Open-ended question: How will you celebrate Adolf Hitlers birthday?

[ History ] Open question: Why are there no photos of King Louis XIV?

[History] Open question: Why are there no photos of King Louis XIV?

Magento 2 Order history with configurable product get id and product attributes

Below is the code to obtain the product identification from the order identification, I ordered a configurable product, but in the following case it shows 2 product identifiers where, as I bought, only one product (configurable products).

the output of the code below is two IDs, one is the main products and the other configurable from that, I want to verify get an ID instead

$order = $objectManager->create('MagentoSalesModelOrder')->loadByIncrementId($_order->getRealOrderId());
                        $orderItems = $order->getAllItems();

                        foreach ($orderItems as $item) {
                            echo $item->getId();
                            echo "
"; echo "xxxx".$item->getProductId()."-->"; }

seo – Can I see a history of the Bing site index?

I am in a small internet company that has several applications. Our clients (all companies) have their own application name / client name URL. Currently, if you request a preview of the Bing link preview service page for a particular customer, the response includes an inappropriate image where our logo should be.

I guess this means that our server was hacked, but we don't know when it happened. Is there a way to see the index history of this page? The page is no longer indexed as it is now a redirect to an SSO login. But we have to find out when Bing found this image on our site.

And if you ask yourself "who uses Bing's page preview service?" The answer is the Outlook browser client. Our client discovered this because they all work from home and use the web client.