Isn't the month of "black" history racist?

I mean, if you think about it, I think it's quite racist against blacks. I guess we just have to worry about black history for a month? It just seems a little counterproductive. Maybe we should have black pride, black cooking month and black celebrity month?

To update:
I shouldn't have expected more than racist responses.

Update 2:
I was not suggesting that we add MORE months to the month of black history, but suggested that we simply remove it completely

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history – How can I subtly "link" different realities?

I am currently planning a two-player campaign (more likely it would not work in this scenario) in tde. The idea is that a demon seized their minds and now they are shown 5 different realities in which they have to live. One of terror / survival, one of gladiator, one of murder / detective, one of mystery and another in which they are simply trapped in a white room with a stack of riddled papers that relate to the other realities.
They have to discover what the "real" Reality is, otherwise they will be trapped in the other (s) forever. However, the 5 are false since we are talking about a situation similar to a matrix.

I want to imply that the 5 realities are subtly false, so that they can slowly discover it and commit suicide in all of them or confront the devil about it.

Still, I am having difficulty discovering subtle forms (these are two experienced, intelligent and non-homicidal players) without being openly open and "destroying" a very fast reality.

Do any of you have experience in a situation like this and can share some ideas?

mathematical history – Frege and Bourbaki: meaning of the symbol S? Snakes in a caduceus?

The Theory of sets of Begriffsschrift and Bourbaki de Frege uses the following symbols, which for me resemble snakes of a caduceus. Does anyone know the geometric meaning of these symbols and how they relate to each section?

The center of the symbol is 180 degrees or PI of a circle that faces it. It can also be seen as snakes in parity at the top of the circle, with a snake in front or in front of the other.

Also note: Bourbaki also uses some other geometric symbols that I will detail in a later publication. We appreciate any guidance on how to label this as well.

Thank you



[ History ] Open question: Is Trump the biggest mistake in the history of the United States?

How do we go from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to John F. Kennedy and now TRUMP! .

Sort YouTube comment history by likes

I was curious to see if there was any way I could see all my YouTube comments, and there is, in the history section. I have a much of comments, and after going through them for a while, I wanted to see which one I had accumulated the most I like over the years. But then I realized that it doesn't even show I like it on that page. Is there any way to see this information?

What was Hitler's objective? The | Yahoo Answers

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