Get the historic circulated suppy

I’m looking for the historic circulated supply of Bitcoin.

Does anyone know of an API to get it.

Appending current Share Price to Historic Daily Share Price on Google Sheet GOOGLEFINANCE Function Sparkline

I have a sparkline for the daily price for the last 30 days for a share in google sheets using the following formula (F1):

F1 =SPARKLINE(GOOGLEFINANCE(“GOOG”,”price”,Today()-30,Today()))

I can also get the current share price using a second formula (F2):


I was just wondering if there is a way to append this value (F2 output) onto the end of the sparkline returned from F1, to get a hybrid sparkline with the current SP shown.

Note: I could put the output of the table of historic data provided in F1 (just this bit: GOOGLEFINANCE(“GOOG”,”price”,Today()-30,Today()) into another sheet, and then append the current SP on the bottom of the output… but I wanted to be able to vary the number of historic days and the share in question, and have this for a large number of shares, so a formula solution would be preferred.

Thanks in advance. – Historic Market Depth Data?

I’m spending a lot of time looking at the market depth chart for bitcoin on Coinbase Pro these days, and to put what I’m seeing into context I’d like to have some data on historic values. I’m interested in being able to answer questions like “at the start/end of a specific date in 2020, how many limit sell orders were there at a price of 30k”. Could you point me to any datasets (or better yet existing visualization tools) that would let me answer these sort of questions?

Historic flight date from 2001

I am trying to find details of an Uzbekistan Airways flight from Tashkent to London on September 11th 2001. I believe it took off in the morning and landed in the afternoon but I need to know the flight number, departure and arrival times, type of plane, terminal it landed and whether it was delayed.
Do you know where I can find this information?

How to model database for system with historic relationships (many-to-many and one-to-many)

I’m working on a system with a main entity, let’s say “Members”, these members have relationships to other entities and it’s important to keep the history to be able to query and know the relationships at a given time in history.

We mainly have two kind of relationships:

  • Company (most exist and can only be on company at a given time)
  • Tags (optional, multiple tags at any given time)

After looking at this I was thinking that I could model the relationships with dates on the “relation table” something like this:

- Id
- Text

- Id 
- Name

- Id
- Name

- Id
- MemberId
- TagId
- Added (DateTime)
- Removed (Nullable DateTime)

- Id
- MemberId
- CompanyId
- Added (DateTime)
- Removed (Nullable DateTime)

This way I’ve managed to query for relationships at any given time in history, but I started thinking about this and felt a little unsure if the “Removed”-column is really needed, I guess it is since I can’t remove the relation-row (need to keep history).

I just wanted some feedback on the design, what do you think? Have someone else faced a similar problem and used another solution?

All the best!

Pushing historic log files to CloudWatch

I have a (set of) log files that date back over a few years. I can push newly created log entries to CloudWatch, but it seems like there’s a 14 day age limit when pushing events.

(I’m using boto3 in a python script, and getting tooOldLogEventEndIndex).

My question is: is this a hard limit in CloudWatch, or is there anyway at all to get log files with old timestamps imported?

I’ve considered simply including the date as a field in the log message, but this seems like too much of a hack. I’d also have to carry this log format on with future log messages if I wanted to compare to the historical data.

Patrick Mahomes agrees to historic $500 million deal

[SIZE=2][FONT=arial][COLOR=#2A2A2A]Super Bowl-winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes has agreed to a historic $500 million 10 year contract ext… | Read the rest of

online resources – Historic flight landing time for AA flight 2554

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dnd 5e – How to make a historic timeline for a magical world

There is an accessory book 2e called the Worldbuilder Guide, which has a chapter on mythology and history. It suggests going through the initial myths, such as:

  • Creation myths: how the world was created, what made it form, etc.
  • Divine myths: what gods are there? Were there gods that came before?
  • Sagas – Who are the historical heroes? What did they do to become heroes?
  • Natural disasters: were there changes that shook the earth? Meteors, volcanoes?

After that, it begins to break it down into history, such as powerful catastrophic conflicts (WW I, II), ancient kingdoms that fell or not (Rome) and things of that nature. It also provides random tables to determine events and ways to structure the timeline.

On a more modern note, if you have read the pantheon of Terry Brooks novels, everyone is really focused on the Earth, and is changing from magic to technology and vice versa, it might be worth reading several synopsis if you are not familiar with the series

One of the things I found was asking me questions about why a certain event may or may not occur really helped. For example, if you have magic, why would you invent a technological solution? Well, because the magic is failing there. Why does magic fail there? Why XYZ? Why XYZ and so. This worked when I was detailing a world story for a campaign a while ago.

Bus – How can I get from the Historic Center of Cartagena to La Boquilla by bus?

How can I get there by public bus from the Historic Center of Cartagena (the Colombian) to La Boquilla?

I can see there are a number of different buses on the streets, but I'm not sure which bus I should take. I could not find any route information searching the Internet.