Hiring – Affiliate Web Traffic Network looking for an Affiliate Professional | Proxies123.com

Dear partners, we have a pleasant announcement.

For those of you who work with us for a time matter, we prepared a unique opportunity to become a part of our team.

Every day we receive more and more feedback from different countries, and sometimes, it’s quite hard for us to maintain a great connection with you, especially when it comes to specific language in which our team not proficient enough. We really want to be a good support for you, that’s why now we looking for new staff members.

– Searching for new partners
– Find and participate in specialized forums discussions.
– Work with active partners base, provide all needed support, prevent the outflow
– Handling all types of feedback – replies to messages, forums, telegram channels, etc.
– Tracking and analyzing the activities of competitors’ affiliate programs.
– Assistance in delivering technical problems feedback.
– Maintaining engagement campaigns.

– Native Japanese/German language speaker
– English B1-B2
– Ambitions to develop in IT.

Please send your cv using the contacts below:
Email: partners@costaction.com
Skype: wayupload.com
ICQ: 664461805
Telegram: @costaction


The Package Team is Hiring! | Forum Promotion

Hiring comment writers for my website

I just launched a social media website on which I published few articles. Now I want some comments on these articles. For this I am hiring comment writers for 10 comments per comment writer.
For this you will be paid $0.08 per comment and total of $0.8 for 10 comments by Paypal. Comments must be 20 words or more
Hiring from North America, South America, Europe and Australia

Hiring – Skilled Freelancers Wanted new freelance marketplace | Proxies123.com

We are looking for Skilled Freelancers that are specialized in those fields:

– Graphics & Design
– Digital Marketing
– Writing & Translation
– Video & Animation
– Programming & Tech
– Business
– Fun & Lifestyle
– Music & Audio

Visit us today: workforces4u.com/start_selling


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❕NEWS – Ripple is hiring an engineer for its rippleX platform. | Proxies123.com

According to coindesk news , the ripple firm is looking for engineer to help her actualize the rippleX ( an open source developer Service). The Engineer is to assist them in shipping the products that will make there services have value.
On Jan 15 , Ripple strike a deal with Malaysia Mobile transfer and Bangladesh largest financial providers with aim to work on ripple global payment network ( ripplenet) and wallet to wallet transactions..

In your opinion what do you deduce from this development?

Hiring – Developer needed for windows app to extract info from website | Proxies123.com

Hi folks,

Thanks for taking the time to read. I need a (hopefully simple) windows app that will extract certain information from a website using the search and then output this in excel or csv or both.

It will work like this. Within the app I enter the search term and select the category and the ‘what to search’ from https://www.mobygames.com/search/quick

The tool will use the first result as that will be best fit. It will then use that to extract core elements e.g. covers, descriptions etc. but we can work through the finer details.

Finally it will extract all this data to excel/csv with each area e.g. Description, Title, Released, published etc being its own column.

Please PM me your quotes or ask any questions.

Thanks again.


Hiring short time Developer services for $1payeer or 1000bmf

Am hiring a developer to help me set a payment a button for my PayPal business account to be accepting donations on my website(blog).
It’s not much but its a way of appreciating you for the services.The PayPal account has features that are in south Africa.

Hiring for UX/UI Designer

I would like to know what would be the main requirement if you will be hiring a UX/UI Designer with Graphics Design Experience? What would be the main qualification? Looking into hiring with at least 1 year of experience only.


Strategies for Overcoming Age Discrimination in Hiring

It is very well known that once you reach 50 years old, it gets harder and harder to get hired in a new job. Older applicants hear things like "overqualified" or "not a good fit" and the like when they interview at many companies. I have been lucky in that I am older than dirt and have been able to get hired, anyway, over the years. But I would be interested to hear how older DP members prepare for job searching and interviewing.

pathfinder 1e – Price Tag for hiring a monster as mercenary?

I’m designing a game where players could hire “any” monster as a missionary and fight for him/her.

The only restriction is probably the alignments. After all, a CE monster will NEVER work for a LG character! Or rather, a LG character will never “hire” a CE monster! (All he/she want is kill the xxxx out of him/her/it!). And vice versa.

That’s all good! The only thing I can’t figure out is the “price”!

Apparently it should be based on their CR, but I really can’t figure out the math.

I want the player to hire higher-CR monsters as much opportunity as possible, but I don’t want it to be “too expensive”!

Otherwise the players could just hire whole bunch of low-CR monsters and zerg through everything, what’s the point of hiring any expensive high-CR monsters!?

And if it’s too “cheap”, any “challenge” I put forth for them will be “too easy and meaningless”!

I know I could exploit the Leadership feat to put a “cap” on it, but at higher Leadership, the amount of low-level followers are in high double-digits and are in very good fit for the definition “Zerging”!

So I’m really at the end of my rope here, and I can’t find any alternative rules online talking about this. (Most of the things I found is “xxx discount on Amazon”! ~>3<~)

Could somebody PLEASE be so kind and help me out and guide me to the right way!?

Much appreciated!