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Hire app developers wisely – Everything else

Before hiring an application developer, you must define the requirements of your project and understand the application development process, at least superficially.

Below you will find the key information you need to collect and analyze while selecting application providers.

1. Information about the company.

Analyze the employees of the company and its representation in social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). Know if the staff is real or not and if you work internally. There is also the possibility that the team has a local representative who can also be contacted.

Examine the technology stack, the specialization, the services provided and the industry experience. Most professional application developers have a technical specialization. Therefore, if you want to hire a developer with specific skills (for example, blockchain), consider this.

Review a portfolio, successful case studies, awards and years of existence that can be found on the company's website.

After that, start contacting and organizing the interview process to hire an application developer.

2. Information about the equipment.

Learn about the size and structure of the equipment. Find out how many application developers the company has, their experience and seniority levels (for example, iOS and Android application developers, back-end developers, etc.)

Organize the interview process. Usually, a sales manager is your initial point of contact with a company. You can also request CVs and code examples before you start interviewing candidates for application development.

Analyze application developers according to the following criteria: sufficient level of English, creative contributions to your application idea, critical thinking and experience in your industry.

3. Information about customers.

Study the testimonies and references. Find out if the team ever worked with a client from your location, if so, request some contacts and verify the number of repeated offers.

Ask about the best clients, their projects and results. Choose those who have worked with well-known brands.

4. Information about the communication process.

English level. The management of the professional teams speaks English fluently. You should also check the understanding and expression of ideas of the developers with respect to the concept of your project.

Communication tools. You should ask how the communication process is organized within the company, within a dedicated application development team and with customers for timely updates.

Cultural aspects and time differences. Keep in mind how convenient or not it would be for you to work with a computer in a different time zone. Do not forget the different cultural aspects, the way in which the team presents the information and its communication style.

Here https://mlsdev.com/blog/hire-app-developer you can get more details about the most important questions you should ask when hiring an application developer.


Pathfinder – Can you hire an employee to produce things for you?

According to the rules of downtime, you can spend a day and pay half of the gold that is normally necessary to buy labor if you perform unqualified work.

Is it possible to hire untrained personnel and have them put the work so that you can spend 10 gold and 1 silver earning labor or goods instead of spending 20 gold?

Hire a virtual assistant for an affordable price

  • Virtual assistant for data entry, web research, copy and paste, available all the time!
  • Virtual assistant for data entry, web research, copy and paste, available all the time!

Hi all !

^^^^ I will be your virtual assistant for data entry, data mining, web research, available all the time ^^^^

I will help you in your daily task. I can do this and deliver as soon as possible,

I spend all my time working at home, I will give your business enough time.

And I can work with you if you have a long-term project, you can try my work first

I can help you in the following tasks:

  • Data entry,
  • Web Research,
  • Data mining,
  • Copy Paste Work,
  • PDF to MS Excel / Word,
  • Image to MS Excel / Word,
  • Writing in Excel / Word,
  • Data entry of business cards,
  • List of electronic commerce products,
  • WordPress data entry,
  • Manually write the job to Excel or Word document
  • and other work related to various businesses

It will be a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you

This service has no qualifications – order and leave first!

$5In stock


Looking to hire a PHP developer.

I'm looking to hire one (1) PHP developer to join my team. This person will work directly under my senior developer. Initially, you will receive compensation for a project. If things go well, you will be offered a salaried position.

This is a part-time position.
Work from home.
Work your own hours.

Laravel (great advantage)
JQuery / Javascript
Working hours in the United States are ideal

If you are interested, answer here and then send me a message. Keep me a lot of messages back and forth by letting me know a bit of work history, where you are, the hours you are available to work and any other information you may feel that will help me choose other candidates.

Hire a virtual assistant for an affordable price

Hi, I'm Faisal Yaqoob Rana and welcome to my concert.

My services include:

  1. Either google
  2. SMEs of Facebook
  3. HubSpot
  4. Bing
  5. Youtube
  6. SEMrush
  7. Yandex

I would be happy to have the opportunity to help you on your way to success.
Get in touch for more details.

This service has no qualifications – order and leave first!

$5In stock


The best place to hire SEO experts?

Where is the best place to hire SEO experts?

dnd 5e – Approximately how much would it cost to hire a team of dwarves to build a house on the side of the mountain?

First we have to find out how much we need to dig. To reduce costs a little, let's say that each person needs the same amount of space as an average person in Hong Kong; 161 square feet. Let's also say (to facilitate math) that you are 10 feet tall and that the fellow beast only occupies the same amount of space as another person. This means that our (fairly small house) needs $ 161 times 10 times 5 = 8050 $ carved cubic feet.

From the answer to this question, we get that properly equipped dwarves can extract between 70 and 35 cubic feet per hour, depending on the hardness of the stone. If we assume that hard stone (the best structural stability and accounting structures (such as rooms, stairs, etc.) must do) our small house needs $ 8050/35 = 230 $ Dwarf work hours to dig.

The service table on page 159 of Player's manual indicates the salary of a qualified employee at 2 golds per day and, assuming that 8 hours of work per day, the cost of digging the house becomes $ 2 times230 / 8 = 57.5 approx 58 $ gold.

Now you may wish to have more space than this, and perhaps the dwarves of your world have higher rates or are unionized and only work 6 hours a day. The general equation takes the form:
mathrm {cost = frac {salary} {working day} times frac { text {space per person} times text {height} times text {number of people}} { text {excavation rate }}}

It is possible that you (or your DM) will also be responsible for smoothing the walls, etc., which could reasonably be explained as a doubling of the amount of work (or halving the excavation rate).
You must also pay for furniture, etc., which will be difficult to consider and which will probably depend on your standard. See the tables in chapter 5 of the Player's manual Particularly the team of adventure and commercial goods.

This should be obvious, but your DM has every right to set the cost higher than this. There are concerns that are not addressed here and the last word falls on your DM.

The closest thing I can find in books to do something like this is from Building a fortress in the DMG (page 128) that places a town hall or a trading post at 5,000 gp and 60 days. It's hard to say exactly how this translates exactly to carving a house out of a cliff, but 2,000 gp and 30 days may be a good estimate for a decent-sized house. (Cost and time are not linearly scaled in the table).

Is this a service that could hire someone to do?

Is this a service that could hire someone to do? Web Hosting Talk

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var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. Is this a service that could hire someone to do?

    The best result for my name is whitepages.com, then other websites with personal information. Could you make someone create enough pages that yield higher ranking results that white pages are removed from the 50 or so results?

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