hipaa – How to block duplicate accounts without leaking PII?

We need to block multiple accounts from being created using identical PII without leaking any information regarding the original account. What is the best way to:

  • Inform the person trying to create an account that they cannot
  • While not telling them why
  • While also enabling the original account to recover their account if they were accidentally attempting to log in?

Is there a standard/best practice way to handle this?

My thoughts are that you simply say “We are unable to create an account at this time. If you have a previous account, reset your password here.” Followed with the standard “if you have an account, you will receive a password reset email”

This is not related to this previous question Detect duplicates without exposing underlying data, although that has a really great answer that’s well worth reading and actually may help solve the backend part of the issue. It is also not specifically related to password resets. It has to do with account creation only.

compliance – HIPAA data encryption – Is database level encryption is enough?

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Any advice on HIPAA compliance and security consultants for a website?

I am working on a web page that sends statistical data to suppliers, hosted in Azure. It will only be accessible to users to whom we give permission. While the page is functionally complete, it will contain PHI. I have been researching and implementing the requirements to be compatible with HIPAA, which are listed below. Are there other items to complete the list?

  • Encrypted stored data
  • Encrypted data backup
  • Automatic backups, never lost, recovered at any time
  • The data transmitted to the site is encrypted
  • Website accessible only to authorized persons
    • Unique permits that can be audited
  • The website can be permanently deleted
  • Information that is no longer needed must be permanently discarded.
  • BAA agreement with Microsoft
  • Data breach protocol documentation
  • SSL encryption
  • Regular Password Changes
  • Security logs
  • Designated HIPAA Compliance Officer
  • HIPAA policy published on the site
  • All web forms are safe
  • Page not altered or altered

We are also looking for a security consultant to verify that everything is locked. Is there any suggestion about the companies to contact? After some research, the two that continued to appear are https://compliancy-group.com/ and https://www.hipaasecurenow.com/. Any ideas about consultants would be appreciated, thanks!

How can an outsourcing company obtain HIPAA certification?

How can an outsourcing company obtain HIPAA certification?

HIPAA requirements for email | Web Hosting Talk

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HIPAA requirements for email | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. HIPAA requirements for email

    Does anyone know the guidelines for email servers to meet HIPAA requirements?

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HIPAA compliance? The | Web Hosting Talk

Is it possible to make an Ubuntu 16 server compatible with HIPPA for email or does this service MUST be purchased?

My lawyer wants his web server to be 100% end-to-end secure for HIPAA compliance. I'm not sure where it is gone, so I'm looking for help!

privacy – United States HIPAA and New Zealand HISO from outside these countries

We are developing a software product to store and manage health records in Australia, with the software product mainly directed towards Australian health organizations. This requires that we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, among other things.

I have two questions that are not immediately clear to me:

  1. This is a SaaS product, where end users register themselves. If someone from the United States or New Zealand registers and we end up accidentally storing patient data residing in these companies, are we violating any rules? Or is it the best practice to ensure that this is not possible?
  2. If we wish to voluntarily engage with clients from these countries, should we also comply with their local codes of health practices? That is to say. If we wish to address additional clients in New Zealand or the United States, is it now a requirement that we comply with HIPAA, HISO (and all other mandatory requirements) even though we are a company incorporated in Australia?

hipaa – Is the personal check data a PHI if it is used to pay a covered entity?

Yes, it is PHI. What is PHI does not change because the name or other information is on a check instead of on a chart. The goal is to prevent patients from being identified without their consent. Here is a list of commonly covered items such as PHI. If I had to use that list to sort the check, I would consider your payment history. Those are not the only things that could be covered. Any information that conveys the identity of a patient could be on the list. The same rules apply regardless of where the PHI is located, provided it is transmitted or under the care of a covered entity.

Maintain HIPAA compliance with the company that is divided into two parts.

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