Does anyone get angry at the idea of ​​Hillary Clinton?

There is much to be angry about. Before meeting Slick Willie, she was one of the most promising women in the United States. He stifled his career. After Clinton was elected, she worked on a national health care program, which was and remains the best anywhere. Probably because she was a woman, and because the great phama was not on board, she was mostly ignored and minimized. That snub is only enough for ALL of us to be angry. Slick Willie never said "no" to any available girl. The multiple hearings of Benghazi, where it was always determined that the Congress led by the Republican Party refused to pay for the requested security and then blamed Secretary Clinton, should make any righteous person angry. Russia's election interference in 2016 should make you angry, as long as you think about Hillary too. She was by far the best qualified candidate. Yes, I am also angry because one of our best minds has been minimized and his talent wasted by selfish people. She is a true patriot.

[ Politics ] Open question: Hillary Clinton says she has the need to run for president again. Can / will she? ?

[Politics] Open question: Hillary Clinton says she wants to run for the presidency again. Can / will she? ?

In 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders encouraged Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Now she says she is sexist. Why are you lying like Hillary Clinton?

Chief Warren has a quick and lost relationship with the Truth.

Say what you want about Bernie's political views, (I know I do), but he realizes that he really believes what he is saying, and Chief Warren looks like someone who will say whatever it takes to be elected.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why hasn't Hillary been locked up yet?

[Politics] Open question: Why hasn't Hillary been locked up yet?

The justice department has just finished its investigation on Hillary and found nothing. Thoughts?

As I said before …

About 10 HRC investigations and no charges filed.

there are only a few options …

1. Hillary is innocent (remember, innocent until proven otherwise)

2. If she is guilty, then Republicans are too incompetent to find something.

or 3. BOTH, she is innocent and Republicans are incompetent.

[ Politics ] Open question: From which section of hell did Hillary Clinton crawl?

[Politics] Open question: From which section of hell did Hillary Clinton crawl?

Dems, if President Hillary Clinton had ordered the attack against Solemani, do you know that she would be defending that decision firmly? Be honest?

If I had sent 5 units to catch him, he would be called a genius, a true hero, he would handle the situation as a true leader.

The Democrats praised Obama when he made the Navy Seals go to Bin Laden's house with women and children inside and killed him and dragged his body to the street, women and children were killed in that raid, and Obama was praised as a true Leader.

Obama interrupted television broadcasts to Brag about what he did, how he stopped the terror.

Trump had a terrorist general and his bodyguards (without women or children) and did not kill in a residential area and abuse his power

The Democrats are hypocrites and know that they will lose the 2020 elections.

[ Politics ] Open question: Doesn't it all come down to Hillary Clinton Lost?

[Politics] Open question: Doesn't everything come down to Hillary Clinton Lost?

Would Hillary Clinton have won if she wasn't a woman?

The verdict had been about Hillary since her days of Nixon's political trial as a young lawyer:

If she wasn't lying, unethical and dishonest, she would have had a better chance.

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Did the United States make the right move by rejecting Hillary Clinton?

No, Trump is a cruel, sad and terrible joke perpetrated in the United States; It undermines our US VALUES and represents a threat to our constitution and our way of life. He deserves a political trial, he is not allowed to resign or dismiss him through Amendment 25. He has already spent more than 8 years in Obama's office, vacationing on his property and in Mar-a-Lago, where his personal interests reside , and making profits at the expense of taxpayers.