Is it true that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton had Jeffrey Epstein killed cover up their involvement in child rape & sex slave trafficking?

Bill Gates met with him six times after he was charged with sex crimes and registered as a sex offender. Did you see that New York Times article about it? My guess was he was bartering for some names to black mail to get his new world order agenda through, as well as to sleep with that Swedish woman and her daughter. 

Is it true? Well do pedophiles exist? Yes, for sure. On another level they used to celebrate becoming a man or woman in Judaism at 14, the Bah Misvah. I saw good evidence of a cover up, the Podesta brothers, a whole list of famous people who liked to sleep with girls, or boys. The darker part of that isn’t the sex for me, it’s that there’s this real Satanic group who kidnaps kids, breeds them and sells them at auction. It’s a worldwide trade. 

The real dangerous ones are the adrenochrome junkies. That is sick, and that is who you have to find the most. Don’t assume it doesn’t exist. The Catholic church used brutal torture for hundreds of years on millions, the Satanic rituals go back to before the old testament was written. The Vatican allowed a statue of Moloch to be displayed outside the gates of the colosseum, where they fed Christians to the lions. These people are real, you have to investigate, especially the people at the top. 

Hillary wouldn’t have hid in a bunker, right?

Trump has addressed the situation at least twice now publicly. You have elected leaders on the left and the media tying the entire thing to Trump, all his fault. Yet pretty much every year under the last guy, the same things happened, the same sort of riots. They just took a couple years off before being triggered again.

Your opinion? How would Hillary have handled the virus?

Hillary would never have disbanded the pandemic response team, so she would have received adequate advice on the importance of the tests. With aggressive testing and tracking, the virus could have been contained just like in Taiwan or South Korea. SK has 5 deaths per million inhabitants, we have 235. The Trump administrator failed the tests while the virus spread undetected.

Does the left think they are going to slide Hillary into the election as a surprise attack?

No, the right thinks the left thinks Hillary will be put on the ballot the night before Election Day. And that Hillary will declare herself Queen will abolish the constitution, fire Congress and the army, use the United Nations troops to arrest everyone and put them in the fields of FEMA, and TOMA ARE GONZ! TRUMP 2020! MAGA! NAZI REDNECK REBELS FOREVER! SNARL! SNARL! SNARL! SHART! Oops mom I did it again!

What is one way that Hillary Clinton could have won the 2016 presidential election?

I read a comment from the BBC about his loss after the election. They blamed her illness that took her out of the campaign for about two weeks. If Hillary had put out an agenda at the time (instead of saying that Trumps' plans wouldn't work), it could have made a huge difference.

A second thing I noticed was that he was distracted from what he would do with some of Trump's gestures and locker room chats. The news clips I saw of her complaints about this made her look crazy and almost mad. It should have clung to real problems over its plans for the economy, employment and the protection of human rights.

But I think his real problems started (at least for me) when he used the phrase "America will have to trust me on this …" (or the words that carry that meaning) in his email accounts, cell phones, and various other answers to question on these topics. Willingly or ignorantly left the impression that he had not told the truth several times. Being in a self-help program that deals with codependency things that convey that meaning are "warning signs" that the person cannot be trusted.

[ Politics ] Open question: When Hillary called half of the nation "Deplorable", does that remind you of Stalin's irredeemable?

[Politics] Open-ended question: When Hillary called half the nation "Deplorable", does that remind you of Stalin's irredeemable?

Does anyone seriously doubt that Biden, Bernie, Hillary or Obama would not lead a much more effective response to the coronavirus than Trump?

If Obama were president, there would still be no travel restrictions, as he considered travel restrictions to be "racist". Recall that Biden was Obama's vice president.

Sanders said Tuesday that there should be no travel restrictions as they are "racist".

Hillary Clinton has said nothing.

Will President Trump forgive Hillary Clinton if she is charged?

If Hillary were to be accused of something, it would have been years and years ago. Republicans continue to investigate her again and again, but they have never found anything so bad that she has done.

It's especially fun that they want to lock her up for having a private email server since the two Secy's of State before her, and the two after her, all Republican, had private email servers, just like the Current Republican Section & # 39; and of the state. Then, this becomes one of a long list of & # 39; crimes & # 39; That is only illegal if a Democrat does.

[ Politics ] Open question: Will Biden be stupid enough to name Hillary Clinton as her vice president?

This would certainly cost the Democrats the November elections. Since the DNC is fucking Bernie once again because they somehow think that only a moderate can beat Trump, I wouldn't be surprised if the establishment's Democrats made the same mistake they made in 2016.

True or false. Hillary is not president because she simply had too much bagage?

Hillary lost for multiple reasons. One is your luggage. For a long time he has been like the classic Mafia boss that EVERYONE knows he is committing a crime, but that bribes the police to look the other way and insists on being treated as an honest citizen, since no one has condemned her for anything .

I mean, is there ANYONE who really believes that he earned $ 100K by investing in cattle futures for a couple of months, the first time he did it, and then he sold and NEVER ATTEMPTED AGAIN? She is one of the most successful cattle futures investors of all time for $ / hour, and then never tries again. And her friend whom Governor Bill Clinton did favors was the person through whom she was & # 39; investing & # 39 ;?

I really want to meet the person who REALLY believes in his account of that or any of his other crimes and have them tell me frankly that they really believe he is honest. Because if such a person exists, he would be the most credulous person on the planet.

HOWEVER, Hillary's opponent, Trump, WAS EVERYTHING BITED AS A CORRUPT. Trump made spontaneous donations to prosecutors just before they stopped investigating him again and again. It would take the same credulity to think that Trump is also NOT a criminal.

Then the two were largely equal in that. The reason why Hillary lost is because of two things. First, she is fantastically uncharismatic. She is a bad communicator, and that is important in politics, especially in higher level races.

Second, Hillary ran one of the DUMBEST campaigns you'll see. She completely ignored the changing states in favor of concentrating on the red states that she thought she could steal. The plan was to increase the score to create a & # 39; mandate & # 39; massive to rule. The practical result was that he did not realize that he was very vulnerable in these changing states. The result was what we obtained.