flash – Does the Nikon D3300 support high-speed sync speedlights?

High speed syinc in the case of your camera, is not limited by your camera, but by your flash.

So the answer is yes, your camera can do high speed sync (teoricly, any camera), but your flash don’t.

A High speed sync flash makes a series of flashes to make a longer duration light. In this case the point is not to have a brief fast single output but a longer one.

I can not recomend any specific flash + combination, but you can google reviews on https://www.google.com/search?q=High+speed+sync+flash+review

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Hotshoe Flash: which Canon DSLR cameras support high-speed synchronization and what other requirements exist?


The Speedlite 430EX II manual (p.37) states that:

If you use the 430EX II with a type B camera (TTL EOS auto flash
camera), consider the functions available and not available below. When a
Type B camera is used with the 430EX II set to auto flash, be
will be displayed on the Speedlite LCD panel.

Features not available with type B cameras:

  • (…)
  • High speed sync (FP flash)
  • (…)

So, all Canon cameras from Elan II / EOS 50 (the first with E-TTL), which was launched in 1995, must be compatible with HSS. If you are not sure about your camera, E-TTL (II) is the feature you need to support HSS.

Thanks to @Mike Sowsun for providing information on the Elan II!


Canon (Speedlite):

The first Canon flash to support HSS (and E-TTL) was the Speedlite 380EX that was introduced in 1995. As far as I know, all Speelites since then have E-TTL, although not all have HSS (so far, only the 90EX no).

Thanks to @Mike Sowsun for providing information on the 380EX!

Third (Metz, Sigma, Yongnuo, Godox, Cactus, …):

If you use a third-party flash, you may need to support your current camera. However, I think that the Canon flash protocol is not updated with every new camera, so generally, if the flash claims that it is compatible with HSS with any of the Canon DSLRs, it should work fine.

HSS and wireless activation:

Note that the support of a flash for HSS could be limited to camera service, that is when the flash is connected to the camera shoe. Once again, the 430EX II manual (p. 29) states:

The wireless flash with the following settings can be done in the same way
As with normal flash shooting:

  • (…)
  • High speed sync (FP flash)
  • (…)

Therefore, at least with Canon flashes, it seems that you can configure a wireless HSS system. I cannot comment on all the other systems that are available, although I could add information about Metz Speedlight flashes as soon as I have time to test the wireless HSS with them.

High-speed synchronization problem of Yonguno YN600EX-RT and Canon T6: horizontal band clearer in the image

I can make the HHS work on the Canon T6 with the Yonguno flash, but when I go to 1/4000, ISO 100 and f1.8, the image comes out with a horizontal band that is clearer than the rest of the image.
I can not find out if this is a defect in the flash, where you are pressing many times during the sequence of the curtain, or something with the camera. Using the Yonguno YN-E3-RT as trigger.

When playing with configurations, even in 1/1000, ISO 400 still has that horizontal band clearer. When using the regular flash on board, there are no problems.

Any ideas? Could it be a hardware defect, or am I missing something?

Encryption: what high-speed / high-security ECC curves are preferred on mobile devices?

I'm looking for the most common denominator of ECC curves in consumer devices.

This article describes how a particular ECC curve is ideal for Intel-based motherboards. Since I will be pointing to mobile devices (Android, iOS) and I also want to take advantage of CPU optimizations in the device for signature verification, I am looking for an ECC curve that is also ideal for them.

Some things that I need to investigate include

  • Specific documentation of the CPU
  • OS level support
  • Multiplatform interoperability of implementation (codifications, compression, etc).


Given that there is probably no direct answer to my question, what are the most specific resources to determine which ECC curve to choose for the most efficient use of the consumer?

Are there high-speed video cameras that use shutter speeds lower than microseconds?

I've been interested in high-speed photography. My equipment is limited: I use a DSLR camera and custom shots with a very short xenon flash to take pictures of things like bursting balloons. (I open the shutter in complete darkness before the balloon explodes, and I use the flash discharge to freeze the movement).

From what I've read, the edges of an emerging balloon move faster than the speed of sound. Despite my best efforts, the edges of my bulging balloons are always blurred. According to my research, it seems that the fastest discharge I can get from a xenon flash is around 1 / 40,000 of a second. It seems that you need to get exposures less than a microsecond to get sharp images of supersonic motion.

Sometimes I put cornstarch on the balloons and I get some fascinating patterns in the cornstarch: enter the description of the image here

I really need a flash of air space to get clear images. Sparkles of air space create bright discharges as fast as 1/2 microseconds. (1 / 2,000,000 of a second.)

However, what I really want to do is understand how those patterns are formed in the cornstarch as the balloon appears. To do that, I need a high-speed video camera that takes images with shutter speeds lower than microseconds, and very quickly. Are there high-speed commercial cameras that can do that and that can be rented by mere mortals? And how could I pump enough light on my subject to expose those extremely short shutter speed images?

I know that Dr. Edgerton used moving movies and rotating mirrors to create images in a microsecond of exploding atomic bombs, but those cameras weighed hundreds of pounds and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, or maybe more.



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