Is there a way to prevent YouTube from hiding the "read more" option? Youtube has maintained this problem for a long time since it was introduced.

Is there a way to prevent YouTube from hiding the "read more" option? YouTube has maintained this error for a long time

for example, by clicking on the notification bell, and there are two screens, one where it says "notifications" and another where you click on a comment and says "comments". And any of those screens can cut a comment (without showing the option & # 39; read more & # 39;).

I see a comment cut by youtube

enter the description of the image here

When you click on a comment, sometimes other comments are shown as cut.

Here are two comments in a comment thread. Youtube cut them both

enter the description of the image here

and does not show the "read more" option.

If my own comment is cut, I can see it even if they have hidden the option Read more, by clicking on the 3 points and & # 39; edit & # 39 ;. But I can't do that for someone else.

Sometimes I can click on a comment below the notification bell, or click on & # 39; months / hours ago & # 39 ;, under the & # 39; comments & # 39; screen of the notification bell, and see a comment on the main screen.

But even on the main screen you can sometimes cut a comment, as here it does not show "read more" here for the second comment.

enter the description of the image here

And the comments on the home page can sometimes have the & # 39; read more & # 39; as both do here, but this is not always the case.

enter the description of the image here

xslt: conditional formatting (hiding or revealing) of rows in a custom form in SharePoint Designer 2010

I am trying to conditionally reveal / hide rows in a custom editing form in SharePoint Designer 2010. I am using the xsl startup test, but I am not getting it to work. Only hide the row, even when the condition is true.

Here is the code in question:


Regardless of whether the condition is true or false (and I can preview whether it is considered true or false in the conditional formatted sidebar), it hides the value. The only thing shown is the final row with X11.

I feel it should be obvious, but I'm missing it because I'm a newbie.
What am i missing?

Thanks for any help / advice people can offer.

Text editors are hiding text

When an existing page or publication appears, the Gutenberg editor shows the title, then displays the text as if it were confined to the left side of the editing panel, then the panel is blank (with a correct word count at the bottom of the panel). I tried to deactivate Gutenberg, and if I succeeded (how I would know), there would be no difference. I installed the Classic Editor plug-in and activated it, and whether I deactivate Gutenberg or not, the same thing happens. The only change I can generate is to get a "choice" from the Block Editor or the Classic Editor in my list of publications. However, no "choice" changes anything. Any ideas would be welcome; I am effectively excluded from my editorial duties.

mobile: how to prevent a scroll bar with impulse scrolling from hiding in iOS Safari?

When you add -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; to a scrollable element such as a div, for example, you get a smoother scrolling experience (native impulse shift) but then you lose the ability to constantly display the scroll bar. Because for some obscure reason, Apple decided that it is good UX to hide the scroll bar most of the time.

The problem is that when only 3 elements are displayed in their scrollable content and the rest is not partially cut, it has no clue that tells users that there is a scroll bar and that there are more elements available.

I would like to know if there is a way to have a scrollable div with impulse shift, but that never hides.

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twitter – Hiding tweets from "sensitive media" among others

Suppose you own a magazine, publish clean and adult thematic material, and have a Twitter account for marketing.

Instead of having 2 accounts (1 Clean / 1 NSFW), is there a way to hide that posts are not seen by followers who don't want to see them?

I know you can make an account private, but once you have completed your tracking request, everyone will see everything.

My account will have multiple posts per day, and it would be great if there was a way to filter only the 2 types of posts.

As far as I know, Twitter doesn't give you a way to do this (although I think they really should do it for freelancers and photographers), but I was wondering if anyone out there had been smart enough to find a way to fix this.

Hiding the message content while the phone is unlocked!

How can I hide the message content in this "drop-down menu? I don't know what it is called". It is hidden when the phone is locked. I want to hide it when the phone is also unlocked.

enter the description of the image here

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plugins: WP Posts-pages text hiding doesn't work

I want to add a special concealment tag to hide the text of publications, pages and products for unregistered users and show a phrase like "To read the full text of an article, please register." To that end, I create a micro plugin. But it does not work.

function hide_replace_register( $content ) {
    if (!is_user_logged_in()) {
        $updated_content = explode("", $content);
        $updated_content = explode("", $content);
        $updated_content = explode("", $content);
        $ucontent = $updated_content(0);
        if ($ucontent !== $content) {
            $ucontent .= 'To read a full article text - please, Register!';
        } else {
            $ucontent = $content;
        return $ucontent;
add_filter('the_content', 'hide_replace_register', 10);

Can you help me with the correction of errors?

dnd 5e – I need a witch (or another) to summon / master / find Lightning birds in the sea while they are hiding in a boat

The PCs (3 on the 3rd level) are on an abandoned and disabled pirate ship at sea in a storm. I want them to have difficult encounters that become somewhat predictable and that can stop them, so they can focus on getting out of the situation. My idea is that there is a pirate witch hidden on board that can make a lightning bird attack once a day, or something like that, but you need to burn incense as a consumable part of the spell. Players smell incense, lightning bird attacks, players can find a source of incense, kill the witch.

The problem is that I can not find a reasonable way to do it in 5e. Relatives can not attack, mastering beasts requires being able to see it, and I do not see a summoning monster spell, except for a demon or something.

The lightning bird (homebrew) says it is associated with being servants or relatives of witches, but that is not good if it can not attack. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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