sharepoint online – How to set field as hidden in list content type using API?

I need to set field as hidden (not visible on list form) using REST API. I don’t know how to setup command.

I found location of this parameter in xml but I don’t know how to refer and update them, you can see on screenshots Hidden=”TRUE” in <d:Schemaxml> – by default it is “FALSE” – how to update it?




CyberPanel – The Hidden Gem

For context, I sell hosting and am a web designer. I purchased a new KVM Virtual Private Server (VPS) and considered several panels. I will … | Read the rest of

accessibility – Should a Carousel hide visibly hidden content from screen readers

There’s a carousel on the site I am on which does as most accessible carousels, visibly hidden items are also hidden from screen readers (in this case using aria-hidden). This seems to be the normal suggestion for all carousels which strikes me as weird.

First off the elements in the carousel are statically present in the DOM, so it is just a list of elements that could be read sequentially.

Second of all the display of carousel items is done using css transforms, meaning that from a screen readers viewpoint I don’t think you end up with anything actually changing position in reading order, so you shouldn’t lose the context of where you are – example transform:

transform: translate3d(-200%, 0px, 0px); 

Should the Screen reader still be forced to treat this as a carousel, or can it just read it as a list of content in a region?

What is difference between Hidden Markov Model and Non-deterministic Finite-State Machine?

Deterministic Finite State Machines have at most one trace for a given input. Nondeterministic Finite State Machines may have many traces for a given input. A Hidden Markov Model in some sense fits “in between” these extremes as the traces are probabilistic. With a Hidden Markov Model we do not have complete freedom to choose which trace to follow as we are governed by probabilities. A Hidden Markov Model is essentially a transducer-style Finite State Machine having outputs & transitions governed by a random process; the outputs generated at states are per a random variable model of what happens at that state, e.g., “if the weather is cloudy then 20% it will turn rainy / 80% it will turn sunny”.

backup – How to handle hidden files and folders (which begin with a period/dot) when backing up Android to a Windows NTFS volume?

Over on Superuser, I asked about whether or not it’s okay to have filenames and/or folder names that begin with a period (dot) on a Windows NTFS volume.

The immediate response I received was to avoid doing this.

What’s an effective way to backup Android hidden files and folders (which begin with a period) onto a Windows NTFS volume?

The person answering my question on Superuser recommended renaming the files on Android, if possible. Well, that’s certainly possible. It involves these steps:

  1. Finding every file/folder that begins with a period
  2. Making a copy of each file/folder found
  3. Renaming each file/folder copied to a unique name that does not begin with a period
  4. Backing up the copies (most likely via FTP)
  5. Deleting all the copies

Ugh. Is there a better way to accomplish this task? And if not, is there a way to automate all this work?

finder – How to get access to hidden folders from another Macintosh HD (Users/Applications)?

I need to back up the main Users folder, as well as all other data, from my main Mac (2013 13″ MBP). I’ve gotten the dreaded UEFI-inspired flashing question mark, and tried running Disk Utility’s repair options on it, both on in recovery mode on the main machine, as well as from another machine (with the drive connected via a SATA-to-USB cable into another older MBP — my wife’s).

B/c I didn’t have the option of backing up the machine “normally” — copying all files and folders through the Finder of my wife’s machine, due to perms issues — I’ve used the utility app Disk Drill to create a .dmg file, encompassing the whole drive’s contents (a byte-for-byte copy, is what it’s called in this software).

First, is there any other way of getting to the main Users folder, and the Applications, too? They’re all hidden, as they were installed/created by a user not present on my wife’s machine? (I just wanted the assurance of copying the files by hand, too, before wiping my machine’s 1TB SSD and restoring the files from the disk image file I’d created in Disk Drill.) Secondarily (as a bonus question), is there anything suspect with the above approach?

Many, many thanks, to all who take the time to read, much less answer.

macos – Hidden Python- and R-files: Safe to delete?

I am running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 on a 2020 MacBook Pro. I do a bit of programming in R and Python, and in my home directory I saw a bunch of hidden files:

enter image description here

There are files related to .python_history, .r, .rstudio-desktop, .jupyter, ipython etc. I’m not sure why they are placed here – is it safe to delete these files?

hidden file – Hide folder from Windows

There are many Folder hiding solutions. Check out this blog-

Ignoring a few encryptors, most of them work by hiding the folder from Windows. You just have to select a folder and it will hide it. I know they are just hiding and not encrypting because they do GBs in a second.

And sure enough, when I booted into any other OS (Linux Mint here), I could clearly see the folder at the exact same location and I could fully access my data (which also goes on to shew how insecure they are) .

The folder simply cannot be accessed using Windows, however hard you try (even is Safe Mode). Does anyone know how they are doing that? Also can we do that using an inbuilt cmd command or a utility like Nirosoft?

hidden – How do I display what songs I hid on Spotify?

Accidentally I hid one song inside of the android app of Spotify and pressed the back button accidentally, as well. I used Google to look for a solution to show hidden songs. I only found solutions, which require to know, what song was hidden, in order to show it again. As I don’t know, what song was hidden (described above), I’d like to know if there’s an ability to display what songs were hidden inside of Spotify. If there’s one, please tell me, how it works!

pathfinder 2e – Does Hidden includes Concealment?

Does the Hidden condition (a detection state) also considers that you have any sort of Concealment (a visibility state)?

The reason for this question is that the Create a Diversion action makes you Hidden until the end of the turn, this allows you to Sneak (which requires you to be Hidden). The Sneak action also requires that you finish the move with Cover or Concealment from a creature to have an effect, otherwise you become automatically Observed to that creature. Since you are Hidden until the end of the turn, does Hidden fulfills this requirement for Concealment?