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Hex-Rays IDA Pro 7.2 | 204 Mb

The IDA disassembler and debugger is an interactive multiprocessor disassembler, programmable, extensible and hosted on Windows, Linux or (Mac OSX). IDA has become the de facto standard for hostile code analysis, vulnerability investigation and COTS validation. Consult this executive summary to obtain a summary of its characteristics and uses.

Key features
Multitarget disassembler

– Disassembler modules for a large number of processors. Our free SDK even allows you to launch your own custom disassembler.
– full interactivity and extensibility
– Direct, through the interaction with the keyboard.
– Through an internal programming language.
– through external add-ons (unlimited power: our debuggers are complements).
– as close as possible to the high level source code
– flirting technology (technology for recognition and rapid identification of libraries).
– System of types and monitoring of parameters and identification.
– code graphing
Multitarget debugger
– The debugger adds dynamic analysis to the information statically compiled by the disassembler.
– offers all the functions expected of a debugger and more: remote debugger, tracking.
– Remote debugger: targets Windows, Linux, (Mac OSX) and other machines in any combination.
– See ARM Windows CE Debugger
– Many other objectives …
Platform: Windows

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