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Hero Colabs Global Design Challenge

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css – Custom hero images for wordpress

How I can add custom hero images to my wordpress site.
I have WPBakery plugin. Website is done and it uses old revolution slider 5 and I cant make similar hero slide like I needed.

My css and html code look like this:

.wrapper {
  height: 100vh;
  display: flex;

.wrapper section {
  flex: 1;
  display: flex;

.wrapper section .button {
  margin: auto;
  padding: 10px 15px;
  background: #000;
  color: #fff;

.wrapper section:first-child {
  background: url( center/cover;

.wrapper section:last-child {
  margin-left: -10vw;
  clip-path: polygon(10vw 0, 100% 0, 100% 100%, 0 100%);
  background: url( center/cover;

body {
  margin: 0;


<main class='wrapper'>
    <a class='button' href='#'>Codepen</a>
    <a class='button' href='#'>Github</a>

theming – full-width hero image in drupal

I am trying to implement a simple hero image feature for a site I am creating (using drupal 9). It seems that there are may ways to go about this, and I hope someone might be able to guide me to a good one. One important detail: on this site, each node will have its own hero; a single hero for multiple pages won’t work here.

I am using bootstrap 4 for my theming. And I’m able to get close to what I want by using the bootstrap jumbotron feature. The problem, though, is that with my jumbotron inside the content region of a page, I can’t get drupal to render the hero to the full window width–only the narrower width of the content element (which makes sense).

I’ve thought about trying to use some sort of block arrangement above the content. But then I can’t figure out how to get node-specific images to display. That is, I can get a nice hero to show up, but it’s the same for multiple pages.

Any thoughts on how to implement a node-specific, full-width hero would be a huge help. Thanks.

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java – Alguien sabe si se puede cambiar retrofit2 por otro nombre como hero

tengo estas dos lineas de codigo:

implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:retrofit:2.5.0'
implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:converter-gson:2.5.0'

pero tengo una duda se puede cambiar retrofit2 por otra variable que sea por ejemplo hero:

 implementation 'com.squareup.hero:retrofit:2.5.0'
 implementation 'com.squareup.hero:converter-gson:2.5.0'

y tambien si se puede como se realiza ?

dnd 3.5e – Is it possible to play an Epic D&D3.5/Pathfinder campaign with a non-magic hero?

Two things to keep in mind: At very high levels, you have very high saves, and you have access to obscene amounts of powerful gear.

I played in a 3.5 epic campaign (we were well into the high-30s by the time it ended), and truth be told, the spell casters were the ones at a disadvantage, because everything had high resistances that had to be overcome, and if that was accomplished the would-be victim then got to roll his ridiculously high saving throw.

We actually had to house-rule in items and abilities and meta-magic feats to boost the power of spell casters! Yes, their spells can be immensely powerful at that level (although remember that epic-level spells are obscenely expensive (at least in 3.5, I don’t know about Pathfinder) to research, and even then few mages will have many epic-level slots; also, almost all non-epic spells have caps on their damage-dealing ability), but they fail or get countered with such regularity that a non-magic user is actually at a considerable advantage over them.

I had no trouble at all fielding rogues, barbarians, various assorted prestige classes, and even once a pure fighter (those that died fell to other fighter-types (with one exception, and that was at the hands of a fellow PC), while others I simply grew tired of and discarded — it’s my curse to always get bored with whatever my current PC is). I never fielded a magic user because, even with our house rules boosting them, I felt they were horribly gimped at those levels, not to mention obscenely complex to build properly.

I would caution against too many classes/prestige classes. The most effective builds used no more than 2 prestige classes (with one exception, which used 3 of the most horribly broken prestige classes) built upon a single base class, although there was a rather effective barbarian/fighter PC. If you mix things up too much, you’ll find that, while you have a large array of abilities, too many of them are based upon your class level (i.e. most class abilities are based on your levels in that class), not your character level (i.e. the combined levels of all your classes), and thus are so underpowered as to be effectively useless. Exceptions abound, of course (the rogue’s sneak attack is useful no matter how few levels you have, for example), but as a general rule of thumb you want as many levels in as few classes as possible in order to be effective.

If you find yourself at a huge disadvantage compared to magic users, I would look here first, rather than looking at the magic users as being too over-powered.

Some items you should definitely have:

  • Anything that grants spell resistance
  • Anything that grants Mindblank, which makes one all but immune to mind-affecting effects; we may have had to make custom magic items for this one, I can’t recall for sure now.
  • Nondetection, which blocks attempts to locate you; the Mantle of Great Stealth grants +30 to Move Silently as well as Nondetection, and it was so useful that literally every single character in the party bought one and considered it absolutely indispensable, even those for whom sneaking around was never something they did.
  • Anything that boosts your saves
  • You should of course have all the +5 Tomes to boost all your stats.
  • Any item that grants Death Ward, or similar proof against death effects (so common in our game that mages simply gave up using spells with death effects altogether)

I wouldn’t bother with any ranks of Use Magic Device, as the previous answerer has suggested. Your ability to use magic items will be so weak compared to everyone else that you might as well use those skill points to boost something you’re already good at. There simply are no Jacks-of-all-trades at epic levels; everyone specializes in the few things they are really damned good at, and ignores the rest. Jacks-of-all-trades are really really useful at low levels, but worthless at epic levels.

SPAM HERO ( Does anyone recommend SPAM HERO or used their services

Few of our client want cheaper Spam filter solution for their domains after spamming has increased since COVID-19 circumstances – Does anyo… | Read the rest of

functions – Can I use ‘Featured Image’ as a hero image and a thumbnail?

I am finding a lot of great information for using the_post_thumbnail() to use this feature as a post hero OR a thumbnail, but I’m struggling to figure out how to use the ‘Featured image’ as both in my templates.

Here’s the gist of what I’m trying do:

  1. user uploads a featured image to post, which is cropped to 2400 x 1350 px (hero)
  2. image is also scaled and saved as a thumb at 880 x 495 px (pixel perfect scaling ratio from hero)
  3. embed hero size the_post_thumbnail('large') in single.php template and the_post_thumbnail('thumb') on the homepage for the post preview

I think I understand how to access and embed the sizes that I would like to use in the appropriate places but I don’t understand the workflow for cropping the image on upload and scaling it to multiple sizes. I found set_post_thumbnail_size(), which gets me halfway there, but how do I create multiple sizes?

CTA repetition – Is having CTA in nav, hero, and footer overkill?

This is a pretty common design. 3 CTAs

Theres a CTA in the hero and nav with the same CTA and when you scroll to the bottom theres also another CTA that says the same thing. It feels a bit repetitive to me, but then again, I see it every where.

Are there any studies or research regarding the usability and conversion of this design? What are your thoughts on this?