How can I convert an Apple iOS HEIF image into JPEG?

Added support to read HEIF to ImageMagick 7.0.7-22, you must install it with --with-libheif flag.

eg in macOS with Homebrew: brew install imagemagick --with-libheif. If you already installed imagemagick with Homebrew, you must uninstall it brew uninstall imagemagick First.

Another option to convert HEIF → JPG to macOS is to use Automator. It has a "Change type of images" action that can do the conversion. If necessary, you can have the "to JPG" conversion available in the context menu

Nikon – How to batch convert old NEF photos to JPEG / HEIF with camera processing aspect?

I have ~ 9k NEF photos of a Nikon D5000 that currently occupy ~ 100GB. It's been more than 8 years without touching them, so I don't see a reason to suppose that I will process and edit them.

I would like to convert them in batches to a bitmap format to save space, and I want them to look as close as possible to how the image would look on my camera screen at that time (since I was probably optimizing for that). I was thinking that the best option would be to convert in batches with Capture NX-D, but it seems to alter the colors compared to the standard preview of NEF on MacOS (some problems I noticed are less vivid colors, missing details, lighter shadows and changes Of temperature).

My questions:

  • Is it just that I have gotten used to seeing the MacOS representation of the images over the years, but the NX-D representation is more accurate than it should have been on the camera screen?
  • Logically speaking, wouldn't I like to convert to 16-bit JPEG or even HEIF / HEIC to get better quality in smaller sizes? (NX-D only offers standard JPEG).

Bonus Questions:

  • Should I optimize to get the best images instead of the ones closest to the render on the camera? How can I do that without marking image by image that I like the result?
  • Is there any reason to keep the images in NEF instead of converting them?

This question is similar, but obsolete, as well as a slightly different use case: load duplicates with unspecified quality versus obtaining the best possible bitmap to discard the original.

How to extract the depth map of the .heif image created with the iPhone X using imagemagick

I created an image with my own iPhone application. The image is in .heif format and contains the depth map. (I know because the Photos app recognizes it)
Now I downloaded and installed imagemagick.
and executed the following command:

magick identify -verbose orginal.HEIC

This shows me only three channels (Channel 0, Channel 1, Channel 2). I guess these are the rgb colors of the image.

How can I access the depth data of this image?