html – Headline Hierarchy (SEO): no images and h1 suitable as headlines

Ideally for both SEO and the user experience, you should remove the text from those images and superimpose real text, a true

– at the top of the bottom.

If you can't do that, it would be best to include a

which is placed outside the screen. In this way, search engines and screen readers still "see" the title, but sighted visitors do not.

Images should not be included in

Labels They are intended to contain text so that all technologies can understand it. You may want to read the WCAG accessibility guidelines for more information on how assistive technologies visualize and present content so that you do not involuntarily exclude anyone.

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I haven't done a contest in a long time, but I always had great success in DP,

I have a new Facebook page that I'm launching, I buy used baseball bats.
I need a header for the page that says
We buy new and used baseball bats
Send us photos of your bat, we will send you an offer

I'm looking to put together a collage of baseball bats

The bats that I want to use for collage are

2017 Demarini CF-Zen baseball bat
2016 Demarini Cf8 the …

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What headline of this ad?

Which headline best expresses that this product helps people to be more spontaneous? Thank you

Is this a good headline and subtitle?

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This is for a weight loss product for women. I would like to know your opinion or suggestions about what you think about this title and subtitles:

I felt old, fat and depressed

"I'm afraid my husband will leave me for a
Skinner, more attractive woman … "

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