hard drive – why is this happening to my HDDs with Win 10?

I am having a very strange problem with win 10 pro 2004.
I installed my OS and LOL folder in SSD drive. Also I have 3 HDDs seagate G drive, wd black 2tb D drive
I run calculator.exe => wd black makes reading noise, while seagate parks its head. Same thing as when I close calculator.exe (also happens with all of windows programs)
I run Lol game, my hdd again reads file (why idk) then after champion selection to loading screen, again my hdds sing their noise and park head.
I already disable superfetch, windows defender, pagefile, search index.
I really dont know why this is happening but the problems would be solved when I unplug all of my hdds.
Haha i am so mad!

nikon – Is this just chromatic aberration? Or is something else happening in these photos?

fairly new to photography, looking to understand something happening with my photos.

I took these photos with an old Nikon D60, using an 55-200mm f4/5.6 Nikkor lens, with no filters. ISO was set to 200 and aperture was set as open as possible – which suggests to me this might just be chromatic aberration, but i’ve never achieved an effect like this in my photos before.

enter image description here
enter image description here

When I look at these photos, it seems like certain objects glow, object edges get blurred, highlights & reflections are harsher, and overall, it seems like a couple different things are going on. But of course, maybe this can all be explained very simply and I’m just completely off-base.

If these photos were taken through a window, would a fine mesh or net on the window contribute to this effect? If this mesh/netting was very close to the lens and completely out of focus, is it possible that it reduced the sharpness of the photo?

Any help is appreciated!

google sheets – Getting the latest date of something happening (with conditions)

So basically, I’ve got two sheets. One (sheet_1) with every single record in the system (over 11000 rows) and the other one (sheet_2) is querying information from that sheet. The relevant information to know is that sheet_1 has 3 columns of interest to me; name of person, thing he/she did and the date he did it. Now in sheet_2, I’m attempting to create a sort of report about that person, showing all information from sheet_1 that is relevant to that person.

I’ve made sort of a statistics section in sheet_2 which shows the incident type, number of times its happened and when was the last time it did happen. What I cant figure out is how to do the “when was the last time it did happen” column.

My first thought was an if function but that didn’t work since there was no logic there, so ill give you a more clear explanation of what should happen in the cell:

Cell is supposed to first check the type of incident and the name of the person (both in sheet_2) then cross reference that with sheet_1 and get the “maximum or latest date” for that type of incident for that specific person.

sql server – Table scan instead of index seeks happening when where clause filters across multiple tables in join using OR

We have an application generated query using a view that has two tables joined on a LEFT OUTER join. When filtering by fields from just one table (either table) an index seek happens and it’s reasonably fast. When the where clause includes conditions for fields from both tables using an OR the query plan switches to a table scan and doesn’t utilize any of the indexes.

All four fields that are being filtered on are indexed on their respective tables.

Fast query plan where I filter on 3 fields from one table: https://www.brentozar.com/pastetheplan/?id=Hym_4PRSO

Slow query plan where I filter on four fields…three from one table and one from another table: https://www.brentozar.com/pastetheplan/?id=r1dVNDRHO

Ideally I would like to understand why this is happening and how to nudge the query engine to utilize all the indexes.

What’s happening with LinuxFox?

Their domain is not working and I can’t reach anyone.

I’ve been with LinuxFox for several years and have been relatively happy with them… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1841893&goto=newpost

For some reason when i do anything python3 related on my terminal it comes up with the error "Illegal Instruction". Why is this happening?

When I try to run for example a simple print("Hello World") My terminal comes up with the error Illegal Instruction And it’s causing issues.

Database Failover not happening for Sharepoint 2016

I have a Sharepoint 2016 farm with shared roles in the following configuration.

  • 2 X Web Front End Servers with Distributed Cache
  • 2 X Application Servers with Search
  • 1 X Domain Controller
  • 2 X SQL Servers in Failover Cluster (configured with High

However when I do a Manual failover from DB-Server-1 to DB-Server-2 , the failover happens successfully but I get the following errors.

Cannot update database on SQL Server instance ‘SQL-LISTENER-01’. Database is read/only. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.
Failed to update database “SharePoint_Config” because the database is read-only.

SQL database login for ‘SharePoint_Config’ on instance ‘SQL-LISTENER-01’ failed. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.
Login failed for user ‘TEST-DOMAINSPFarm’.

Shutting down the DB-Server-2 has no effect and the sharepoint farm works fine. But setting DB-Server-1 as secondary and DB-Server-2 as primary causes the sharepoint farm to go down.

sql server 2012 – I can’t identify what is happening in this table with a PDF on it

I have a table with this config:

enter image description here

Now if you look at COLUMN_11, it is a varchar -1.

But as far as I know, to insert a PDF file into a table, you need filestream, and the column should be VARBINARY(max) right?

so, how is this working? why is there a PDF in a VARCHAR column?

the DocumentBody is this:

enter image description here

Obviously theres millions of this one.

What is exactly happening in GANG scheduling in multiprocessing systems?

I am trying to find how gang scheduling works. I know about time-sharing, and space sharing and I know the difference between them. But I could not find a good explanation on GANG scheduling .

What is the best way to structure posts for the same event happening in different years?

This isn’t a code specific question, it’s a little more general.
I have events happening every year and want to have a post for each one. The name should be the same for each year, so the url’s would be something like:

I initially set this up using a custom post type for ‘events’ and with a taxonomy for ‘year’ with the plan of just creating each event and assigning the relevant year.

The problem with this is that I cannot have the same slug more than once so I end up with:

I could create a custom post type for each year, but I feel like that is not a very elegant solution, and would prefer not to have to create a new custom post type every year.

I wondered if anyone can suggest a good approach for this?

Thanks in advance!