Run n’ Gun game: Fixating the gun’s angle

I am trying to have the gun stick to facing the left or right when the player isn’t pressing any of the arrow keys. For instance, if the player is aiming diagonally up-left, then when the player lets go of the arrow keys the gun should aim to the left. Here is the code, it is when it starts using the facing variable. Right now it stays stuck aiming in any direction.

//Keyboard Aim
key_left = keyboard_check(vk_left);
key_right = keyboard_check(vk_right);
key_up = keyboard_check(vk_up);
key_down = keyboard_check(vk_down);

if (oPlayer.controller == 0)
    var dir = point_direction(0, 0, key_right-key_left, key_down-key_up);   
    if (key_left!=0 || key_right!=0 || key_up!=0 || key_down!=0)
        image_angle = round(dir / 45) * 45;
    //Make it so the gun aims only left or right when not pressing arrow keys
    if (key_right || key_left) 
        facing = key_right - key_left;
        dir = point_direction(0, 0, facing, 0);

[ Politics ] Open Question : Can you kill the coronavirus with a gun?

( Politics ) Open Question : Can you kill the coronavirus with a gun?

I am bullied every day. I feel like bringing a gun to school?

The answer to being bullied is swift and blinding violence, BUT NOT WITH A WEAPON.

Next time you are being bullied, you hit that person just as fast and hard as you can by total surprise, and you keep hitting them until they are down on the ground in a fetal position.

You may lose this fight, you may win it.  But you’ll be known as the guy who won’t be bullied.  And if you are expelled, problem solved!

[ Politics ] Open question: Pro Gun Control or Pro Gun?

Which side do you choose and why? A good explanation for your side would be highly appreciated.

dnd 5e – When I cast the Charm Person spell on a merchant last session, why did the target point a gun at me after their eyes glowed slightly?

Only your DM knows

Why did the shopkeeper's eyes start to glow slightly? We don't know. Perhaps the place itself is magical, it could be part of the mystery that the DM prepared for you. Or the eyes were not really shining as it was just a way of speaking. Only your DM knows for sure, so you should ask him first.

Why did the merchant react so aggressively? We don't know either. We can guess why, but only your DM knows for sure. Although there are a couple of reasons why the old woman could do that.

1. The act of casting spells in itself is obvious

Unless your character is a sorcerer using subtle spell Metamagically, the Charm Person spell requires a verbal and somatic component, meaning "chanting mystical words" and "forced gesticulation or an intricate set of gestures" according to the book. So an unknown person comes to your store, casts a spell (it failed you but still), and then requires giving something for free. It seems like an obvious robbery attempt to me.

2. The target of the spell knows he was enchanted

From the spell description, the creature knows that it was enchanted "when the spell ends." The DM could rationalize, it doesn't matter if the target succeeded or missed the save shot; the target will know regardless of the reason why The spell ends.

You should talk to your DM if this bothers you

D&D is a game that you cannot play "bad" while all the participants have fun. If some things bother you, you should discuss it with the DM. Be specific, name things that seem unfair or frustrating to you. Focus on your feelings, not on being "right" or "wrong" by the rules. A decent DM will take this into account and adapt the game.

You may consider talking to your DM not by telling them what they did wrong, but by focusing on how you He felt. eg "Hey, last session, when X happened, I was confused / frustrated because I couldn't understand Y". You know exactly what you felt, so you can confidently talk about it. Your DM is unlikely to get defensive when you don't directly criticize them, so he's more likely to help you (thanks @BBeast for the rundown).

Website about gun safes for sale

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Should gun stores be considered nonessential and closed?

It seems that the only people who think gun shops are essential are those who already own guns. Fool. If you don't already own a gun, now is not the time to buy it. Possessing an unknown weapon while stressed and isolated is a very bad idea.

It's funny how my dentist is closed except in emergencies. Same thing with my eye doctor, but somehow people with brain bullets think gun shops are essential. Most people do not own a gun (70%) and the majority (57%) live in a home without a gun. And two thirds of that 30% who own weapons own more than one pistol. Ammunition can be purchased online. How the hell is a gun shop essential and a dentist is not? It is difficult to fill a cavity or clean your teeth over the Internet.

There is an obvious joke that could be made about that, but I won't.

What is the economy of action cost of pulling out a gun? How about two?

What does it take to get a gun out if you start fighting with it? Is it an Interact? If so, it triggers reactions, including the attack of opportunity. Part of a Stride (as it was in P1e)? Free? What if you have two weapons? Can you draw both or are they separate actions?

While Interact seems to be the most likely, I can't seem to find the written answer to this.

Rigging: when importing a rig into the blender, the transformation and rotation of the gun object get confused

enter the image description here

I have tried to apply the rotation and fix the origins, but nothing works. I've heard of certain methods to work around this that involve importing the object as an fbx file into the drive instead of just saving the blender file directly to the drive, but I'd really rather not, since I want the advantage of realtime editing in blender, I still haven't finished all my animations

dnd 5e – Should they carry in their hand the tiny artillery gun of the gunner?

The Gunner Gunner has the ability to make Eldritch Cannons. The rules for the canyon state that you can make two versions of different sizes:

you can perform an action to create by magic a small or small Eldritch cannon in an unoccupied space on a horizontal surface 5 reet from you. A small eldritch cannon occupies its space, and a small one can be held in one hand.

The wording is a bit vague. Do the rules mean that the small version:

  1. It does not occupy a space, therefore should be held in the hand of the architect
  2. can it will be held in one hand, unlike the small version, but otherwise it works like the small version with respect to space and movement if not.