guidelines: how to implement a style guide for a 2-4 team

I have experience in three different tools to create style guides:

The first style guide I implemented was built using Confluence. It was more a library of design patterns, which contained patterns and best practices for the most common user interface design problems. Each pattern contained an example image, a description of how it works and why it should be used, and related design files. It was mainly used by designers, the developers did not find it so useful since there were no code examples on how to implement them.

WordPress blog with the theme
At some point we evaluate, an open source WordPress theme that makes the WordPress blog a pattern library tool. Developers liked it a bit, since it uses CSS and HTML for examples of patterns that developers can use in the code. However, he did not support the use of Twitter Bootstrap in the examples, not jQuery, and the designer did not like it because he lacked some key features that he would need, such as loading files for design

Now we are using Patternry, a hosted style guide tool. What we especially like is the ability to use Twitter Bootstrap in the examples of patterns, the ability to customize the pattern templates and the live editor for brands and styles, which facilitates the layout of designs in the browser. What we don't like is that the product is still a bit immature, some of the features do not work as expected, it has no version control and is not integrated into any external version control system.

Elliott wave and wave formation guidelines

Elliott Wave and Wave Formation Guidelines

The guidelines presented throughout this chapter are analyzed and illustrated in the context of a bull market. Except where they are specifically excluded, they are applied equally in bear markets, in which context illustrations and implications would be reversed.


توصيات الذهب

The alternation guide is very broad in its application and warns the analyst that you should always expect a difference in the next expression of a similar wave. Hamilton Bolton said:

The writer is do not convinced that the alternation is inevitable in wave types in larger formations, but there are cases frequent enough to suggest that one should look for it instead.

توصيات الفوركس

Although the alternation does not say precisely what is going to happen, it gives a valuable warning of what do not wait and, therefore, it is useful to consider when analyzing wave formations and assessing future probabilities. Mainly he tells the analyst not to assume, as most people usually do, that because the last cycle of the market behaved in a certain way, surely this will be the same. As the "opposites" never cease to point out, the day when most investors "capture" an apparent market habit is the day when it will change to a completely different one. However, Elliott went further by stating that, in fact, alternation was practically a law of markets.

Alternation within an impulse

gold signs

If wave two of an impulse is an acute correction, expect wave four to be a lateral correction, and vice versa. Figure 2-1 shows the most characteristic breakdowns of an impulse wave, either up or down, as the alternation guide suggests. Acute corrections never include a new extreme price, that is, one that is beyond the orthodox end of the preceding impulse wave. They are almost always zigzags (single, double or triple); occasionally they are triple that start with a zigzag Side corrections include planes, triangles and double and triple corrections. They usually include a new extreme price, that is, one that lies beyond the orthodox end of the preceding impulse wave. In rare cases, a regular triangle (one that does not include a new extreme price) in the position of the fourth wave will take the place of a sharp correction and alternate with another type of lateral pattern in the position of the second wave. The idea of ​​alternation within an impulse can be summed up by saying that one of the two corrective processes will contain a movement backwards or beyond the end of the previous impulse, and the other will not.

توصيات الذهب

Figure 2-1

A diagonal shows no alternation between rounds 2 and 4. Normally, both corrections are zigzag. An extension is an expression of alternation, since the motor waves alternate their lengths. Usually, the first one is short, the third one extends and the fifth one is short again. An extension, which normally occurs as wave 3, sometimes occurs as wave 1 or 5, another manifestation of alternation.

Alternation within the corrective waves

gold signs

If a correction begins with a flat construction a-b-c for wave A, wait for a zigzag formation a-b-c for wave B and vice versa (see Figures 2-2 and 2-3). With a moment of reflection, it is obvious that this fact is sensible, since the first illustration reflects an upward bias in both subwaves while the second reflects a downward bias.

توصيات العملات

Very often, when a large correction begins with a simple zigzag a-b-c for wave A, wave B will extend into a zigzag a-b-c more intricately subdivided to achieve a type of alternation, as in Figure 2-4. Sometimes the C wave will be even more complex, as in Figure 2-5. The reverse order of complexity is somewhat less common. An example of its occurrence can be found on wave 4 in Figure 2-16.

gold signs

gold and forex signals ( توصيات العملات ) They depend on the analysis of the gold price price pattern and FX obtains results of gold trading signals توصيات الذهب in

Are there accessibility guidelines or standards of good practice?

WCAG2.0 is the accessibility standard currently generally accepted. The compliance checklists in Section 508 also exist ( but may be outdated: the original 508 guidelines are relatively vague and were written earlier, p. Screen readers could interpret JavaScript, so they are more restrictive than necessary.

You have misunderstood the level rankings in WCAG: they are not "priorities", they are different levels of conformity. Most organizations aim at least at compliance with level A; few reach compliance with the AAA level because, as you point out, that level of accessibility is difficult to meet. In fact:

"It is not recommended that compliance with the AAA Level be required as a general policy for complete sites because it is not possible to meet all the AAA Level Success Criteria for some content"). Https:// conformity.html

To consider your product accessible, should meet level A should meet AA level, and may meet AAA level.

You can also review the VPAT template at, which is essentially a self-assessment checklist of "Does this product comply with WCAG?" in a standardized way.

(I will return late to edit this answer to echo an important point made in other responses: the checklist is only the first step; it is important to really test the accessibility of the design and make sure it is really usable by everyone. It is quite possible to build a product that technically meets all the guidelines, but is still unnecessarily difficult or annoying to use).

Distance between guidelines in Figma?

so I'm using Figma for now because Adobe XD will no longer be free. I am curious to know if there is a configuration to show the distance between the guide lines in Figma as Adobe XD.

enter the description of the image here

Above is the illustration. Thanks in advance

Programming – Counterintuitive remediation cost scale within the SEI CERT Coding Guidelines for priority

The SEI CERT coding guidelines assign a priority to each rule, formed from the product of three factors: severity, probability and cost of remediation. Each of these three factors is assigned a value of 1-3, and the highest priority formed by that product is 27.

While gravity and probability correspond to my intuition (assigning a 3 to very serious consequences and a 3 to a probable vulnerability), I find that the scale of value for remediation is counterintuitive. A remediation value of 3 is described as the most cheap rule to apply; allowing the use of automatic detection and automatic correction. However, this would correspond to a 27 (3x3x3): that is, the higher possible priority Surely the highest and most likely rule, which also has the highest cost to comply, must be assigned the highest priority? After all, the cost may correspond to the time when staffing levels are low.

The relevant section of the SEI CERT Coding Guidlines wiki is here.

guidelines: user interface to upload, verify and import data to the database

A common task in many applications is when an end user, and not necessarily an advanced user, has to rise Y to import a data spreadsheet (.csv or .xls) from an external source for external records to be saved in the application. Often the user has to check and / or correct erroneous data.

I have seen that applications adopt several approaches to this task, none of which
They are particularly easy to use.

I wonder:

  1. Is there an article or written document on the subject that provides guidance supported by research on this subject?

  2. Are there any applications (externally accessible) that you believe provide an exceptional experience for the end user to what can be a problematic task (especially when the user interface is not friendly) for users who are not "advanced users"?

Design guidelines to open in a new tab: hyperlink vs image

I am designing a website that has a lot of dependence on third-party web services. Therefore, the user must constantly switch to those sites for validation, such as using Oauth services, which will redirect to our site.

What would be the best design for such a case?

  1. Text HyperLink URL: indicating the description and domain name for
    be redirected
  2. Using the redirected site logo.
  3. Any other solution?

Any example of similar design would be useful.

3 Open guidelines to maximize your Forex trading – Discussions and help

Currency trading is a learning experience. How do you tell a lot about the psychology of your trade?

Do you change emotionally if about trade When do you see a favorable offer, or do you make a strategy long before the operation?

But most importantly, how do you train and supervise these things?

That is why it is very important to make psychologically commercial magazines. This is the reference weapon for the commercial situation, since it will contain its behavioral tendencies. It makes you realize the pattern of trade that you don't have to follow.

I don't know where you will be one of those things. But that is when your psychological trading journal will be useful. When you know your business patterns, it helps you stay away from people who may incur losses. So, here are some tips to maximize your business diary:


It's easy to write about your mistakes, so you don't make them anymore. But you also have to write about the positive aspects. For example, if strategies A and B fail, you can write in your journal. In addition, you should also write about work strategies C and D.

Many Forex trading sites describe the different mistakes that traders usually make. Forex Academy is a website that not only shows the error, but also indicates a different way to fix it.

So, your diary must have two parts. The one with the negative aspects, which contain commercial errors that you should avoid, and secondly, the positive that speaks about some of your successful business strategies. This will help you work on the negative and turn it into a positive future.


Simply follow your friends or fellow traders who are now the way to go in exchange operations. You should always have a goal-oriented approach.

For example, if you make some mistakes on the first day of trading, you should try not to repeat them the next day or next week. Similarly, if you have a satisfactory ROI in your first operation, you should seek to follow that strategy and get more in the second attempt.

However, be sure to evaluate the market condition while operating. If you succeed on the first day, it does not mean that the market will remain that way forever. Therefore, monitor constantly changing market conditions.


As already mentioned, there is much to learn from a Forex professional, I would even say that they do not have a complete knowledge of the market. Keeping an open mind is the best way to maximize your business diary. Learning does not have to limit itself to correcting your mistakes.

There are many new techniques that you will find when you start trading. Do not avoid this strategy because you trade successfully without help.

Forex trading may be difficult at first, but if you have a diary, difficult days will be the pillars of success soon.

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ios – Where are the data backup guidelines for the restore application?

I am surprised at how Apple seamlessly handles data from backup and restore applications. Does Apple have guidelines for backup / restore principles? How do applications handle the compatibility of versions of restored data between different versions of the same application?

Do they comply with the Accessibility Guidelines for Web 2.0 Content of YouTube videos?

In addition to the need for subtitles, which could be satisfied with automatic YouTube subtitles, the other problem with compliance with WCAG 2.0 (or 2.1) in AA or AAA is the requirement under criterion 1.2.5 to provide audio descriptions if your Video track contains Additional information or context is needed to understand the audio.

Unfortunately, as of this answer, YouTube does not support a separate audio description track without additional software layered at the top. So, the answer is that, in general, a YouTube video without additional support can only be accessible at level A, not AA or AAA.