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Facebook It is one of the most popular social networks with 2.4 billion users worldwide. However, not everyone manages to conquer this media platform and earn money here.

In our new definitive guide In Facebook Ads, we gather the most popular misconceptions about it and share secrets on how to make the most of the work with this traffic source at each stage of the promotion.

And always keep in mind: the more accurate data you have, the more you can learn from the performance of your ads and optimize them to get a higher ROI.

The complete guide is here.

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Website design: should the password security meter and password guide be used together?

I saw many registration forms, but none implemented the password security meter and password guide together
Currently the password validation is that it must be min. 8 characters with 1 special characters 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase.

So, should I show both the meter and the guide in the user interface when choosing any of them?

Guide to starting a successful online betting business: everything else

Today rental companies are in full swing. The immense prerequisite completely admires people who travel frequently to another country. More and more revenue-generating tactics are present in the online rental business. So go ahead to start a rental business with a Trioangle technology expert. That is incorporated with an exclusive set of options to earn money and with numerous functions that provide income along with the script.

The types of online rental businesses are listed in the next section. Choose from which list is the right rental business type for your departure from the following list.

Various types of online rental scripts

Clone of Airbnb – Makent:

The Airbnb clone is an online property rental script, which is supposed to do business. The host can upload his house / apartment for rent. For the rental process, hosts must complete specific details about their property for tenants. Users from several countries or cities can choose a comfortable place for their stay. The person influencing the Airbnb clone to start their business initiative plays a mediator role and can deduct the commission between the host and the guest.

Airbnb Clone For Cars – Makent Cars:

The Airbnb clone for cars is the car rental script, which is supposed to do business. Makent for Cars is an exemplary web-based script for car rental peer-to-peer. Without any other customization, you can immediately start your car rental business effectively. With all the features of Airbnb along with the custom features, it is the right script for your business. With a responsive website and an easy-to-use administration panel, your choice to buy a Trioangle script is the great start to renting your car.

Boat rental script – Makent Boats:

Makent Boats is a boat rental script, it is supposed to do business and is an Airbnb clone script that was written according to the boat rental business. It is the best script for boat rental from peer to peer. The online interface attracts boat owners and tenants with its full features and constructively connects boat owners and tenants. The Makent Boat script incorporates all Airbnb features with a responsive website and an easy-to-use administration panel and provides an instant technical solution to launch the boat rental business. Therefore, we ensure that Trioangle's technical solution to inaugurate the boat rental business is impeccable and an excellent option to take a hit.

Hotel reservation script – Makent Hotels:

Makent Hotels is the hotel reservation script, supposedly for doing business. The Trioangle web-based hotel reservation script improves your business with its intuitive designs, fine features and required functionalities. In addition, our script offers multiple options for booking and listing rooms to soften the process of renting and booking hotel rooms. Our online hotel reservation system is much more flexible, as it can incorporate innovative business ideas. One of Trioangle's best technical assistance services is to acquire it and revolutionize the industry.

Space rental script – Makent Space:

Makent Space is the script for renting spaces, which you are supposed to do business with. It is an online market that allows people to list, find and rent space for a processing fee. It is a responsive web-based script to start a rental business for spaces such as offices, event spaces, meeting / conference spaces, wedding spaces, photo shoot / movie shoot spaces, etc. Our space rental software provides the business with excellent features and functionalities that comfort the reservation and listing process of a rental space.

Parking reservation script – Makent Parking:

Makent parking is the parking reservation script, which you are supposed to do business with. It is designed and developed according to the needs of the market. With all the standard and brand-name features, our car parking script is a leader for both end users and business owners. Easy to customize and sensitive script available in the market.


Human interface guide: What is (iOS) alternative to a radio button on Android?

If you look for the documentation in the selection controls section, you will find that it is also possible to use a radio button on Android.

There are three defined types, each with its own intention and use, so read the information and find out if you really need to find an alternative or not.

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Quick guide: promoting your business

Hi everyone!

I just joined and I immediately noticed that there are many publications that ask where to start promoting your business, instead of sending the same answer by spam, I thought you would make a thread with a quick start list for your colleagues businessmen. Please feel free to add it.

  • Create your website, making sure that the SEO on the page is perfect and focused on the appropriate keywords
  • Create appropriate email addresses for your company (i.e. admin @, support @, sales @, etc.)
  • Create your social media pages and publish them regularly with appropriate hash tags to gain audience
  • Sign up for a Google account for your business
  • Set up Google Search Console for your website
  • Configure Google Analytics for your website
  • Create the Google My Business page for your company
  • Promote your website with off-page SEO (Link Building)
  • Promote your website with your social media accounts
  • Assign a budget to a Google ad campaign, be sure to focus on your existing keywords / phrases
  • Create mailing lists and encourage registrations on your website, then send non-spam informational emails (maybe once a month to avoid disturbing potential customers)

I hope that helps!

reactjs – Postgresql with the react user guide

I am new to programming. I improved with reacting and I have a project. In this case, do I need to know how to use my database with react? I mean, I can create db and tables with postgres, but how can I use it in my reaction project? Do you have any useful guidance on this? I found node-postgres. Is it useful or should I find something else?

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Performance: How to use the Lighthouse Scoring Guide for Accessibility Audit?

I am working to improve the score on Accessibility Audit in Lighthouse.

My client's site has an accessibility score of 60 and its goal is to obtain more than 90.

I performed the audit using Google Lighthouse (available in Chrome Developer Tools) and found the exact pain points that should be corrected.

However, I want to make sure how much score I can get by correcting all these missing items.

I checked the lighthouse score here: There is a Google spreadsheet where we can add specific values ​​for each metric to find out the score.

Here is the spreadsheet: https: //

However, I could not find metric score values ​​for Accessibility Audit metrics.

Suggest how I can find these metric score values ​​mentioned in the spreadsheet.

Do I need a transit visa? I already bought the ticket online. Please, someone guide me. I have Nepalese citizenship

FLIGHT: MU 792 – Eastern China 12/24/2019
DEPARTURE: Sydney, AU (Kingsford Smith) 12/24/2019 1:30
ARRIVAL: Beijing, CN (Capital Intl) 12/24/2019 11:30 PM

Luggage allowance: 2 pieces
Stops: 1

OPERATED BY: China Eastern, MU

FLIGHT: MU 2035 – Eastern China 12/25/2019
DEPARTURE: Beijing, CN (Capital Intl) 12/25/2019 05:55
ARRIVAL: Kunming, CN (Kunming) 12/25/2019 10:00

Luggage allowance: 2 pieces
Stops: –

OPERATED BY: China Eastern, MU

FLIGHT: MU 757 – East China 12/25/2019
DEPARTURE: Kunming, CN (Kunming) 12/25/2019 14:30
ARRIVAL: Kathmandu, NP (Kathmandu) 12/25/2019 3:55 PM

Luggage allowance: 2 pieces
Stops: –
OPERATED BY: China Eastern, MU

Forex Trading Signals – A definitive guide. – Discussions and help

Without a doubt, Forex trading is very popular these days. Currently, a HUGE number of people are getting involved in Forex trading.

Due to the popularity of Forex, there are many Forex service providers. And several statistics show that a large number of them are providers of Forex signals.

So, many Forex newbies will have some questions about what are Forex signals or signal providers.

Therefore, let's dive.

What are Forex signals?

Forex signals they are a recommendation that a human analyst, software or commercial robots can make. A trading signal contains key information to enter the specific negotiation in the currency pair, with a specific price and time.

Types of Forex Signal

The type of signal is determined by the specific function it may have and how it works in general.

Technically, there are two types of FX signals that are permanently available in the Forex market.

Here are the DEETS …

Forex manual signals

Automated Forex Signals

If I describe the first type, we all know that when this type of signal is used, the merchant must sit in front of the computer for a long period of time, looking for a signal to make a final decision on whether to buy or sell a particular currency.

As you can see, the decisions made by the merchant here are based on the interpretation of the merchant, and that can potentially be a slow process. The use of these daily Forex signals has an interdependent connection with manual trading.


A human trader can evaluate the currency market in a way that the program cannot: can see when they move unexpectedly and uncomfortably and, therefore, can withdraw from the trade.

A trader has certain skills and experience, and is not only limited to code and programmed settings, such as automated systems, so he can get an idea of ​​whether a particular transaction would be profitable or not.

Now let's move on to other types of Forex trading signals. The important thing about the automated FX signal is that here only software is used to generate market predictions.

The human psychological stress involved in this process really incurred. As a result, the software will automatically interpret the action to choose: buy or sell specific currencies.

Trading in this way can be very accurate, as long as the program has been completed properly and with a professional.

Forex robots can process more data than human FX traders. This means that you can personally manage several currency pairs at once, and you can also monitor all the graphics you want 24/7, and without losing any significant signal.

However, the most successful signal tool is often achieved using a hybrid of the two species, which is actually what most Forex experts do.
As for the purchase, both manual and automatic Forex trading signals can be obtained online.

If you intend to buy, first check which providers offer you a free trial signal. A legitimate business will allow you to first verify the information and make sure it is of good quality before buying it.

To ensure that the merchant has to obtain information that benefits him in the end, they just have to work with a company that is willing to give before, the results were evaluated.

In addition, companies that validate your information are easier to believe, not the company that refused to offer merchants a free trial and access to audited results. A definitive policy on Forex signals.

The main signal system and its characteristics

In the manual Forex signal system, the signals are usually generated by a human analyst sitting in front of a computer. Therefore, analysts spend time searching for certain signals and interpreting them.

In the automatic FX signal system, the currency exchange signals produced by the Forex robot using specific software and, consequently, interpret it.

I wanted to describe the types of services provided under the FX signal system. First, there is a signal from one of the operators, either by personal analysis or analysis automatically paid through algorithms. The following is a paid signal, which is derived from various sources or systems.

And the last option, which I mentioned earlier, and that often provides the best Forex trading signals, the trading software is managed by a Forex robot.
What you choose must be your own choice and must meet your own individual needs. I should also mention the features offered by the service provider signals: you will find it if you apply the Forex trading signals.

Its characteristics are as follows:

  • Forex Account Management

  • FX signal analysis assistance and support graphics availability for further interpretation

  • Educational and training resources.

  • A trial period of the Forex signal system, either free or at a reduced price

  • Additional interaction between the provider and the client through forums and special comments.

  • The availability of business history

  • Approximate loss figures at the entry, exit and stop for different operators in the currency pairs.

Unfortunately, there are some people in the market who provide false and unreliable online Forex signals, which can cause you to lose money, so be careful not to let anyone fool you, and be sure to investigate long before making a purchase. . .


As I approach the end of the conversations, there is something else that should be described. The FX signal requires at least a basic knowledge of the exchange operations.
There are many signal providers that offer several opportunities, but they are useless if you cannot fully understand what you are negotiating. This Forex signal is a general description of what you need to know to better understand the tool signals.

When you implement a manual or automatic signal, you must pay attention to all these advantages and disadvantages accordingly. The signal does not provide a 100% benefit, but still, it wisely uses a high possibility of the real benefit.


Consider what you choose, your negotiation style and your ability, it will DEFINITELY give you an excellent answer.