rental – Airbnb guests meaning

You rent the whole property, and guests are up to you to bring or not to bring. The number of guests includes you by the way, e.g. 2 guests = you + 1 friend. Also quite often the maximum number of guest isn’t enforced (but some guests may end up sleeping on the floor/couch if you go over). In some cases (uncommon), the rent price depends on the number of guests you indicate. Also, in some jurisdictions (e.g., Peru I believe), each guest has to provide some ID to the host by law. Additionally, in some jurisdictions, a tax may have to be paid for each guest (e.g., Lisbon’s municipal tax), in theory at least.

Guests at a motel

My boyfriend and I are renting a room weekly at a local motel while we search for an apartment. My brother, who pays for the room, visits about once a day to check on us and make sure we don’t need anything. The owner has yelled at us several times and told us we can’t have visitors in our room. My brother doesn’t stay with us, he just comes to check on us for a few minutes and then leaves. He doesn’t use any of the accommodations, and doesn’t do anything wrong. Can they forbid him to come to our room even though he pays for it?

sharepoint online – How would one know if the SharingLink is ‘Anyone’, ‘New and existing guests’, ‘Existing guests’, or ‘Only people in your organization’?

I am trying to understand the difference in SharingLinks so I can perform some cleanup actions on SharingLinks in our tenant using PowerShell.

How would one know if the SharingLink is ‘Anyone’, ‘New and existing guests’, ‘Existing guests’, or ‘Only people in your organization’?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Why are Fox News personalities like Tucker and Hannity yelling and interrupting their guests all the time? ?

"Adequate interview"? Just as CNN is not a biased propaganda machine, no journalist named today is capable of a partial objective interview, that soul was sold in the 1960s. Most of the main news is not news, its reaction and opinion to a subject line, without context, without substance, without depth, only personality and profit. The "proper interview" is gone, we can't recreate it until we remember the taste of truth and integrity

virtualization: Does the software firewall of a virtual machine host also protect guests?

Both host and guest are running Windows 10.
I use VMware for virtualization.

The invited virtual machine connects to the Internet through NAT.
I have a service running on the guest virtual machine that I can access from the host.
But from another computer on the network, I cannot access this service.

So am I assuming that the host firewall is also blocking the port?

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Access denied to guests

For some reason, when I add a guest to a group, they can't seem to access SharePoint. I have not changed any settings? Why do they get access to the denied screen?

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sharepoint online: how can permissions be managed for all external guests?

I have a question regarding external guests and their permit management. I have created a public website of the SharePoint team and created external guests.

I have the following users, which I can use to obtain permissions:

  • XY website owner
  • WebsiteXY members
  • Any, except external

I would like to map the following authorization structure:

Everyone in my organization and external guests must have read access to the website. Members should be able to participate normally.

But there is no "External" group … the guests are in my "Members of …" group, so I cannot allow the guests to be isolated.

How can I implement this?