Why are Fox News personalities like Tucker and Hannity yelling and interrupting their guests all the time? ?

"Adequate interview"? Just as CNN is not a biased propaganda machine, no journalist named today is capable of a partial objective interview, that soul was sold in the 1960s. Most of the main news is not news, its reaction and opinion to a subject line, without context, without substance, without depth, only personality and profit. The "proper interview" is gone, we can't recreate it until we remember the taste of truth and integrity

virtualization: Does the software firewall of a virtual machine host also protect guests?

Both host and guest are running Windows 10.
I use VMware for virtualization.

The invited virtual machine connects to the Internet through NAT.
I have a service running on the guest virtual machine that I can access from the host.
But from another computer on the network, I cannot access this service.

So am I assuming that the host firewall is also blocking the port?

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Access denied to guests

For some reason, when I add a guest to a group, they can't seem to access SharePoint. I have not changed any settings? Why do they get access to the denied screen?

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sharepoint online: how can permissions be managed for all external guests?

I have a question regarding external guests and their permit management. I have created a public website of the SharePoint team and created external guests.

I have the following users, which I can use to obtain permissions:

  • XY website owner
  • WebsiteXY members
  • Any, except external

I would like to map the following authorization structure:

Everyone in my organization and external guests must have read access to the website. Members should be able to participate normally.

But there is no "External" group … the guests are in my "Members of …" group, so I cannot allow the guests to be isolated.

How can I implement this?

online sharepoint: once sharing is activated here, any collection of sites that have previously enabled sharing will be accessible to guests again

We have the following configuration to share, where we allow sharing the site with external users, as follows: –

enter the description of the image here

Now, within OneDrive, one of the users wants to use the request file, and to do so we have to change the sharing settings as follows:

enter the description of the image here

but we receive this message:

Once sharing is turned on here, any site collections that previously had sharing enabled will once again be accessible to guests. To prevent this, disable sharing from the Site Collections page before enabling it here.

Do you want to enable external sharing?

so I’m not sure if the sharing settings applied to the tenant level will override the sharing settings within each site collection. How is this what the message says? Now I want to allow this only to the single-user OneDrive site and not all SharePoint sites and all onedrive sites. Any advice, what is the way to control this, so the requested change will not apply to all sharepoint and onedrvie sites?
Thank you

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