passports – Airbnb hosts wants me to send pictures of all guests’ IDs

In Italy, there is a legal requirement that all guests of hotels, B&Bs, rooms, etc. (including Airbnb) must be registered with the local police, so I guess it’s not a matter of tourist tax but they are asking it because of this registration.

In the most recent version of the law, the host must fill in an online form to register the guests. From what I read (I don’t have a hotel/airbnb myself, so maybe others with first-hand knowledge can confirm), the host must provide name, surname, gender, birth date and place, nationality of all occupants, but document details are required only for one of the guests (the “group leader”).

This registration must happen before the guests can enter their room (although in my experience this part is not always respected).

Reference (in Italian):

So, from what I understand, they don’t need IDs for all occupants, but they need some personal information. Probably they are asking for IDs just for their convenience: it’s easier for them to read all the required information from a document, rather than asking about them and dealing with all the language issues and “how do you spell it?”.

usa – Why would a hotel only accept guests older than 21 years old?

I’ve booked a stay in a hotel at our local Crystal Mountain resort and noticed a peculiar message:

All guests must be 21 or accompanied by a legal guardian.

Why would a hotel not allow someone who’s 18 year old to check into the room? In theory, someone who’s 21 years of age is not supposed to stay in this room with their 20 year old boyfriend?

Note that this hotel is a part of a ski resort, so there’s no gambling involved. The rooms are very basic and don’t seem to include alcohol in the minibar. There’s a restaurant that serves alcohol at the ski resort but they check your ID there and don’t care if you’re a guest of the hotel. So what could be a possible explanation?

Can I use IPs to log guests viewing my posts?

I want to log (and display) a list of guests/non-logged-in users that view my posts. I want the displayed list under actual post content.

Are IPs the best way to do this?
Are Cookies the best way?
Is a combination the best way?

How would I get started?

malware – Is it safe to enable a guest’s firewall on a virtual machines?

On my host machine, I have the firewall on, of course, but while using my virtual machine (guest) should I enable the OS’s firewall on that too?

Or would is that unsafe if I got malware?

I saw somewhere that if I got malware, the firewall being on would help the attacker get into my network.

Google Calendar -> Email guests feature does not provide Rich Text or does it?

In Google Calendar I right click on an existing meeting request. I click Email Guests as shown here.

I’m only provided with plain text message box as shown here.

Can I enable HTML / Rich text message contents? E.g. I would want to attach a picture …

Or can through some other way send HTML/Rich text email to meeting request guests with subject already filled in for me? (I know I can copy guests and manually type in subject etc.)

It seems such a basic feature. I hope I’m just missing something … Essentially I’m trying to do this

Is putting Server 2019 (full os with hyper-v) and 2 2019 Guests on a single two-disk Raid 1 array reliable enough?

We’re currently experiencing some significant cpu/ram performance issues with 2 VM’s on our current HPE 2015 tower server (2x Xeon 8c/8t 1.7ghz) running server 2012 for HV and guests (10 guests total), so we’re looking at getting a HPE DL325 1x 8c/16t Epyc 3.2ghz with server 2016 or 2019 HV and fresh installs for the two guests in question.

The new server is sata only with just 4x LFF bays so a big raid 10 array with cheaper sas drives (like in our tower server) isn’t really an option, so to maximize performance cheaply we’re looking at 2x enterprise-grade ssd’s, whether HPE branded or maybe samsung/intel.

Our main goal is reliability/redundancy, so would 2x 1TB SSD drives in Raid 1 be reliable/performant enough in this case? I’m thinking partition the disk so the server 2016/2019HV (~128GB) is on one, and the two vm guests on another (~812GB).

This server comes with HPE Smart Array S100i SR Gen10 SW RAID, should we just ignore that and spring for a current/last gen hardware raid card? Is SW raid just not that reliable enough?

We are on a tight budget (hence the HPE DL325 choice), plus we’re a small biz, any tips/guidance for a reliable cheap configuration would be much appreciated.

Why do Hilton Garden Inns have color printers guests can use freely, but more upscale hotels offer just free black white printing?

This is pure speculation on my part, but here is a very old press release announcing a partnership between “PrinterOn” and HGI to provide “guest printing services” for the entire HGI chain. The emphasis is on remote printing from a room, but it makes sense that PrinterOn would push color printers for the best possible experience.

Obviously, the HGI chain is positioned mid-market with a likely robust business traveler customer base. So, at the time this deal was inked, this probably looked like a smart, forward-thinking move by HGI to attract more business travelers. Why do I call it a “bad deal”? Well, as far as I can tell, PrinterOn did not manage to capture any more chains after this deal, if we can use the Google results for its website as any indication:

Google results for "printeron"

If you browse the website, you will not see any mention of HGI. The only mention I could find is the link highlighted by Google.

Obviously, this implies that other similarly positioned chains did not consider it a good investment, and declined to partner with PrinterOn. Probably, those chains watched the market for a while, noticed that remote/color printing was not really a differentiator, and thanked their lucky stars that they didn’t sink any money into a losing investment.

Now, the interesting question is, “Why is HGI still offering color printing?” Because it looks like they have been in this business for up to 17 years. If it really were not a market differentiator, I would guess that they would have downgraded to B&W after the first generation of printers went kaput and needed to be replaced. I highly doubt most of their original printers have been operating all this time. That implies that they have been replacing the color printers, along with maintaining this unusual, one-off relationship with PrinterOn.

All I can say to that is: “corporate inertia”. Perhaps this aspect of the business is such a small line item expense that nobody wants to bother tinkering with it. Customers have probably come to expect this unusual amenity, even if they are not a significant majority, so it is easier to just pass the costs on to the other customers, as noted in other answers.

Why do Hilton Garden Inns have color printers guests use freely, but not more luxury hotels that offer just free black white printing?

My colleagues and I had this question for long time. We’re not talking about color printers for staff in staff areas that guests can’t use, or how front desk can print in color for you if you ask.

most hotels have just a black white printer guests can use freely. But every hilton garden inn (“HGI”) we stayed at has a color printer guests can use freely. Every HGI has a color printer in their business center. we’re bewildered….hgi is upper middle scale, not upscale??!??! I googled “hilton garden inn” color printers and saw this on

  • Color laser printer and photocopy machine

I don’t know if this website constitutes official policy? Does this mean every hgi must have a color printer for guests to use for free?

HGI belongs hilton. I consider other fancier hilton brands first. We’ve stayed at conrad hotels, hilton hotels & resorts with the blue hilton logo on the building, waldorf astoria in business hubs, right in downtown core. They had just free b&w printing! Other hilton brands equally as or less fancy have just free b&w, like doubletree, homewood suites, hampton.

Even hotels more upscale than hgi have just free b&w printing. Many four seasons, j.w. marriott, ritz carlton, st regis hotels just have b&w printing.

How You Can Show A Certain Number Of Products For Guests In Magento?

How you can show a certain number of products for guests in Magento?

Virtualbox network – two guests connected to each other with only one having internet access

I’ve been poking around with this for quite a while and can’t get it working. I’m using Virtualbox and I’m having to linux VMs – let’s call them VM1 and VM2. There is also a linux-host. The idea I want to achieve is to have something like this:

enter image description here

So there’s this brilliant drawing of mine. So VM1 cannot have internet access. VM2 is connected with VM1 (they can ping each other) but also VM2 is connected (through bridge adapter I suppose) to Host which has actual internet access causing it that VM2 has internet access too. The main idea is to keep VM1 out of the internet whatsoever. Could you help me with that? I suppose it must be really simple but I’ve been trying for quite a long now and I can’t really get it done.

What I’ve tried so far is to make bridge adapter between VM2 and Host, add host only adapter on VM1 and VM2 but I couldn’t really get IP of VM1. Trying nmap through DHCP IPs on VM2 caused finding a lot of weird stuff but not an actual VM1.