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GTex Trade Limited has given the public an overview of its Public Business Plan, providing the details of the investment solution and what makes it unique from other similar investment plans offered by other investment houses. Some of the unique features of the Public Business Plan offered by GTex Trade Limited include daily earnings, detailed daily operations reports to ensure transparency, guaranteed daily payments and a wide range of payment methods. Other characteristics of the plan are the Strong Data Protection System, the DDoS Protected Server, the Competent Support 24/7 and the Initial Deposit Refund.

An additional evaluation of the Public Business Plan reveals a unique formula for calculating the daily profit credit on account of users or investors, as the case may be. The characteristics of the formula are briefly highlighted as follows:

[*]The investment term is 240 business days and the profits will be credited daily and will be available for withdrawal or re-deposit. At the expiration of the investment term, the amount of the capital can be withdrawn or re-deposited as desired by the investor.

  • Availability of the capitalization option: investors can choose to increase their daily profits automatically. The user can also change the composition rate at any time.

  • The percentage of daily gain is variable. The daily earnings that are credited to user accounts are based on the performance of the company and are subject to additional variations according to the amount deposited by the user.

  • Assignments of reserve / insurance funds (0.3% minimum guaranteed daily in earnings). This allows the generation of a constant positive cash flow for investors, as well as for employees and the management of the company. A part of the profits obtained will be assigned daily to the Insurance / Reserve fund. The reserve fund is used on the days when the trading activity causes losses, which allows the withdrawal of at least 0.3% of the profits for distribution.

  • Automatic updates of the investment plan: any given account will be automatically updated by the system at a higher plan level, when the balance of the capital reaches the corresponding value. The increase in the principal amount can be the result of additional deposits, or through the use of the capitalization option.

Investors can see the daily profits of the company in the "Trading Reports" section, along with the actual trading results for any day. For the days when the trading activity produces a loss, the summary table will show the real benefit of those days. However, a guaranteed minimum will be added to the user account for those days.
It is worth noting that the remuneration of the company includes both remunerations based on salary and compensation.

Invest plans:
– $ 10 up to $ 100, Earnings: 50% daily,
– $ 1001 up to $ 5000, Benefit: 55% daily,
– $ 5001 up to $ 20000, Profit: 60% daily,
– $ 20001 up to $ 50000, Profit: 65% daily,
– $ 50001 up to $ 200000, Profit: 70% daily,
– $ 200001 up to $ 400,000, Benefit: 75% daily,
– $ 400001 up to Max, Benefit: 80% daily

Reference Commission:
Level 1 – 5%,
Level 2 – 3%,
Level 3 – 2%,
Level 4 – 1%,
Mild 5 – 1%,
Level 6 -0.5%,
Level 7 -0.5%,
Level 8 – 0.25%,
Level 9 – 0.12%,
Level 10 – 0.06%

Characteristics of the program:
– Personalized script
– SSL certified by COMODO RSA
– Secure DDOS Protection Hosting
– Instant withdrawal