validation – Should comboboxes/radio groups be marked “required” in a form?

Suppose you have a web form, with some fields being optional and some being required.

One of these fields is a combobox or radio button group, for which a valid default option is pre-selected and it is not possible to “un-set” this field.

In other words, this field is always valid for submission, but potentially not correct, and I can’t have users “glossing over” that field as many will with all of the “optional” fields.

Should this field be marked “required”?

Note: I would prefer to keep the default pre-selected option, because this value is the correct value for more than half of the use cases by volume.

filter – In a grouped list, how to display items of an intersection of two groups

Provided I have a category which gives x non mutually exclusive options.
I have a list of items which can be tagged with several of these mutually non exclusive options.

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
  • Group C …

A user can now select one/several of the options so they retrieve a list of items according to each options they selected and the union of these options, if needed.

  • Group A — selected
  • Group B — selected
  • Group C

I have a constraint when it comes to displaying the result: the items must be grouped under the options they are tagged with.

This is where I am faced with a choice to make in order to display the items which are tagged with several of the select options – hence are at the intersection of several groups.

The alternatives are: display each items several times, one under each group they belong to, like so:

Or display a group for each intersection of groups

  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Group A + B

Solution 1 result in a duplication of the content (the item), solution 2, a duplication of the meta-information (the categories).

Now, this was an imaginary explanation. My real case implies 5 categories each with between 3-5 options and two nested grouping based on 2 of these categories. As a result, whichever solution comes with a big overload of duplicated information – just think of the possible combination of groups.
Nonetheless, I would like to have your opinions and knowledge on which would be the worse of two evils out of these two solutions ?

I might add that the value proposition I am working with for this content is partly, the number of items of content. Hence, albeit being more readable, I believe that solution 1 could be perceived as bearing disingenuity as it increase that number. Solution 2 would be worse in terms of readability though.

Of course, I am also investigating alternatives to grouping altogether but would like to put this problem out there for reflexion and see if someone comes with different angles than mine.

Facebook groups admin

As an administrator I would like to create a photo album in a public Facebook group that only other administrators or moderators have access to, but I can’t work out if this is possible, never mind actually do it. Can anyone help, please?

azure – Turning off email notifications for Office 365 Groups

We need to start using “unified groups” in Office 365/Azure AD for an intranet project that uses Azure AD as the identitiy provider. We want communication to stay in the platform, and what we don’t want is our 200 odd users receiving personal inbox emails every time an event is created in the Calendar for the Office 365 Groups they are members of. Or digest style emails of new documents added to the sharepoint doc library.

Basically ZERO notifications in their personal mailbox. Our intranet platform will do enough notifying as it is.

So as far as I can see, in the O365 Admin Center, there is the “Send copy of group conversations and events to group members” setting – which is off by default.

But when a member is added to the group, the group appears in their Outlook automatically and for the group settings there is this “Follow in Inbox” section which is set to “Only replies to you and events” by default.

See the screenshots below. What is the relationship between these two?

Outlook group settings O365 Admin group settings

Is there a way, using PowerShell or other means, to change the per user setting in Outlook to “No email or events” for all members of existing groups? Or set it as the default setting for all new members of the specific groups? Or better still, a way to turn it off at the whole tenancy in one swift action?

If this is the wrong place to ask, please direct me to the correct SE site.

oa.operator algebras – Are groups with the Haagerup property hyperlinear?

In his 2008 paper Hyperlinear and Sofic Groups: A Brief Guide, Pestov asked (Open Question 9.5) whether every group with the Haagerup property is hyperlinear (or sofic). Has this question been answered in the meanwhile?

A short recap of the relevant definitions: A group is hyperlinear (sofic) if it embeds into the metric ultraproduct of unitary groups equipped with the normalized Hilbert-Schmidt distance (symmetric groups with the normalized Hamming distance).

A group has the Haagerup property if there is a sequence of positive definite functions that vanish at infinity and converge pointwise to the constant function $1$.

❕NEWS – BEWARE! Facebook groups are selling fake suicide pills in exchange for bitcoin |

The worst thing that you can ever possibly do in life is to prey on the vulnerable people and for those that are in a slump and are going through depression. But a recent article has shown that there are dozens of Facebook groups that offer to sell deadly poison to people contemplating suicide, with the payment being made in bitcoin, and other cryptos. This was revealed by a BBC investigation.

What is even sadder that these people do not try to dissuade the person from suicide but rather give them instructions on how to carry it out and make use of their poison, as for them this is just another transaction. The BBC didn’t name the compound being sold, yet said more than 60 Facebook pages were professing to sell it, and most were promoting it as a self destruction instrument.

Please stay away from these sites! And if you need help speak to someone about it, anyone! There are many people there for you and suicide is never the answer as it does not end the pain but just passes it on to another person… the ones that you leave behind. Do not fall for this. Any problem can be sorted out with the right guidance.


how to create specific google groups with set of filters(paarameters)

I have an enterprise account and there are around 1500 employees across 4 location (A,B,C,D). If i want to create a group which has people from location A and D who belongs to some specific function like design team. How I will create a group with these parameters also if any new joiner added to the group they need to automatically add to the group which i created since the new joiner falls under the parameter i selected.

algebraic groups – Why does norm map the $sigma$-conjugacy classes to the conjugacy classes?

Let $E/F$ be a cyclic extension of order $ell$ (not assume prime) of fields of characteristic $0$ and $Sigma$ its Galois group, we denote by $sigma$ a generator of $Sigma$. $G(E), G(F)$ are the groups of $E,F$-rational point on $G={rm GL}_{n}$. $g,hin G(E)$ are called $sigma$-conjugate if $g=x^{-1}hx^{sigma}$ for some $xin G(E)$ and $N(g)=gg^{sigma}cdots g^{sigma^{ell-1}}$ is called the norm of $x$.

Question. Is the norm map an injection from the set of $sigma$-conjugacy classes in $G(E)$ into the set of conjugacy classes in $G(F)$ ?

This is the assertion of lemma 1.1 in ”Simple Algebra, Base Change, and the Advanced Theory of the Trace Formula” written by J. Arthur and L. Clozel. their proof was very hard to understand for me.

Shipping & Payment based on Customer Groups in magento 2

Is there a way so that we can restrict payment and shipping for various customer group in magento 2.3.5.
if anyone have tried this and can provide some guidance on how to approach this will be great.
Thanks in Advance!

Will Google Group members get calendar notifications even if they’re not subscribed to the group’s e-mail messages?

If the following conditions are met:

  1. A Google Group member has a “No email” setting (see screenshot below).
  2. Someone adds the group’s e-mail address into a Google Calendar event.

Will that member get an e-mail message with the invite?

Likewise later on if changes are made to the invite.

Google Group subscription