Option to "Remove" Floppy drive is greyed out on Hyper-V

I am trying to remove the virtual floppy drive on my gen 1 Hyper-V VM however despite shutting down the VM the button to Remove the floppy drive was greyed out. There was no error message or anything to help with troubleshooting. May I know if this is a intended restriction on gen 1 VMs?

Excel Alt + E + S + V special paste options window is greyed out/deselected

When I copy and paste special using Ctrl + E + S + V 50% of the time the Paste Special options window is deselected or greyed out so I have to manually select my paste type or Alt+Tab to bring up the paste special options window. I am using Windows 10.

Greyed Out Paste Special Window

beta – macOS Big Sur : Menubar is Greyed out

after installing MacOs Big Sur, I disabled transparency from Accessibility and I noticed that Colour of dock is looking perfectly fine but menubar was greyed out and Accent was also changes to black as you can see in picture. And there is another issue. checking in ‘reduce motion’ option in Accessibility causes menubar to flash in full screen mode(without touching trackpad or keyboard).

greyed out menubar

How does one backup to iCloud? “Backup Now” greyed out

Googled "how to force iphone backup to icloud greyed out" but none of the top answer options exist on my iPhone 6. Logged in with Apple ID, not connected to wi-fi.