macos – Grayscale nightshift – Ask Different

macos – Grayscale nightshift – Ask Different

Can you manipulate and colorize this image to show more detail than the original grayscale image?

I’ve run out of ideas. Nothing seems to bring out detail. It’s a rather interesting image …

cuba = WebImage[""];
cuba1 = ImageData[ImageTake[cuba, {21, 570}, {75, 725}]][[All, All, 1]];
cuba2 = Image[cuba1]

Grayscale may cause the next bull run in the bitcoin market

Of the last month we have seen limited movement in the price of Bitcoin and since the coin has broken the 40k USD mark it seems that it has been struggling in the mid 30k USD region. It did however go up after the tweet by Elon Musk, only to return to the price that it has been staying at for the last month. Grayscale investments however may be preparing for the next bull run.

According to a recent article, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has reached its lowest price since April 2019, which…

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Grayscale Receives $ 350 Million ETH in February

Grayscale purchased eth worth $ 350 million in the past two weeks. They announced that 87,749 Ethereum was purchased in four days from February 8-11.
What do you think about Grayscale company increasing its ETH investments?

color correction – Converting RGB to Grayscale by reference

There is such a problem.

There is shooting on a color camera with a ColorChecker. And there is shooting on another, grayscale camera with the same color checker. Is it possible to somehow convert the first RGB image to the second (Grayscale) based on the ColorChecker?
I found a tutorial on how to do this in 3D Lut Creator, but it seems that the result is not completely accurate there.
How else can you do this?

Grayscale may be preparing new fund for 5 cryptocurrencies

According to the applications seen in the Grayscale Delaware state company registry records; Chainlink is creating new funds for five cryptocurrencies, including Basic Attention Token, Decentraland, Livepeer, and Tezos altcoins.
It is stated in the Grayscale documents that the applications in question were not made by Grayscale, but by the Delaware Trust Company, which acts as the company’s agent in the state.
Do you think these altcoins could be exposed to whale purchases?

Eye of Grayscale in DeFi Projects: New Application for 5 Altcoins

Major digital asset manager Grayscale Investments has applied for five new crypto funds. Assets are mostly in decentralized finance (DeFi).
Here are these:
Aave (AAVE),
Cosmos (ATOM)
Polkadot (DOT)
Monero (XMR)
Cardano (ADA)
Do you think we should be careful with these altcoins?

image – Edge detection in grayscale

I would like to identify the white spots in a greyscale image and calculate the area among other things.

enter image description here

EdgeDetect throws out something a little strange.

I have tried to identify the white spots with:

markers = MaxDetect[GaussianFilter[img01, 60], Padding -> 1];

HighlightImage[img01, markers, Method -> {"DiskMarkers", 5}]

enter image description here

Is there a way to find the edge and calculate the area?

I would also like to scale it up to a larger picture with many spots, which seems to bring a lot of problems


Why is Grayscale Bitcoin Trust [GBTC] still the only U.S.-based fund that provides direct exposure to Bitcoin through a public exchange?

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (OTC:GBTC) allows investors to take a position on bitcoin by trading shares of GBTC through a public exchange (the OTCQX).

In this 2018 article Investors Business Daily article, the author writes:

With the SEC refusing to allow a cryptocurrency ETF under the 1940
Act, GBTC holds a monopoly as the only U.S.-based investment vehicle
that provides direct exposure to Bitcoin through the purchase of a

As of December 2020, it appears that GBTC still holds this monopoly. The IBD article explains how GBTC was able to uniquely position itself this way, through the unusual way that it is structured.

Demand for GBTC seems to be high, as the amount of bitcoin held by GBTC, and the number of shares issued by GBTC, have more than doubled in the past year. This is despite the fact that GBTC charges a hefty 2% management fee, and GBTC frequently trades at a lofty 20-30% premium to NAV. In fact, GBTC now holds more than 3% of the bitcoin in circulation, and is now buying bitcoin at nearly twice the rate that new coins are mined.

My question is: Seeing the demand for GBTC and the premiums that investors are willing to pay for the convenience of taking a position on bitcoin by trading shares through a public exchange, why haven’t other financial firms copied GBTC’s playbook, and launched similar trusts that compete with GBTC?

Converting image intensity values to a certain range of grayscale values

I have a large set of photos scanned by an overhead scanner and they need to be microfilmed. However, for microfilming issues those photos ought to have a certain range of absolute grayscale values. Can I achieve something like that with Photoshop as a batch process? Thanks in advance.

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