Why is there a gray shadow or a ghost behind the person?

I took a picture on my son's iPhone while we were hiking the other day. The picture was of my son and the beach in the background. When I checked the photo later, I noticed a gray shadow behind it. What caused this to happen? I was thinking it had something to do with water light or something.


MS Word: When transforming a photo, what causes the photo to have white transformation points versus gray transformation points?

For the photos shown, the same camera was used, but some transformation points (see photos) are white, while other photos have gray points. What causes the difference? What does the difference mean?

White transformation points allow users to select from prefabricated Correction options, where gray transformation points only allow users to change brightness directly

White transformation points


Gray transformation points

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Random gray horizontal lines on google sheets

I have the same problem as in this post, but the solution did not work for me:

Random gray horizontal lines in Google Sheets – using Chrome and Opera

I'm just using Chrome. I am in 100% zoom.

Thank you!

Differences between seo black hat, seo white hat and seo gray hat

What's the difference between black hat seo, white hat seo and gray hat seo?

privacy – Google Maps gray dotted lines identified location

I clicked on searching for directions in a Google place and was redirected to Maps.

1) Google was able to accurately identify my location

2) The map shows several thick curves of gray points that converge in my location

What are those lines and how could I obtain my location (more precisely than the one linked to my IP address and in some way connected to the dotted lines)?

You do not have GPS on your laptop and you have not signed in with a Google account

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Image recognition: characteristics of the gray level coexistence matrix

I use Matlab software to extract features from a set of images as a data set, but when I calculated the matrix on two different computers, the results were different even though I used the same set of data and the same code, why the results were different? on the two computers?


BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN section
Posted by: ThomasLound
Time of publication: June 30, 2019 at 06:34 PM.

dnd 5e – Are the bite and claw attacks of Gray and Death Slaad magical?

Yes, your bite and claw attacks are magic weapon attacks.

Usually, the claws of a monster, bites and other attack actions are listed as attacks with weapons. In the Death Slaad and Gray Slaad statistics blocks, these actions are written as:

Bite (only in the form of Slaad). Attack of melee weapon …

Claws (only in the form of Slaad). Attack of melee weapon …

Since the bites and claws are attacks with weapons, therefore, they benefit from the Magic Weapons function.

Magical weapons The attacks with weapons of the slave are magical.

White balance: color correction based on known samples (which are not gray)

You can do it manually if you know what color it is supposed to be. It is similar to the process of calibrating a neutral sample. The results will not be as accurate as if you were using a gray scale, especially with mixed colored lights.

You must work from a RAW file if it is available.

  1. First, establish a better white balance guess
  2. Measure the known color in your image in terms of R, G and B values ​​(red, green, blue)
  3. Compare the measure with your goal
  4. Adjust the white balance accordingly
  5. Repeat from step 2 until the color matches

Example: if the sample is 55.87.123 and it is assumed to be 55.82.125, it will leave red alone, take out some green and add a little blue.

Suggestion (added after your follow-up) to make RGB editions with temp / tint:

  • Add Red: Add yellow and magenta.
  • To eliminate Red, eliminate yellow and magenta.
  • Change blue, use temp.
  • Change green Use dye.

Caution: When sampling the color, especially a fabric, use a large sample (example 20×20 pixels) instead of a spot sample to obtain an average reading.

Keep in mind that there are color changes that can occur in certain tones and values, for various reasons, which will affect some parts of the image but not others.

Another tip: If you want to save money, get some paint sample cards from a home improvement store, including neutral ones, and stick them on a piece of foam board. This would be better than calibrating a shirt.

Gray in Black for Text | Promotion Forum

I do it in my forums, because it is easier to read. Also, I make the size 17px. Anyway, that may seem like too much, but only my style! Anyway, the white on a black background looks stained, I'm not sure of the word here. Does anyone see the same?

Anyway, at least one free XenForo theme style will not accept 17px (the default is dark for the default XF 2.1 theme), so be careful.