Wizco – wizco.in – GPT (Get your payment)

You can win Bitcoin just by watching ads, but you can also win by completing offers, tasks, playing fair games, participating in contests and more!

Win up to 100 Satoshi per click.
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Payments to faucethub, bitcoin wallet
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WIZCO – Win Bitcoin watching ads

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GG2U – gg2u.org – GPT (Get your payment)

<<>> Fun and unique rewards program
Earn money for playing! Earn money to take surveys! Earn money to watch videos! Earn money to complete offers!
You will be paid to play, watch videos, conduct surveys and more!
You can even earn more while playing video games (or doing other things) simply by having our videos play in the background on your phone or computer. Too easy!

100 coins = $ 1.00

For every 200 video points you earn, you will receive a silver token. Each silver token will reward you with a credit in your account balance of $ 1.00 to $ 3.00.
Each silver token you get will allow you to enter our Silver Prize Wheel page.
The prize wheel has seven segments, and there is always a possibility between seven that each segment is chosen when you click to enter the page of the prize wheel.
==> When you have a gold chip, you can spin our gold prize wheel (get up to $ 7.00).
==> When you have a silver token, you can spin our silver prize wheel (get up to $ 3.00).

Cousin: $ 1.00 sign up bonus!

Note: Depending on which country it is, there will probably be a separate page of featured video games that you can play on your computer (and / or phone). Game publishers want people to give their games a fair chance to see if they like them, so there are different requirements for each game depending on what type of game it is.

Each time your referral receives a payment, they will credit your account 5% of the value!

Payment options:
Once you reach only $ 7, you can request a payment.
==>Paypal (no fee);
==> Coinbase (3% rate).
Make sure you have the correct PayPal or Coinbase email address entered in your account information.
Electronic gift cards are also available.
Important: for every 5 payment requests (or gift card requests), you can spin the Gold Prize Wheel and have the opportunity to get an additional $ 7.00 added to your account balance (for example, a free additional payment).
You will always receive at least $ 1.00 of this, and you will have a 57% chance of getting at least $ 3.00. In the long run, this bonus can essentially give you an 8.4% higher rate in our surveys, videos and offers!

Please register here:
GG2U Premium.org
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<p>	Give it a try today!<br />Thank you.
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Macos: partition maps cannot be deleted with Fdisk, gpt, gdisk, etc. for a complete erase and format. Hidden sectors that show master boot records that cannot be deleted in parts

So I've been fighting what appears to be after 5 years, a faulty bios rootkit that is infecting my low-level firmware on USB drives, hard drives, boot roms, motherboard option roms, etc. I have spent more than $ 20,000 in the last 5 years after trying to save my data and remove this strange science from my computer. Burned through hard drives that instantly begin to fail and get corrupted as soon as I connect them to any infected device. Without going into a whole stupid paranoid history of errors, I suppose I will start with the basic questions about certain partition maps that cannot be erased in all my units.

Ideally, what I would like to be able to do is insert a disk drive or USB drive into my computer, set it to zero with the dd command and have it completely erased, to ensure a good map and clean partition format. However, this has proved unusually difficult, as it seems that I can never completely erase all my partition maps. And when it seems that I do, eventually, random phantom partitions come back and start corrupting my hard drives again, seemingly swapping drives at will of hybrid disk partitions, to gpt & # 39; s complete with pmbr & # 39; s, and then to ntfs or fat12-16-32 of mbr This demon must be understood so that I can keep my data from eating constantly alive.

To begin with, a specific example with which I need help is in relation to the USB drive shown in the following image.

Ideally, before partitioning and formatting, I would like to be sure that any MBR or GPT partition map is out of the way.

So in the mac os terminal, I start with a USB key that strangely has two MBR partition maps. One at the beginning of the drive, and one at the end, almost as if trying to act as a gpt disk with a backup header at the end of the disk.

I enter the gpt show / dev / diskxy command
which returns two master boot records under the content tag. One is labeled as a regular "MBR", and the other is labeled as "MBR Part 11".

Partition map photo link 1 (sudo gpt show reveals 2 master boot records)

1) My first question is obvious: what is the second master boot record doing there? Since when are master boot records divided into parts?

Then I run the gpt destroy / dev / diskxy command on the USB drive. However, it destroys (temporarily) the MBR at the end of the disk, the MBR quickly reappears and the MBR at the beginning (sector 1 to 1) of the disk simply remains and is not deleted. Then I proceed to use fdisk to delete the MBR, executing the sudo fdisk -e / dev / diskxy command, then typing delete, and saving and exiting. Fdisk looks like the maps are deleted. However, after disconnecting and reconnecting the unit, gpt show once again shows the additional MBR labeled "Part 11". Gdisk is having the same problems. I can't seem to erase persistently persistent partition maps completely. Can someone help me, please find out how to make all my disks clean the gpt partition maps that do not fluctuate between segmented bits of MBR (I have seen that the content type goes up to "MBR Part 3846273820" before). It seems that something is constantly creating persistent MBRs in all my units to represent some kind of marker points or something like that, almost as if my units were just small pieces of a massive raid server. Could someone with knowledge in partition maps (Rod Smith) in mac os, please explain some of this and help me find external answers? It could be much appreciated!

See more photos attached below. Sorry for the imgur links. I don't have enough points to post photos yet.

Undestroyable Partition maps Mac OS
link @ https://imgur.com/gallery/Phj0cc1

Persistent MBR (in parts) and GPT Partition Maps link @ https://imgur.com/gallery/DbYbHSR

Fdisk partition maps cannot be destroyed on link @ https://imgur.com/gallery/PZdKwaj

TwitchFollowers – twitchfollowers.com – GPT (Get Paid To)

TwitchFollowers is a Twitch exchange site similar to TwitchFollows.
They were released around September 2018.
Viewers are paid to follow and watch Twitch broadcasts, while Twitch broadcasts can buy followers and viewers.

Wrksz4P.jpg "class =" ipsImage "style =" height: auto; "data-src =" https://i.imgur.com/Wrksz4P.jpg "src =" https://topgoldforum.com/applications/core /interface/js/spacer.png "/></p>
	<strong>Winning options as a spectator</strong><br />Follow the Twitch channels: between 20-50 credits.<br />Visit to the Twitch channels: between 20-50 credits.<br />Watch Twitch transmissions: max. 10 minutes per transmission, every minute paying about 10 credits (Premium only).
	<strong>Premium Update ($ 9.99 once)</strong><br />Sign in to watch Twitch streams.<br />Earn credits instantly (don't wait 24 hours).<br />Stream View notifications (be the first to know by email when a Stream View Sponsorship is activated).<br />Receive a premium viewer badge.
	<strong>Reference program</strong><br />Both the sponsor and the person who joins a referral link will receive 1000 credits.
	<strong>Minimum payment</strong><br />20,000 credits = $ 20 through PayPal.
<p>	Link: TwitchFollowers
<p>        . (tagsToTranslate) paid to follow (t) twitchfollowers (t) twitchfollows</p>
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TimeBucks – timebucks.com – GPT (get paid)

<<>> Founded: 2014 | Changing the world, one task at a time !!!
TimeBucks is an online rewards portal, where you can earn money in several ways.

==> Paid surveys;
You can conduct surveys through different providers while you are connected and receive payments in your TimeBucks account.
==> watch video;
You will find a variety of videos that you can see and earn rewards.
==> Offerwalls;
You are paid to download applications, register on a website, try a free product, etc.
==> Content options (clicks, slide shows, news, sponsors)
Slide presentations
In this task, you will receive a payment for going through 7 pages of slide shows. Click on the green button to start the task. You can make 20 slide shows per day, but only 1 every 10 minutes. After the 10 minute timer ends, you can make another slide show (pictures of crazy puppies, best MMA fights, shocking facts about celebrities, worst tattoos);
News – Follow the instructions on how much you have to read.
==> Instagram Tasks
They pay you to follow certain Instagram pages, post there and more.
Note: Keep in mind that there are very strict rules to follow, so be sure to read the terms carefully before you begin.
==> Micro-tasks
Log in or create a Figure Eight account by clicking on any job. You will see all jobs currently available to you once you have logged in.
==> Get cash when you buy online
You can get a cash refund if you buy online at certain stores with which you have associated.
Note: Any cancellation or refund made after your purchase will result in a chargeback to your TimeBucks account.
==> Free money roll
Once every 24 hours, you can click on a button and roll and then you will get a random number.
Note: You will earn a 50% commission on all your Level 1 referral earnings from the Free Money tab!
==> Daily contest
Every day, the top 5 Timebucks winners will be rewarded with extra money.
==> Commission of reference of 5 levels
References level 1: 15%, References level 2: 2%, References level 3: 2%, References level 4: 2%, References level 5: 1%.
Bonus commission:
50% commission on earnings from level 1 references in the Free Money tab

==> PayPal, Payeer and Bitcoin.
Minimum payment: $ 10 USD.
Note: Every Thursday, the site pays people who have reached the threshold. If you did not reach the threshold this week, your earnings are transferred to next week.
If you want to wait until you have accumulated more money, you can also choose to withhold your payment until you manually request that your money be withdrawn.

Please register here:
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<p>	Thank you.
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Coins4clicks – coins4clicks.com – GPT (get paid)

Earn up to 100 satoshi per click
Earn 20% for each reference click
The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 satoshi.
0% rate for all withdrawals.
Instant payments to faucethub
Ads guaranteed daily.
Earn bitcoins by watching ads.
Hi-Lo game
Earn more with offers and surveys.
Professional support 24/7.

coins4payment.jpg "data-src =" https://i.postimg.cc/kgBLPMk6/coins4payment.jpg "src =" https://topgoldforum.com/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png "/></p>
	<strong>Free registration, thanks:<br />
<p><strong><br />
	</strong><strong>COIN4CLICKS – Welcome to Coins4clicks</strong>
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Bituro – bituro.com – GPT (Get To Pid To)

Complete simple tasks: surveys, watch videos, install applications, etc.
Exchange points earned by PayPal, Bitcoins, Ethereum tokens or gift cards.

More information:
==> requires you to register with your Twitter, Facebook or Google account;
==> When you complete the registration, you will earn 100 points for downloading and registering with the company using a reference code.
==> Every day Bituro adds new surveys to the application. You can take as many surveys as you choose.
==> Conducting surveys will earn you more Bituro points. You can earn 100 points or up to 1000 points for a survey.

Note: You will not earn an extreme amount of money with Bituro, but you can earn a few dollars with little effort.

Bituro is also available in:
==> App Store;
==> Google Play.
Please use this invitation code: 1930498 when you register

My proof of payment:

spacer.png "class =" ipsImage "data-ratio =" 92.86 "height =" 650 "style =" height: auto; "width =" 700 "data-src =" https://i.imgur.com/awfngqd .jpg "src =" https://topgoldforum.com/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png "/><br /> 
	<span style=Reference information:
==> You earn 10% referral bonuses for all lifetime points that your friends redeem for gifts + additional instant bonus on installation;
==> for each reference, you get 50 points (Instant bonus in the installation)

Payment options:
You will need 1000 points to request a payment from the application. The current rate is 1,000 points = $ 1.
==> Paypal: 1000 points;
==> Bitcoin: 1000 points (Coinbase), Bitcoin Wallet (10,000 points);
==> Ethereum: 1000 points (Coinbase), Ether Wallet (10,000 points);
==> Amazon gift card: 10,000 points (only in the US);
==> Google Play Gift Card: 10,000 points (in the USA only);
==> Starbucks gift card: 10,000 points (only in the US);
==> Target gift card: 10,000 points (only in the US).

Please register here:
Invitation code: 1930498
Bituro – Surveys and easy tasks
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<p>	Thank you.<br /> 
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AdsCare – adscare.net – GPT (Get Paid To)

adscare.jpg "data-src =" https://i.postimg.cc/LX9DsnPb/adscare.jpg "src =" https://topgoldforum.com/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png "/></p>
<p>	Earn $ 0.01 – $ 0.001 per click<br />Earn 20% for each reference click<br />The minimum withdrawal is $ 2.00<br />Accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin<br />Effortless income<br />Win from home<br />Ads guaranteed daily<br />Detailed statistics<br />Update opportunities<br />A dedicated community<br />ClixGrid Clone + Offers<br />Safe and stable environment<br />Professional support<br />Instant services
	<strong>Property of ClixCareTeam</strong><br /><strong></p>
<p>	Site of the sister of ClixCare and BizzCare!<br />
<p>	Free registration, thanks:<br />
<p><strong><br />
	</strong><strong>ADSCARE – An easy way to earn money</strong>
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BidMagnet – Bidmag.net – GPT (gets paid)

Hi all.

I am very excited to introduce you BidMagnet Ad network!

BidMagnet is an outstanding technology platform of SSP / DSP for monetization and traffic sales.

We offer


It has a huge database of webmasters;

Buy traffic only from all the largest networks from one place (it is not necessary to register accounts and wait for approval in dozens of sources, just come to us);Flexible tracking and tracking system;Directlink / XML / openRTB integration;Pay for traffic in almost any way, including cryptocurrencies;Perspective to change from prepayment to postpaid (up to net30);

Register as an advertiser


Different payment models: fix, revshare;

Flexible payment system: from net30 to payments on demand and prepayments;The minimum payment is $ 30;Huge database of direct advertisers and DSPs of all sizes and capacities: 90-95% honest filtering rate among the vast majority of countries.Able to monetize: desktop and mobile, mainstream and adult, web / app / toolbar.

Register as Publisher

Note: Discounts and amazing bonuses for webmasters and advertisers 🙂

Support for:

Contact us and get a personal manager who quickly solves any problem and answers questions

Application bitnyx claim btc – GPT (Get Paid To)

Registration link: https://bitnyx.com/?r=227591
Bitcoin free
You can request up to 0.00001234 BTC after 30 minutes.

Reference rewards
You can get a 50% bonus on each reference request.

Awards in the contest.
Each week you have the opportunity to earn 0.001 BTC awards. If you request more bitcoins than other users (including reference bonuses), you will receive this award.

The minimum withdrawal available is 0.0005 BTC.

Each week, Sunday will automatically withdraw all your current balance without any direct transaction fee to your bitcoin address.
1. 30p claim 1 time

2. Obtain 50% of the reference when claiming

3. Prizes in the contest.
Each week you have the opportunity to earn 0.001 BTC awards. If you request more bitcoins than other users (including reference bonuses), you will receive this award.

The minimum withdrawal available is 0.0005 BTC.

Each week, Sunday will automatically withdraw all your current balance without any direct transaction fee to your bitcoin address.