Create Ubuntu usb drive on GPT

I’m trying to make a USB with ubuntu on it be bootable from Macs. I have made a working usb drive partitioned MBR, it boots on my laptop but not on Macs. I predict that the problem is that the usb drive is mbr. Googling on how to change the partition to gpt I found out that usb drives cant to become gpt partitioned. If anyone knows how to make it gpt, It would be amazing.

My current solution is to buy soled state usb drives, but they’re expensive and I need multiple drives that run on mac.

hard drive – Safe to delete or shrink old MBR System Reserved partition after conversion to GPT?

I’ve seen similar questions before, but never have I seen anyone seem to recognize the difference between the MBR and EFI boot partitions, so I’m asking fresh.

Basically, I just converted my disk to a GPT disk, doing it through mbr2gpt from within the OS because I don’t have prepared install media. This tagged the new boot partition to the end of the data partition and left the old boot partition as a 500MB primary partition sitting at the front end of the disk.

Now, I need to make clear, because this is where every similar question I’ve seen previously go awry, this partition is no longer the boot partition. It’s just data now. The thing is, I’m not sure how booting works here, and don’t know how important it is that my boot partition remains exactly where it is.

So, the question is, now that my system uses the EFI System Partition to boot, is it now safe to delete or shrink the old, unused MBR boot partition, System Recovery?

Is there any legit GPT APP that is highly recommended and that pays through Payeer?

Am new here, And have read some reviews here, I look forward to making my first money online, is there any legit app that you online Gurus in the house can suggest for me? Please point me in the right direction.

hard drive – How to convert from EFI to MBR boot loader (and / or GPT disk to MBR disk) in Arch Linux without losing data

I’ve installed arch linux on my disk sdc,where sdc1 is the efi partition and sdc2 the root partition. I’m also trying to boot this installation with esxi 7,but it seems that it refuses to boot because it says that it can’t find the PARTUUID number that I use to boot it physically,as u can see below :

enter image description here
enter image description here

I’m not able to understand what’s the right value to use,so I’ve thought that for a newbie like me it was easier to convert the EFI bootloader of arch linux to the mbr bootloader (and / or the whole GPT to MBR hard drive),without loosing the data and without to make a new installation. Maybe,doing this operation,esxi will be able to boot the arch linux. thanks.

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How to safely install Windows OS as GPT Partition Scheme

I would like to install Windows on my machine using the GPT Partition Scheme, however I have come across several articles about “bricking” the computer if you change the boot mode (UEFI/BIOS/Legacy). I assume this occurs because those people had the wrong boot mode setting for their partition scheme:

Using UEFI Boot mode for MBR Partitioned Disks or Using BIOS boot mode when they have GPT Partitioned Disks.

That’s the only scenario that I know off that can stop one from booting into Windows, but can easily be fixed by changing the boot mode. I don’t understand how bricking can happen if you changed boot modes other than that (If there’s any explanation, I would gladly appreciate it).

I have a series of steps below, but I am unsure if It will do the trick. This involves installing Windows from a USB Flash Drive. Should I pre partition the disk first to GPT or are the steps below safe?

1.) Insert USB Flash Drive to PC, change boot mode to UEFI and set boot order to make USB top priority. Once you get to the boot screen of the Windows GUI installer, Go Install>Custom Install>Format and delete all of the partitions then restart the computer by clicking the X on the GUI windows.

2.) Spam the del Key to go back to BIOS, SET THE BOOT MODE TO UEFI (IF U MISS THIS STEP IT WILL MAKE THE DRIVE AS MBR AS U BOOTED IN LEGACY/BIOS MODE!). Also make sure the boot order is set to USB. Save changes and discard. Reboot.

3.) When GUI comes up from the bootable USB, click install

4.) Select the Operating system version of windows u want to reinstall with

5.) You will be taken to the screen where there are a lot of drives shown. You can either Format each partition (Removes all data) and then delete all partitions.

Note using diskpart or diskmanagement utility to convert the MBR drive to GPT requires you to have the drive EMPTY and have NO PARTITIONS.

6.) Once all Partitions have been deleted, Press Shift + F10. This will launch a portable cmd

6a.)Type “diskpart”

7.) Type “list disk”. This will list which disk (individual HDDs) are present in the PC

8.) If it is only one drive, type “select disk 0”

9.) Type clean

10.) Type convert GPT (VERY IMPORTANT. DO NOT MISS THIS STEP or else you’ll install Windows on an MBR drive).

11.) Type exit, press enter. Type exit again, press enter.

12a) Type next to go to the product key page.

12b) Type in ur license key. Install windows thereafter.

13.) Reboot, spam del key to enter the BIOS. Change the boot sequence and make the hard drive the boot priority. Also change the boot mode from LEGACY to UEFI.

14.) Important! When you boot to windows, double check if the Drive(s) are in GPT. Go to cmd>diskmgmt>right click on the drive(s) u planned on installing as GPT and select properties. Under the volume tab they should be GPT. If they are MBR, you failed the process.

Also, does the Bootable Windows Installation from the USB need to support UEFI Booting? – GPT (Get Paid To)

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