Windows Server – how to shrink partition on GPT disk from the front?

I’m looking for a way to shrink a partition on a GPT disk from the front on production servers.
With diskpart it’s only possible to shrink the space from the end.
Ideally while running

ubuntu – LVM got Unallocated after MBR to GPT using gdisk

I accidentally deleted (not formatted) my Ununtu LVM partition on Windows today using it’s Disk Management software. After a long night, I’ve managed to boot into Ubuntu again with my data intact.

However, now my Nvidia GPU won’t work. After some googling it says that I need to boot with a GPT (i don’t know why), but it seems like the case as I’ve the same setup (dual boot Win 10 + Ubuntu 20.04) on my other rig with GPT.

I ran gdisk and it showed that I have MBR: present and GPT: damaged and it also said that I’m supposed to “repair” my disk.

gdisk said that my GPT backup is ok, so I rebuild the partition table by loading from the backup and write it to the disk.

After I rebooted the system, my computer just hanged saying waiting for cryptsetup from (disk UUID).

I’ve chose to encrypt my disk on Ubuntu during installation, so I’ve my file system on a LVM (LUKS).

I boot into a Ubuntu Live CD and run gdisk again on my drive, now it says MBR: protective and GPT: present, but when I opened gparted, it showed that the LVM partition is unallocated.

Is there a chance that I can get my data back by converting GTP back to MBR or some other way?

I’ve lost -> recovered -> and lost my data again …

I am no expert in disks and hard drives, so my question might not be clear. Please let me know any extra information is required.

conversion – Converting Windows 7 mbr boot disk to GPT boot disk

I want to use my old laptop Win7 Pro that was installed with MBR partitioning. I wnat to use this on my new laptop that only support UEFI boot. I have tried various solutions I’ve found but they all end up with GPT formatting but the disk is not bootable. I am presuming this is because the various conversions to GPT format only work if the MBR disk is a data disk, hence don’t include the boot information (which I assume is the EFI System Partition). All I get when I convert to GPT is the data portion of the disk.

I’m hoping somebody out there has done this and could help me out. I would like to see if I can get the old Win7 disk to boot on the laptop although I plan to add an M2 SSD on my laptop where I would do a fresh install of Win7 with just the OS on this disk and use the hard drive for user accounts only but want to check that Win7 will indeed boot on the new laptop – it has Win10 installed and I really don’t like Win10 as I feel it is almost as bad as the short lived Windows Vista or Win8.

I have a lot of S/W installed on my Win7 disk and really don’t want to have to go through the process of re-installing it.

Many thanks in advance,

George Nelson

mdadm – Change md0 dos to gpt partition table

On a kde neon system, I had a drive failure of one drive on an mdadm two drive (non-boot) RAID1 mirrored array. After some trials and tribulations, I managed to replace the failed drive with an identical new drive and resync successfully.

The RAID1 mirrors two 4GB drives, both with GPT partition tables, but for some reason if I run $sudo fdisk /dev/md0 I now get the warning: “The size of this disk is 3.7 TiB (4000650690560 bytes). DOS partition table format cannot be used on drives for volumes larger than 2199023255040 bytes for 512-byte sectors. Use GUID partition table format (GPT).”

Is it possible to convert the md0 array from dos to gpt partition table without losing data? What are the steps/commands to do so?

Gpt repair on edl mode deleted all partions bricked phone


Please How could I repair broken gpt on bricked android
GPT emmc disk not detected by the computer. In other words, the gpt disk is not detected normally because all its partitions have been deleted.

How to detect emmc-utils in edl mode!
How do I fix gpt disk in edl mode?

my block device in linux

Create Ubuntu usb drive on GPT

I’m trying to make a USB with ubuntu on it be bootable from Macs. I have made a working usb drive partitioned MBR, it boots on my laptop but not on Macs. I predict that the problem is that the usb drive is mbr. Googling on how to change the partition to gpt I found out that usb drives cant to become gpt partitioned. If anyone knows how to make it gpt, It would be amazing.

My current solution is to buy soled state usb drives, but they’re expensive and I need multiple drives that run on mac.

hard drive – Safe to delete or shrink old MBR System Reserved partition after conversion to GPT?

I’ve seen similar questions before, but never have I seen anyone seem to recognize the difference between the MBR and EFI boot partitions, so I’m asking fresh.

Basically, I just converted my disk to a GPT disk, doing it through mbr2gpt from within the OS because I don’t have prepared install media. This tagged the new boot partition to the end of the data partition and left the old boot partition as a 500MB primary partition sitting at the front end of the disk.

Now, I need to make clear, because this is where every similar question I’ve seen previously go awry, this partition is no longer the boot partition. It’s just data now. The thing is, I’m not sure how booting works here, and don’t know how important it is that my boot partition remains exactly where it is.

So, the question is, now that my system uses the EFI System Partition to boot, is it now safe to delete or shrink the old, unused MBR boot partition, System Recovery?

Is there any legit GPT APP that is highly recommended and that pays through Payeer?

Am new here, And have read some reviews here, I look forward to making my first money online, is there any legit app that you online Gurus in the house can suggest for me? Please point me in the right direction.

hard drive – How to convert from EFI to MBR boot loader (and / or GPT disk to MBR disk) in Arch Linux without losing data

I’ve installed arch linux on my disk sdc,where sdc1 is the efi partition and sdc2 the root partition. I’m also trying to boot this installation with esxi 7,but it seems that it refuses to boot because it says that it can’t find the PARTUUID number that I use to boot it physically,as u can see below :

enter image description here
enter image description here

I’m not able to understand what’s the right value to use,so I’ve thought that for a newbie like me it was easier to convert the EFI bootloader of arch linux to the mbr bootloader (and / or the whole GPT to MBR hard drive),without loosing the data and without to make a new installation. Maybe,doing this operation,esxi will be able to boot the arch linux. thanks.

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