Is there any risk to host image on googleusercontent?

I saw some websites hosting their images on Google. I guess it’s free and can save a lot of cost.

Is there any risk to do so?

Keychain – Problem loading images from googleusercontent

I recently switched from Chrome to Firefox Quantum and noticed that the images from * it is not loading because "the connection used to recover the resource was not secure"

Images of not loading

If I try to load the image directly, Firefox shows "Unable to connect" and, when checking the site information, it shows that "the connection is not secure".

Loading a single image also has the same problem.

I tried to solve the problem in Firefox by restarting in Safe Mode and also "Update Firefox", unfortunately the problem still exists.

Safari has the same problem (insecure connection). Everything works well in Chrome.

After restarting Firefox, my thought is that it has something to do with Certificates and Keychain, I thought I would have thought that this would impact the three browsers.

Details of the version

  • Firefox: v63.0.3
  • Safari: v12.0.2
  • Chrome: v70.0.3538.110
  • MacOS: Mojave v10.14.2