magento2.4 – How to create a link to Google Search using Product Name?

This might be a simple or difficult question, but I would like to create a button on my product pages that link to a search to online shopping. We don’t sell online and I saw another website do that and thought it was great. I copied their button code and I know where to put it but didn’t know how to make the link a variable based on product name.

See Shop Online Button

<a target="_blank" href=";tbm=shop&amp;tbs=vw:g" class="info-grid-btn shop-online-btn">
                    SHOP ONLINE

enter image description here


Google Slides – File owner’s is in trash

I received a link to a file on Google Drive. When I try to open it, it says "File is in owner’s trash" and there is no Download button.

How can I download it?

seo – Why Google Cache Showing 404 on my React Base Webpages?

My web page is client-side rendered with React.
On hitting the cache, it is showing 404 instead of a rendered page.

Example Screenshot
enter image description here

When I inspect the Page URL on Search Console, Its parsing and rendering my page properly on Google Index as well as on Live Test.

Example Screenshots
enter image description here
enter image description here

Why cache page is showing 404? Is the Client-side react is responsible? If not then what is the issue? Or will it be resolved automatically in a few days?

It’s my new site which recently goes live in last week.

Google Cloud VPC: Is there any restriction on N-S traffic and ARP requests from alias IP?

Platform: Google Cloud VPC

Scenario: We are trying to integrate our cloud infra solution within GCP instances using nested virtulization. The solution includes a SDN component which performs both L2 and L3 within the VM (GCP instance). We are using alias IPs assigned to NIC for allocating IPs to the virtual SDN components like virtual router, virtual switch. So the traffic generating from these components will be having source IP address as one of the IP from alias IP range and custom MAC address( which is virtually generated by the virtual router within the VM)

Concern: The N-S traffic generating from these alias IP addresses are not passing through the GCP VCP. Also we could see that the ARP requests send from these virtual routers to resolve the MAC address of VPC subnet’s gateway are also getting dropped.

So, is there any restriction on the packets generated from the alias IPs for the N-S traffic as well as for ARP requests?

Thanks and Regards,

Google Spreadsheet – show time remaining

I want to make a spreadsheet with (1)the name of a person, (2)the time (now), (3)the amount of time they have to complete a task, and (4) how long they have left of that time.

No other answer to “time remaining” seems to quite give me the answer I need!

driving – Is there a Google Maps like app that shows directions and other people’s progress along the same route?

Yes, for Google Maps you can share your position (Location sharing) with others (and they with you). I assume a Google Account is needed for both parties. This can be turned on and off when needed. You also get general email reminders that you are still sharing your location information.

In the Google Maps application you can see the persons position, based on their gps signal and are somehow connected to the internet.

I found this to be useful where a visitor regularly wanders around the city during the day, to eventually meet in the late afternoon.

Depending in the gps signal, you can the see if the person is on their way back and get a general idea when they will arrive.


applications – Uninstall Android app from Google Play website

I have installed one of the android apps, which is for double tap to screen on/off, but this app is misleading. Unfortunately I gave admin permission for this app, after installing this android app, My mobile screen is never showing up. But, I can hear phone rings, message tones, and everything working fine. How do I make my screen visible now??

Is there anyway to uninstall that particular app, from any website?? I’m pretty sure that, screen is not popping up because of this app. Please help me here.

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Why does Google Drive have a “change ownership” option for files that don’t support it?

You can only transfer ownership of Google files and folders

Due to this quote, as shown in to How can I transfer ownership of a file in Google Drive that isn’t part of Docs? in the past there was no option to attempt transfering ownership of non Google files (PDF, etc.).

However, these days there is. But if you try to use it, it just fails with a “You can’t change the owner of this item” message:

Failed attempt to transfer ownership

What is the logic behind this? Is there any way to bypass this error and transfer such an ownership?