How do you choose Google "Desktop" or "Smartphone" for the "main tracker" of a site?

How do you select the "main crawler" for a site in the Google Search Console (coverage segment)?

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Multiple URLs in Google Analytics Goals Funnel Step

Have a home page with 3 packages: 1 of the product, 3 of the product, 6 of the product, each option has its own payment URL, but everyone will have / thanks in the URL once purchased.

Then, they all start in the same LP but there are 3 possible paths to the goal.

If I select Regular Expression, what exactly would I put in the Destination? Just thanks ?

And if you select regular expression, from what I understand, you are supposed to also use regular expressions in the funnel steps.

Would it be possible to use the symbol or: | separate the 3 possible steps from the second step of the funnel step number 2?

Something like: / (redoxol-h2 | redoxol-h2-3-bottle-bundle | redoxol-h2-6-bottle-bundle)

I tried to add the 3 routes in 3 different steps but the data was all wrong. If I separate it into 3 different objectives, the data will not be accurate either.

Any ideas?

google sheets: is there any way to generate many rows and columns from a single value?

Let's say I have a sheet with a single column that lists all my clients with each row being a unique value: for example: client1, client2, client3, client4, …

Objective: I would like that in a separate sheet, 2 columns and 12 rows will be generated for each client and filled out as follows:

client 1, 1
client 1, 2
client 1, 3
client 1, 12
client 2, 1
client 2, 12

I believe that if someone can help me do this, I could achieve my ultimate goal, which is for each client, to generate 365 unique rows for each day of the year as follows:

(client, month, day, year)
client 1, 1, 1, 2020
client 1, 1, 2, 2020
client 1, 1, 3, 2020
client 1, 12, 31, 2020

Important: Although we can use a Google sheet script to generate all the rows, I would really like to avoid that.

Reference question: Is there a program that can search not only the names of the links within your Google sheet but also the content of those links?

Background: I have a Google sheet that contains some links. Of course, links do not always have the content of what you are looking for in the URL, so it is difficult to search later.

Question: Is it possible to take a look at the website content to find a keyword?

Ex: Let's say I have
Google com (invented this one)
And the last link contains words like "snake" and "turtle". If CTRL + F "snake", there will be no results. Is there a way to view the link without having to review each link one by one?

(Note that the label at the bottom is because I don't have enough reputation to put in general, I'm sorry)

The site is ranking on all search engines, but Google

Be it Bing, Yahoo or any browser, the keywords are ranked on page number one. Only google is finding my unworthy ranking pages. Why are keywords ranked in other search engines, besides google?

How was the "primary tracker" selected in the Google search console?

How do you select the "primary tracker" in the Google search console? (Coverage Segment)

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How can I show people with their location on Google Maps?

I am running a job portal website, I collect user information, including its latitude and longitude, basically I want to be able to search Google Maps from the information they provide to my website.

A similar example includes the integration of Uber, Lyft and Careem with Google Maps. Since every time I put an address on Google maps, I have the option to book trips from third-party applications such as Uber and Careem directly from Google Maps,
This link explains how it is done.

Basically, I want every time someone searches for "Car technicians near me" on Google, it shows the PERSONS registered on my site (which have their latitude and longitude in my database), in the Google map search and a link to my application so that every time someone clicks on "Call" or contact them, it redirects to my application. Similar to what you do with shared travel service providers.

How can I make Chrome / Google search my Google data?

Google has many places where you can store your data. Drive, Keep, Tasks, Calendar, Gmail, etc.

Sometimes I write a note in Google Keep, sometimes I do a Homework, sometimes I do a document in Drive, etc.

It is very annoying to have to go to each individual service to do a search. I am surprised that there is no easy way to make the Google / Chrome search bar include results from some of these services.

Is this possible natively? If not, maybe with some solution / hacking?

javascript: automatically executes a function in Google Script when a new row is added to the Google sheet

From my spreadsheet script editor, I am using a script to send data (emails) to the sheet.

On the sheet I have two tabs:

Sheet1: Receive the new emails sent

Sheet2: Sort the emails on Sheet1 in a reverse order based on the Timestamp column, so all the time on Sheet2 I have the last email sent in cell B2

I added the function below to the script to allow me to send an email to the address located in cell Sheet2, B2

function SendEmail() {
var e = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName("Sheet2").getRange("B2").getValues();
var m = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName("Sheet3").getRange("A1").getValues();
var subject = 'Welcome to ..';
MailApp.sendEmail(e, subject, m);


The problem is: the SendEmail function only works well when I execute the function manually from the script and want it to run automatically once a new row is sent to the sheet

I tried adding triggers in two ways:

First, as we know, the sheet is preset in 1000 rows by default, so I removed all the blank ones and then, from the activators of the current project, I added the OnChange activator. I thought that when the total number of rows is changed, the trigger will work and execute the SendEmail function (but nothing happened)

Second, I tried to add a new function to the script to make the first attempt, but programmatically as follows:

function onChange(e) {
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName("Sheet1");

There was no luck either, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance