Good day, my question is simple to people with experience in maps, notice that I worked a bit with the Google Maps API on the web, in which I did the basics (calculate distance between 2 points, add markers and automatically detect my location) , then I have a doubt about real-time geolocation (I really do not know if it is really called like this, correct me if this is the case please), what I mean, for example, if I move the marker, update with respect to my movements, something like what uber does with its drivers (it shows you the route and at the same time with respect to the movement it changes in real time the marker that refers to your location) or in the same google app (When we want to go to a place and it tells us where to go in real time according to each step of the route), is it possible to do that in web programming with the Google Maps API or is it limited to mobile programming?

Thank you very much in advance.

This here is in a mobile app, but I want to do the same with web programming, in which the location is provided by the browser.

enter the description of the image here

What is the penalty of Google? – Help SEO (General Chat)

A Google penalty is the negative impact on the search rankings of a website according to the updates of Of Google Search algorithms or manual review. the pain it can be a byproduct of an algorithm update or an intentional penalty for several black-hat SEO techniques

Google Analytics – There is no coincidence in numbers in Events

I have created 3 events: "Place_bet", "Input_select_amount" and "Amount_button". The idea is to follow up if the user clicks the button with the "Input_select_amount" OR "Amount_button" event and finally the "Place_bet" button. For this purpose, I have created a sequence like this:
enter the description of the image here

After this step, I will see the results, but the numbers do not fit. If I look for May 14, the "place bet" event has this result:
enter the description of the image here

The "amount of input selection" this result:
enter the description of the image here
And the "quantity button" looks like this:
enter the description of the image here

But when I do a sequence filter for the combination of all of them, the result is totally different:
enter the description of the image here

Any idea of ​​the numbers without a coincidence result?


How to record the mtime file on google drive?

If I create a file locally today and upload it to Google Drive tomorrow, Google will register its Last modification time like tomorrow rise time.
How do I record the room? mtime instead?

How to penalize your competitor's site on Google

I know it's bad, but someone made me wrong, and I want to get revenge. There is something I can do to penalize the site of my competition, which is a travel blog.

Some leader here?

Google Sheets: how to return values ​​in a formula, from the rows of the last 4 non-consecutive dates recorded

Using a ARRAY_CONSTRAIN formula that we want capture the last 9 records (rows) during a period of non-consecutive dates.

= ARRAY_CONSTRAIN (sort (vlookup (query ({row (EBPP! D: D), sort (EBPP! A: E)}, Q15.0),
{row (EBPP! D: D), classification (EBPP! A: E)}, {2,3,4,5,6}, 0), 4.0), R8.5)

Points to consider:

  • Cell P15 keep the query
  • Cell R8 We will keep the part we need for the dates.

Please, take a look at the image.

last 9 records


Spreadsheet added.

iPhone – How to make Google maps run through the VPN

In my country, google maps shows the satellite view of the flu. On the desktop, when I connect to a VPN, I ignore it and see the satellite view very clear. However, this method does not work on mobile phones. Is there any way to make that happen also in the gmaps mobile app?

Can I get google adsense income in Iran?

Hi all
I'm from Iran and I want to create the YouTube channel and Google Adsense revenue.
Is there a virtual bank account that believes in it and receives money from Google Adsense in Iran?
I heard that Google accepts payoneer bank accounts, but payoneer does not accept the Iranian passport to verify: /

Is there any way to make money with Google Adsense?

I need a virtual bank account in which Google adsense accepts banks, the Iranians can create and verify an account in it.

Is there a way to confirm the Google Adsense address in Iran? (for example, verify with virtual address or …)

The Iranian government has created bad economic conditions for its youth. I do not have a good financial situation for immigration from Iran. The best way to earn money for me now is Google adsense.

Using multiple Google Analytics accounts in the same domain

We own a single domain where we host several clients. Example:

  • (our welcome and registration site)

  • (1st client)

  • (2nd client)

  • (3rd client)

Is it possible to have several Google Analytics accounts, so that the analyzes are directed according to the URL?

  • (our own Georgia code)

  •* (1st client Georgia code)

  •* (2nd customer Georgia code)

  •* (3rd client Georgia code)

Any ideas? Thank you!

gmail: Google Calendar trips are missing or deleted

I booked two trips to destinations A and B using my GMail address for confirmations. The trip to A was instantly added to my Google calendar and Google trips (Google trips). A week before the trip it disappeared from my calendar and it only shows up on Google trips. The flights for trip B were added to my calendar but the hotel was not, although Google shows hotel trips and flights. (and google trips tells me that he extracted this information from GMail)

What can I do here? How can I re-add the trip to A to my calendar? How can I force the stay at the hotel so that trip B appears on my calendar? Is there a way to add Google travel trips to my calendar?