synchronization – How to save new and existing contacts on Google in RealMe Pro 2 Android?

This does not work for me.

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I have an Android Realme Pro 2 device; Every time I try to add a new contact, I end up unable to save to Google.

Contacts are synchronized from Settings -> Account -> Google -> Contacts -> Synchronize

What is the correct way to save all new and existing contacts on Google?

How to make my Google site searchable on Google?

My question is quite simple, that is, how can I create a Google site so that I can search Google for a quote that is unique to my site and the site will be displayed in Google search results? In other words, how to make my Google sites searchable on Google? The reason I don't create my own real website is because I am a bankrupt guy who can't pay annual payments for DNS to host my domain name, so I use something for free like Google sites. Help?

What does the Google index of 100 mean? – SEO Help (General Chat)

We index our data to 100, where 100 is The maximum search interest for the selected time and place. That means that if we look at the search interest in the 2016 elections since the beginning of 2012, we will see that March 2016 had the highest search interest, with a value of 100.

Advertising: Can I export third-party cookies from my users, such as Yandex cookies to Google Ads?

I have been collecting cookies from different services such as Yandex, Mautic, Facebook pixel, etc. Now I need to share / import these Cookies to Google to remarketing from my WEB through Google Ads.

Example: I collect data for a long time only with Yandex. I have 10k users who have not cleaned those cookies. So I can always see when they return to my website. I want to migrate to Google Ads for my users. Can I export Yandex cookies to Google ads to carry out remarketing campaigns?

google sheets – Import a formula?

my question is:

I have many files, such as 30+, that I need maintenance periodically. My idea was to create a master file, where I will modify the formulas only 1 time, and they will be automatically copied to those files. How is it possible? I thought of some type of import range combination, but it doesn't make the formula run, it just imports the "numbers."

Ty guys

Tool that generates Google Cal events (and Slack reminders) based on a cal event

I am looking for a tool that links events / reminders to a Google Cal base event (and update the schedule if the base event moves).

I am scheduling reminders based on recurring (but irregular) calendar events. For each one, I would like to automatically generate preparation events, for example, if I had to move one of these base events, the preparation / reminder events would move with them. Open to other methods to generate automatic reminders a fixed number of days before an irregular event, such as preset Slack reminders to send.

What's new in the speed report in Google Search Console?

What's new in Speed ​​Report in Google Search Console?

SEO tools say no, etc., when loaded by AJAX. Is that a problem for Google?

All the SEO tools I've tried report "No h1", etc. for my most important page. But there are h1, h2, etc., but they are placed in content that is loaded through JavaScript, which is a mandatory property of the Shopoftware used (Shopware).

I hope Google is better than those SEO tools and probably sees AJAXed content? It will?

How do I use a Google indexed page checker?

How do I use a Google indexed page checker?

seo – Mark Google Search Console noindex warnings as resolved

We receive these questions all the time. You are not the only one confused. Google should be clearer. Google uses the term error and is confusing for some users.

These are just notices. No mistakes There is nothing else to do.

Google does not say there is a problem. Google simply informs you of what they found. In case you made a mistake, you'll want to know.

In short, you don't need to say anything to Google or delete these ads.