Google Spreadsheets: sort one column in multiple columns

I have a Google Spreadsheet with the information from a Google Form. The sheets updates automatically. I have a column with the hour of delivery. Now I wan’t to sort that info in a new sheet. I can’t sort that sheet because this sheet needs to keep that lay-out. In the picture you can see what I mean. This is the picture from the sheet connected to the form
So this is the sheet connected to the form. More to te left (not on the picture) we have a column with the names and the adresses. So what I want to do now is this:enter image description here
I guess you get it. The info from column 3 on the first picture (the time) as headers in the other sheet. So every row that has the hour: 9u-9u30 together in one column. With the info from that row: the name and the adress on that row.Hope u can help me!

plugins – Connect to Google reviews and ratings data and put into structured data in website source code?

I have found Google reviews plugins, but these all seem to be meant to embed Google reviews on the front end of web page.

Instead I am wanting to pull in live/synced reviews data and include it in structured data “dynamically” – eg # of reviews, avg star rating.

Thanks much!

google sheets – IF function that leaves the last number calculated if statement is true/false

I am trying to write a formula that updates a number in the cell if another cell is empty, and leaves the last number calculated if the other cell is not empty. I am calculating my profit, which changes until I actually collect it. So far I have this:
Obviously it is not possible to do this. Prove me wrong

How to add filter in Gmail to label any email which is from/to an email address from one of your Google Contact labels?

I want to make my clients’ emails stand out more than just “important” allows, and also group them better. I have added all client emails to a Google Contacts “Label” and want to make all emails to/from these client email addresses to be labelled in Gmail.

There is a manual solution here: How to add filter and label to group in Gmail contacts?

But it doesn’t account for new emails you add to the contact label in future, and required manual updating.

Any help on my specific question, or an alternative solution would be much appreciated.

google sheets – How to embed table from gSheets to gDoc and preserve formulas & cell protection

I’m created a google doc posted to the Canvas platform for individual students to record data from an experiment. (see below for screenshot img)

In excel, I can easily (1) insert AVERAGE formula for each row of data (2) protect all cells except for those where students entered data.

I need to embed that same data entry table from gSheets in a gDoc. However, when I copy the selected table cells from the google sheet, neither the AVERAGE formulas not the cell protection copy over into the gSheet.

Neither “paste table with link” to gSheet nor “paste unlinked” produces the desired results of (a) preserving the AVERAGE formula (b) cell protection. I can do without cell protection, but must have the average formula working.

Thank you!

(Data entry table gsheet to embed in gdoc

Google Facing New Antitrust Complaint From Daily Mail?s Owner

Google is facing another antitrust complaint, alleging that Google punishes publishers in search rankings if they don?t sell enough advertising space through Google?s marketplace.

google docs – How to retrieve data from a googlesheet and display in a WordPress page?

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Google Sheets: VLOOKUP formula for a multi line cells range

I have here a sample project, where columns A to C are in FORM RESPONSES TAB/SHEET and columns D and E are in RECORDS TAB/SHEET.

In the RECORDS I have a list of names, in alphabetical order, and a column for BATCHES(E9).

What I wish to have as an output is to AUTOMATICALLY bring/distribute the batches from RESPONSES!B4:B to the respective attendees in RECORD TAB (E10:E).

NOTE: The names are already available in the Google Form(Checkbox type), so the list of names in RECORD TAB are just the same as in the Google Form.

But the problem is, there are responses in C4:C that has multiple names in a single cell, and I don’t know what to do anymore. hehe. I have already tried the INDEX and MATCH formulas based on how I understood it as a total beginner in Google Sheet, but it only works on the first name.

I hope that someone could help me achieve the output that I wanted to achieve.

Thank you so much and may God bless everyone! 🙂

Here’s the screenshot of my sample project:

Here's the screenshot of my sample project:

Selling – GDPLYR PRO – Google Drive Proxy Player |

This is the pro version of GDPLYR which is developed by codyseller.
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HLS Video system, with this you can prevent visitors from downloading your precious video (Protection from IDM and other video downloading sites)


  1. Google drive
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  5. Yandex
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% Unlimited playbacks
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% Player advertisement (Vast/popads)
% Player subtitles
% Intergrated with your gdrive account
% Drive to Drive copier
% Remote file uploader to gdrive
% Bulk import
% Multiple google drive accounts supported
% Clean admin UI
% One click installation

About HLS video system-
GDplyr Pro script will convert your google drive file to HLS format and then save it in your local server storage.
Script will save each hls segment as image (png) file and this will prevent you from getting DMCA copyright notice.
Not only that this hls system will save lot of your server bandwidth and also this HLS system prevent IDM and Other sites from downloading your video
(you can select different server for local storage)

About D2D Backup System-
After you added new gogole drive file, GDplyr Pro will automatically create backup of files to your backup drives. Well you can also do it manually by yourself.

$ php7.x
$ mysqli/ curl
$ FFmpeg (If you use hls system)
$ Apache / Nginx (Apache recommended)
$ Shared host / VPS

Product listing –

Admin if i made any mistake do let me know.
Thank you


googlebot – Mobile usability issues reported by Google at Search Console

Google search console reported that some pages have a Mobile Usability issues:

  • Clickable elements too close together
  • Content wider than screen
  • Text too small to read

Some clarifications:

  • this is not about restrictions in robots.txt
  • some failed pages have less than 8 resources with 550KB size total
  • the failed pages make up a small part of the total and are random
  • “LIVE TEST” for the same URL may fail randomly
  • there is no network problems (packet loss/response time/DNS) with the server where site deployed
  • this issue appeared since April 14th
  • most of the failed pages have 90-99% mobile performance in PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse

Lighthouse embedded in the Chrome and PageSpeed Insights haven’t found a problem in mobile mode in the same pages that have an issues in Google search console.

But when I use “LIVE TEST” for failed URLs in Google search console, sometimes I get a same failed result with Mobile Usability issues, where CSS file not loaded with a reason “Other error”. I think this is an issues reason but I don’t understand what can I do to fix it, especially if it is due to some netiquette limitation (crawl budget)