Create an online shop with Chinese goods

Create an online store with Chinese goods of popular marketplaces with OT Box from OT Commerce. This is a tool to start business with China.OT Box is a ready-to-use online store already filled with Taobao / 1688 products updated automatically. Site is installed on your domain and has all the necessary settings for online store success and profit.

OT Box includes:

– catalog / search on Taobao / Tmall or 1688 at your choice;
– ordering system and customer personal account;
– free connection of payment systems;
– delivery, price and currency settings;
– goods weight display;
SEO settings;
– modules for online store promotion;
– possibility to show website in several languages.

You can test website for free before purchase. You will be able to evaluate all its features and determine convenience of working for yourself, see both customer and admin panels, ordering system.

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General guidance on pricing goods, services, and balancing economy [closed]

As I’m making my way through a campaign, I’m beginning to realize that I don’t know what to do about money. My tier 2 (out of 6) players have 200 shins (gold in Numenera terms) between 5 of them, we don’t know if that’s a lot or a little, and we stopped caring about money altogether – finding monetary rewards is not exciting, and money is not a motivator. I’m trying to price and offer some goods and services — which will create the desire for players to spend (and acquire) wealth.

Is there some generic guideline against which I can use to price things? I think I just don’t have a good gut feeling how to price hiring a group of guards or a spy for a month vs a sack of grain or price of a sword.

How do I begin to estimate price of goods and services? Are there good resources to help me?

game theory: trust in online platforms that deal with virtual goods

Hope this is the correct stack swap for these types of questions. It can probably be more generalized, but I'll explain it using my use case.
I am implementing an online platform, where third parties sell virtual products to customers by subscription. Take e-books for example as a virtual good in this case.
How can third parties trust my platform? How can they know that I am not cheating with the number of subscriptions that I inform them? Are there solutions for this or some documents? I can't be the first with this kind of problem. The problem is, I don't even know what to look for.
Game theory is also the only tag I can think of, maybe someone could edit the tags?

Thanks in advance

Reports – Trust in online platforms dealing with virtual goods

I am implementing an online platform, where third parties sell virtual products to customers by subscription. Take e-books for example as a virtual good in this case.
How can third parties trust my platform? How can they know that I am not cheating with the number of subscriptions that I inform them? Are there solutions for cases like this? I can't be the first with this kind of problem.

Thanks in advance

What type of Malta visa do UK goods vehicles bring to non-EU citizens?

Hello, my name is Suji from India. I am working in Malta as a trucker. Now my company plans regular trips from Malta to the UK. So what kind of visa do I apply for?

c ++ – Maximize the value of goods in a triangular container

In this task, you should find the best solution for the given problem.

They give you
METER – ship's capacity where it can store items with heights less than I-the height, for example, in the first place you can store only elements with height 1, but in the second place you can store elements with heights 1 or 2.
north – number of elements. Each element has two taxes: height and value. We want to maximize the sum of values ​​of the elements taken.


#define INF 10000006
using namespace std;

long long getint(){
    char c;
    long long temp = 0;

        c = getchar_unlocked();
    }while(c < '0' || c > '9');

        temp = temp * 10 + c - '0';
        c = getchar_unlocked();
    }while(c >= '0' && c <= '9');

    return temp;
struct panel {
    long long value;
    long long height;
bool comp (const panel &a, const panel &b){
    if(a.value == b.value)
        return a.height < b.height;
    return a.value > b.value;

panel tab(1000020);
long long tree(1500020);
long long taken;
panel temp;
unsigned long long score = 0;
long long powerOfTwo = 1;
long long height;
long long treeLast = 0;

void addToTree(int a){
    tree(a) = INF;
    while(a != 1){
        a /= 2;
        tree(a) = min(tree(a * 2), tree(a * 2 + 1));

}//dodaje wartosc inf w wierzcholku /A added value inf in vertex A
int look(int x){
    //powerOfTwo first index on the tree
    while(x < powerOfTwo){
        if(x * 2 >= powerOfTwo && x * 2 < treeLast){
            x *= 2;
            if(tree(x) == 0){
                return 1;//succeeded
            else if(tree(x + 1) == 0){

My idea for that task is the greedy classification and then choose the best items if we can store them in our boat. The complexity of the solution is good O (n * logn), but sometimes I get WA (Incorrect answer). If you can verify the style of my code and maybe find some error / counterexample.
Problem statement (only in PL: & # 39; ()

Choose the best engines for the smooth transfer of goods: everything else

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food and beverages – Customs of Portugal – goods in quantities greater than those allowed

I am Brazilian with a Portuguese residence permit.

I will visit my hometown in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and I would like to bring some kind of tea (Chimarrão tea) here. As I will have a lot of slots in my luggage, I would like to bring 12 kg of tea. I consume almost 2 kg per month, so I will drink tea for 6 months. Tea is not illegal and can be bought in Portugal, but it is very expensive.

I am reviewing this page and it says that I cannot bring products in quantities greater than those allowed. However, I didn't find what the allowable amounts are (I found only for alcohol). I know that in Brazil, the amount is usually 12.

What is the amount allowed in Portugal?

Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society

What to prepare for the path of busy life.

Do not allow yourself to be right, people are something very difficult to discover. We are good and there are people better than us, leaving needs to be a bit humble as an entrepreneur Do Trung Duong HBC – VCCI It will help us avoid many commercial competitors in the commercial market and also the loss of customers and contracts.

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The father used to say that he entered the market as a battlefield, he had to prepare himself carefully with weapons, knowing that he knew us. The businessman Do Trung Duong is the man who takes the Viking Group, a multidisciplinary business to the sea, to face big waves. Mr. Duong had to prepare the strategy and predict the ways in which the opponent would be applied.

In the HBC – VCCI business, sometimes there are too many jobs that an employee will perform endlessly. Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society shared, sometimes it is necessary to know opening words to help colleagues, this is not something embarrassing. But what matters is how you ask for help. The words will not make you lose any contract or lose billions of dollars for it, thank you sincerely, people will agree to help you. On the contrary, being suspicious and orderly in an impolite way will make your colleagues hate you more, can help you but not want to help you.

Boss Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society – Vice President Do Trung Duong HBC-VCCI That said, sometimes when meetings require staff to give their opinion, you should know how to express your opinions in a timely manner. Don't be too determined, too definite, do everything you have to do so you can retire. Sometimes being too determined will cause others' discomfort. There are no enemies forever, the future sometimes too many enemies will make it difficult for you to back off. At HBC – VCCI, you must learn to integrate with your colleagues, do not lie for this reason, other reasons to lie, sometimes you will forget what you say when you discover people's trust. Apart from that you will lose.

The more you are in the commercial company, the things that people want to tell you will tell you, do not be very curious behind anyone's back. Businessman Do Trung Duong inverter Share more about the things in the business that employees face. There are many employees because the pressure to find new contracts and customers makes it impossible to integrate into the collective. There are times when you should praise other people because learning to praise is the best and fastest way to close the distance between you and your colleagues.

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mysql – How should I store virtual goods in a database?

Then, a user in my system can buy virtual goods. Like shoes, cars, computers and etc. How can I store that in my database? I am using MySQL if that matters.

Option 1: have a table called UserItems with columns

UserID | Items (JSON)

Option 2: use a NoSQL database and store it there without json

What do you recommend?