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architecture – Is it a good idea to have separate instances for the public API Server and API Server used by the Web App?

I’ve built a React Web application with an Express REST API server and Firebase Auth. Also, Nginx is set up as a reverse proxy, so API calls from React to are routed to backend http://localhost:8002.

Now I want to publish part of my APIs under with an API Key scheme. I’ve modified the Express server so it can handle both auth schemes based on Authorization header (i.e. Bearer for Firebase, ApiKey for API Key).

The question is: Is it a good idea to have separate backends serving Web App and Public APIs? What benefits could it bring? Or should I direct API calls from the Web App to to keep setup simple?

Thanks in advance

It offers plush cushioning, excellent fit, style, plus a very good value

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The adidas ultra boost black is one of the latest hybrid models from the Three Stripes, combining the stretchy Primeknit upper of the popular UltraBOOST with the latest-gen 4D printed midsole unit. So far, adi have been quite restrained with the rollout of new colourways, and only opted for mostly monochromatic editions. However, that looks to be changing soon with the ‘Miami Nights’ version. Between the OG UltraBOOST launch colour, the creamy ‘Core White’ pair, and the stealthy ‘Triple Black’, this Ultra4D is definitely the most colourful yet.

Team Trefoil are getting into the spirit of the annual celebration of adidas superstar original trainers, unleashing an expansive Valentine’s Day collection that’s already set hearts aflutter. The pack includes a suitably loved-up Superstar, Ozweego, Continental 80, and NY 90. Each of the four silhouettes sport a similar aesthetic, with a clean white base doing most of the heavy lifting, before careful touches of ‘Core Black’ and ‘Scarlet’ deliver the main style statement.

Everyone’s favourite amphibian puppet has joined forces with adidas to create a adidas stan smith women that is green in more ways than one. Going against the sentiment of Kermit the Frog’s famous refrain, this release makes being green a little easier, using recycled materials to deliver a clean rendition of the timeless silhouette, and throwing in a few neat details to sweeten the deal. Adopting adi’s Primegreen technology, this Stan Smith appears in all-white, save for the contrasting green additions to the heel tab, tongue branding, ‘KERMIT’ naming alongside the lateral Three Stripes, and lateral heel sketch of Kermit himself smiling at all he passes.”

hardware – What is 25gb ethernet good for?

I’ve come across listings for 25gb NIC cards online, from various companies including Intel, Mellanox, and Broadcom. Can someone explain what these are for? Clearly the bandwidth these cards can support is an order of magnitude higher than what your ISP provides. I know these cards are used to quickly transfer data between servers in a server room, but other than that I don’t see any real application. Are there scientific instruments which generate a lot of data and support a 25gb interface?

What is a Mining Pool, what is it good for?

A Mining Pool is a protocol for a group of miners to work together, in order to smooth out their mined coins. A miner working alone would generate a block (= 50 Bitcoin) whenever he is the first to find a correct hash. In practice, this happens quite rarely for a single miner.

When several miners are working together in a pool, their earnings are split among all miners (with the pool usually taking some commission). This guarantees an even spread of earnings over time instead of “all or nothing” in solo mining.

One disadvantage of a mining pool is its centralicity – most pools today have central nodes that can be DDOSed, and if not configured accordingly when a DDOS happens the miner will just sit idly instead of reverting to a different pool or to solo mining.

dnd 3.5e – What are some good chance/luck-themed spells for Sorcerers?

There are two kinds of “luck” spells that need to be considered.

Anecdotally, as someone with horrible luck, having these are futile. Those of us on whom probability takes steaming dumps know that no reasonable number of rerolls will ever produce a satisfactory result (also known as the lie of averages), and having reroll abilities means expending resources that could’ve instead been devoted to making others roll better or not having to roll at all.

That said, here are some reroll spells and what gets rerolled.

1st-level Spells

  • cheat (SpC 46): A dice roll your character makes in a game he’s playing; weird, unique spell.

2nd-level Spells

  • insight of good fortune (PH2 115): Attack roll, saving throw, or skill or ability check.

3rd-level Spells

  • alter fortune (PH2 101): Any roll.
  • curse of the gypsies (Dragon #348 75): Target’s natural 20s.
  • unluck (SpC 227): All target’s die rolls.

4th-level Spells

  • battle hymn (SpC 25): Will save.
  • cynosure (Dragon #338 77): Accuracy with plane shift and teleport .

9th-level Spells

That’s… not a lot. As with most things magical, the Clr’s ability to pick new spells from the thousands available makes him better at this than a Sor, and the Brd’s seeming emphasis on wacky antics lets him access a few unique ones, too. Further, Races of Destiny‘s spells warp destiny and choose destiny are awesome for this, but they are exclusively destiny Domain spells.

Arguably, any spell requiring a saving throw, attack roll, or damage roll is random. Assuming, however, that the spell’s effect should be random, this could easily be a Sor’s whole theme as there are so many. Note that lesser confusion is only on the Brd spell list and the madness Domain.

Anecdotally, these spells make other players hate you. Not your character–he didn’t make these choices–you. That’s because the resources you committed to doing this could have been spent doing something reliable. When you bring Swingy the Luckmaster to the table, expect dice thrown at you.

1st-level Spells

  • scramble true position (ToM 258): Randomly teleport a group of foes; good luck with the truename component, though.

2nd-level Spells

  • channel the mishtai (Magic of Incarnum 99): Have your body inhabited by a random soul. Note: Some souls are terrible.
  • feline distraction (Random Encounters column “Ways of the Sword: Cat’s Claw Dueling Pride”): Like confusion but far more embarrassing.
  • rainbow beam (SpC 165): Random type of damage.
  • scattering trap (PH2 123-4): Random short-range teleportation.

3rd-level Spells

  • prismatic mist (PH2 121-2): Random effect; confusion’s possible.
  • rain of terror (Dragon #348 76): So, in a 100-ft. radius centered on you the sky rains random stuff (e.g. ash, blood, dead bats, spiders) to, ultimately, grant you a +10 bonus on Intimidate skill checks. That’s a long, awesome way to go for a skill bonus. I love this spell.

4th-level Spells

  • confusion (PH 212): A classic.
  • defenestrating sphere (SpC 62): Randomly move the target toward a window; a spell surely created solely so the author could use the word defenestrate.
  • scramble portal (SpC 181): O, the places they’ll go!
  • siren’s call (SW 121-2): Target heads for the sea, or wanders randomly if he doesn’t know where the sea is.

5th-level Spells

  • contact other plane (PH 212-3): Sometimes an answer, sometimes a lie, and sometimes you can’t cast spells for a month–awesome!
  • prismatic ray (SpC 162): The poor man’s spray.

6th-level Spells

  • guards and wards (PH 237): In the right place–the tendriculos hedge maze protecting your castle, for instance–this is hilarious. The DM’s expression when your party tries to map a similarly warded area isn’t nearly as funny.

7th-level Spells

  • insanity (PH 244): A not-funny funny spell.
  • prismatic eye (SpC 161-2): It’s a moist, apple-sized floating eye that shoots rainbows. Really. Trivia: When originally published this was a 6th-level spell but was changed to a 7th-level spell in the SpC–try to talk your DM into putting it at 6th-level again. I’m of the opinion that whoever bumped it up forgot about…
  • prismatic spray (PH 264): The rich man’s ray.

8th-level Spells

  • fimbulwinter (Fr 93-4): Some days no wind blows and the snow melts, and other days there are 30+ MPH winds and seven feet of snow! Take that, nature!
  • mind of the labyrinth (DM 70): It’s like mind blank for the odd and inefficient.
  • prismatic wall (PH 264-5): A classic.

9th-level Spells

  • prismatic sphere (PH 264-5): The classic-est.
  • reality maelstrom (SpC 168): O, the places they’ll all go.

What is the best coin to purchase to earn good money now?

Kindly give me advice that what is the best coin I have to purchase for future hold. I want to invest some money but has no idea which coin should I select.

react native – Please assist with good advices here

What would I do in this instance? I have been a React native Developer for 2 years+ (Although I have been a software Developer using C#, Java , Python and PHP for close to 10 years also),done some side Hustle with it for a colleagues company and helped him support as well for React Native. Currently I have developed 2 apps and sent to playstore. Is this a good start to seek Remote jobs? Sharing the github Links as well as Playstore links on my Resume?

dnd 5e – Is this a good alternative, both mechanically and role-playing, to the oathbreaker paladin?

In a current D&D 5e game I’m running, one of my players is running an Oath of Glory paladin who, after coming to disagree with his war-god deity, effectively broke his oath. To clarify the exact disagreement, his god is a god of victory, war, and competition but the character has come to value protecting others and promoting free will. While we were initially talking about just changing him to a different deity, we both came to feel like either a class or subclass change to reflect this rather important change would be proper.

We started with Oathbreaker, but both agreed that wouldn’t work as the character isn’t evil and remains opposed to necromancy. Then, we considered Redemption, but agreed that his character won’t be into the pacifism there. We went through a lot of the other subclasses, but didn’t quite find one that fit.

Thus, we come to the homebrew subclass. It is meant to emphasize the ability to change, both yourself and others, and being able to learn from and grow from failures (side-note: there’s a god of free will in the world which will likely be his new deity). I’ll list out everything below with subclass content in bold and add my comments/justifications below. All help, opinions, and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Tenets of New Paths

  • Forgiveness. Forgive others who have erred and chosen the wrong paths, just as others have forgiven you.
  • Progress. Move forward and push others to do the same.
  • Consideration. Tradition does not make something right, nor does innovation. Everything must be judged for what it is, not where it came from.
  • Flexibility. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have one path which is correct for them. Be willing to change yourself and patient with others when they must change.
  • Reflection. Consider each of your actions and whether they can truly be called good in the eyes of the gods. Repeat those which are but do not be weighed down by those which are not.

This one is pretty straightforward and based largely in the character situation, described in the intro.

Oath Spells

3rd. Protection from Evil and Good, Comprehend Languages

5th. Alter Self, Fortune’s Favor

9th. Tongues, Protection from Energy

13th. Freedom of Movement, Polymorph

17th. Dispel Evil and Good, Passwall

This one I had some trouble with. I like the spells thematically, but I worry that they are too similar to the Devotion list and a bit too eclectic to be useful. Also, I worry somewhat that Polymorph overshadows the rest of the list. I initially justified it by being a balance between Animate Dead and Dominate Person from Oathbreaker, but the more I’ve thought about it, the less I like it here.

3rd level – Channel Divinity

Redeem the Fallen:
You can use your Channel Divinity to lead discouraged or downcast allies to new victory. As an action, choose a number of allies that you can see within 30 ft. Any of those creatures which are charmed, frightened, or under the effects of a similar condition are returned to normal.

This one is roughly balanced against the Oath of the Crown’s Turn the Tide, but rather than healing a similar amount to a 1st level cure wounds, this removes a status condition in a similar way to a 2nd level lesser restoration. So, perhaps a bit stronger, but more circumstantial.

Break the Stubborn:
You can use your Channel Divinity to scatter those who would block your path. As a bonus action, choose a number of creatures equal to your charisma modifier (minimum 1). Each of those creatures must make a Strength saving throw or be tossed aside by divine force. They are launched 20 feet in a direction of your choice, taking fall damage if necessary, and land prone.

For this one, it’s intended to be an alternative to the Channel Divinities which Turn enemies, such as Turn the Faithless from Oath of the Ancients. On the one hand, it doesn’t disable enemies for as long and it relies of strength saves, which monsters tend to do better at than something like Wisdom. On the other, it isn’t limited to a specific creature type, plus gives a lot more flexibility in battlefield control.

7th and 18th level – Aura of Hope

Beginning at 7th level, your example of determination inspires those around you. You and friendly creatures within 10 feet of you experience the benefits of the Bless spell.
At 18th level, this increases to 30 ft.

This is a fairly straightforward comparison. As compared to the Oathbreaker’s Aura of Hate, this is again more versatile but less potentially powerful. That said, I also feel like it’s a bit weak to other auras, especially the Aura of Warding from Oath of the Ancients, but maybe I undervalue Bless.

15th level – Forge a New Oath

Starting at 15th level, you may call upon the power of your god for an exceptional boon. As an action, you may pick one spell of 7th level or lower from the cleric spell list with a casting time of 1 action and cast it. You may only use this feature once per day.

I found this one a bit hard to balance as the other subclasses have a lot of variation. I feel like it’s relatively equivalent to the permanent resistances granted by Oathbreaker’s Supernatural Resistance, but, again, there’s a lot of potential variation here.

20th level – Create a New Future

Starting at 20th level, you may use a bonus action to cause creatures within range of your Aura of Hope to do the impossible. Each friendly creature, including yourself, within range of your Aura of Hope may replace the roll of their next ability check, saving throw, or attack roll with a 20. You may only use this ability once per day.

I do feel this one might be too powerful. A lot of the other subclasses give the paladin some kind of super form, such as Dread Lord from Oathbreaker, but this one allows for truly massive burst damage. This largely comes from my preference for burst damage and more fast-paced combats. Still, I’m open to feedback.

And there we have it! Again, my main question is twofold:

  1. Does it makes sense from a role playing perspective for the PC as described?
  2. Does it seems mechanically balanced against other Paladin subclasses, especially Oathbreaker?

Thanks for reading and feel free to let me have it for this mess.

dnd 5e – Any good place to review/workshop homebrew for 5e?

So, I’ve been doing a homebrew campaign for awhile now and some of my players are starting to suggest I look into publishing some of the stuff on places like dmsguild, but I’m not persuaded any of my stuff is ready for that. In the meantime, are there any good sites or forums where I could share subclasses and such, not for specific questions but general opinions or feedback?

Any suggestions are much appreciated and have my thanks in advance.