blockchain – Bitcoin Energy Consumption and Carbon Footprint a good long term investment?

How can Bitcoin a good long term investment, given one transaction is equivalent to carbon footprint of 986,125 Million VISA transactions?

If they use the Lightning network which takes transactions Off the Blockchain, wouldn’t that defeat whole purpose of having ledger transaction?

Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index

enter image description here

Is editing a Github/GitLab issue a good idea?

I’m starting to define how issues should be handled in GitLab. Most specifically whether the author should be editing the original issue to keep it up to date or use only comments.

Let’s say that you start working on a feature. The first thing you do is add a first analysis and design. Now one of the collaborators spots some flaws in the design, should the author then edit the issue to fix the design, or should he/she reflect the change in a comment?

The former keeps the original issue always up-to-date, so if in the future you need to take a look at the analysis done, there’s no need to scroll over a bunch of comments to reach the conclusion. However, you lose the traceability of the comments, as one comment might reference something that has been removed.

Is there a preferred way of handling this?

Are there any good guidelines around the formatting and display of amounts and numbers in UI, especially for high-density tables?

This might include the alignment of numbers in tables based on type of numerical data, and how to show multi-currency, and negative numbers on a variety of form factors.

is wordpress good for multi product price comparison website like pricerunner and idealo?

I am not a developer and I am planning to start a price/product comparison website. I don’t have that much budget. is it possible to add all the features that has? How will be the performance if I build it in WordPress? Some tech guru recommend building it in PHP language( I know WordPress is in PHP language)

Is this product table schema good or worth editing?

I haven’t created such structures before and decided to ask the experts. Is this a good structure?
I am concerned about the following questions:

  1. I created the "product_size" table separately, because some products do not have dimensions.
  2. The "product_prefix" table is a boolean value for displaying icons on the product card.
  3. Table "product_gallery", is it correct or worth transferring these values ​​to the table "products"?
  4. Table "product_characteristics", I haven’t come up with anything else how to store an array with json data of the form
    [{"key": "value"}]

enter image description here

transactions – My bitcoin hasn’t been received for good 10days now

I have sent my first Transaction from a bitcoin machine and waiting for it to arrive at another address but when i click on the Transaction ID of the addresses is Unspent? It only required 3 Confirmations but is now 115? Where is my bitcoin and how do i receive it?


Does designing an automatic interaction based on user intent a good thing?

We have this flow in our interface where user can unlink their accounts that are connected to the application. We have a button to unlink their bank, but we also have an option where user can manually unlink each account. The process here is quite tricky because they need to click the “submit” button once they are okay with their changes, reason being they need to enter 2FA,and we do not want them to enter 2FA for each change or unlink that they do for each account if needed. Sorry for the bad sketch but this is how it is currently laid out:
enter image description here

In cases that user tries to manually unlink each account and does not use the “unlink bank” option, the suggested interaction is when user clicks the last account with the “Unlink”, the system will detect their intent to unlink all accounts and the bank and will show a confirmation dialog if they want to unlink the bank:
enter image description here

It is a good interaction as it detects the intent of the user and it removes one step which is clicking the “update” button, however my concern is that clicking on the last “unlink” button and then showing a confirmation dialog after might be something unexpected? I’m not sure if the modal interrupts the user work flow since it is detecting that it wants to unlink all accounts which equals to unlinking the bank and one less click of clicking the update button, while the modal offers a second chance whether to cancel or not. Is there an article that would suggest this is a bad idea?

We cannot do user testing at the moment that is why this is challenging. But I’d like to get your thoughts or if you have any articles you could share that relates to this topic, that would be really helpful.

tool recommendation – Does anyone know a good system for building a city?

tool recommendation – Does anyone know a good system for building a city? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

dnd 5e – Is this a good homebrew monster to challenge my party with

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Is this a good homebrew monster

this is the first time I have homebrewed a creature and not just reskin something I have 3 7th level pc’s who’ve all min-maxed their characters so I usually go rather high on the cr [![monster stat block1

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