need helpto install gnome 40 on kubuntu 21.04

I want to install gnome 40 on my Kubuntu 40 . i have try to seaech on google but i don’t found the way . Is there any way install gnome 40 on kubuntu 21.04?

gnome – Applications not showing properly after clicking ‘show application’

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20.04 – Remove Do Not Disturb From Gnome Shell

I never use Do Not Disturb and never will. Now, I like my message-list to look clean and I figured out how to remove the Do Not Disturb button. However, I cannot find the “Do Not Disturb” text! How did Ubuntu integrate Do Not Disturb into the gnome-shell and how does someone who is a minimalist make it “disappear” from the message-list?
Using Pop_OS 20.04 aka Ubuntu 20.04, Gnome-shell 3.36.7, and I am a beginner programmer but I can figure most things out.
I have attached the image of where I got to. I removed the Do Not Disturb button by changing the button size to 1px.

gnome – Change notification counter badge color in Dash to Dock

Is there any way to change the badge color in Dash to Dock in Gnome Environment?

I’m running Pop_Os and even in dConf editor I did not find a prop to change it and there’s no option in gnome-tweaks options aswell.

enter image description here

It’s red with this ugly green border by default even running a custom theme.

gnome – What are the steps to run Wayland on 21.04 with nVIDIA?

The settings I adapted are:

options nvidia_drm modeset=1

ensure #WaylandEnable=false is commented in:

comment all lines with # in:


check (output should be wayland):

My experience with Wayland:

Matlab and VMWare Workstation Player complain about missing OpenGL hardware acceleration. But overall I am very happy with Wayland. No special tricks needed for many applications like Spotify and Matlab which previously did not scale in Xorg. With Wayland Matlab scales perfectly out of the box. Also resume from suspend to RAM now works for the first time on this laptop. Though it takes 1 minute 45 seconds from power button to lock screen. VLC full screen also works great, previously not possible in Xorg.

Waiting for nVIDA 470 series to have OpenGL hardware acceleration…

Up to now I only have one issue: connecting an external monitor to the HDMI connector freezes Ubuntu completely. Nothing is shown on the external monitor and power button hard reset is the only option.

Is there some configuration required for this?

unity – GNOME Desktop does not appear after upgrading 32 bit system from 16.04 to 18.04

I upgraded my 32 bit system from 16.04 to 18.04. I expected to see the GNOME 3 Desktop. Instead I still see the Unity Desktop. Logging out and back in, there is no desktop selection option presented. I’ve tried installing GNOME 3 manually with no success. I’ve verified that GNOME 3 is installed. There are no desktop options available in the system settings. How can I setup my system to recognize the GNOME 3 Desktop as default and to switch between desktops?

Gnome file managed theme on i3wm

Im using ubuntu 20.04 with i3 as wm. I used following command to change theme on gnome file manager (WM_CLASS(STRING) = "org.gnome.Nautilus", "Org.gnome.Nautilus")

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme Yaru-darzcxk

I was working until I installed gnome-tweak for another purpose. I tried changed in this app theme ( or rewrite above command but it doesn’t work.

Anyone know how to help with that?

gnome – Select file instead of searching in Ubuntu 20.04 “Open File” dialog

When using the “Open File”-dialog in Ubuntu (e.g. in a text-editor like vscode or sublime), I’m used to being able to navigate and select folders/files by typing. Since updating to Ubuntu 20.04, however, a very slow search dialog opens up instead of immediately selecting the files.

I’m aware of the same type of behavior in the nautilus “Files” browser, and I solved this with nautilus-typeahead. This did not influence the “Open File”-dialog, however. How can I go back to the much faster alternative of selecting instead of searching in this dialog?

Note, I found that this behavior exists in most programs I tried (sublime, vscode, slack, …), but not in all for some reason (inkscape was an exception – here the dialog looks very different as well).

desktop environments – Why is Gnome Shell one big monolith application?

The Linux philosophy seems to be that everything is broken down into small modules. I remember with Gnome 2.0 there used to be a gnome-panel program, the Metacity window manager program and you could replace any one of those with something different.

But with Gnome Shell it seems that everything is one big monolithic program. gnome-shell is a window manager, a dock, a panel, desktop – everything all in one. Which means you can’t change different parts of it.

For example when you start or kill gnome-shell – you can see that it contains everything. But in Linux we should have the freedom to change for example the window manager from Mutter to Compiz or Metacity or whatever. Same thing for the Dock and panels. Why is Gnome shell like this?

notification – How to re-sync Thunderbird calender to the gnome clock list?

I’m using Ubuntu 20.10 with Thunderbird + Lightning from the default repositories. I installed the “Google Calendar” Add on to be able to use a Google calendar in Thunderbird.

That’s all I ever did, never had any other Add-On for Thunderbird or Ubuntu. When I click the clock of the top bar of the Ubuntu desktop a widget with notifications, a calendar and an event list pops up. These events are from my Google calendar and thus must come from Thunderbird.

Now several recurring events changed, which TB/Lightning show, but Ubuntu events still show the old ones, for weeks now. And it also notifies me of the old ones.

How can I force Thunderbird / Ubuntu to re-sync the events? Ideally without any new plugin/add-on, because the initial sync obviously happened without one as well (and so must be possible somehow) and I like to keep my system clean. Maybe there’s a file which I can delete and force the re-sync, or some similar simple approach?