Email Format Broken When Sending Emails in Gmail

I recently noticed that emails sent out of my school gmail account were not utilizing the full space for text. For some reason, the body of the email breaks every 10 or so words to a new line. Attached is an example of this:enter image description here

gmail – How do I get labeled emails to skip my inbox?

I’m currently working in a role where I get many emails from many different teams, and these emails will usually end up being ~30-50 email long threads. Some of them are relevant to me, and some are not, but that can’t be determined based on keywords. I have to follow the first few emails of each thread before I can determine if I am needed or not.

I understand I can use filters to skip the inbox or apply labels, but that’s not what I want to do. I want all emails to come through my inbox at first, and then I’d like to manually label an email as “skip”. Once the skip label has been applied, then I’d like gmail to keep those out of my main inbox. Does anyone know of a way to do this? I would be eternally grateful. Thanks so much!

security – Access to Gmail from Uknown User

At the bottom of my Gmail, there is a link to show the history. I realized there was someone from the US going on my account, but when o changed my password they still had access. Is this just part of the system? The User changes IP addresses every time they use my account. I haven’t noticed them doing anything, so should I be concerned? It usually looks like this: Authorised Application (-numbers with numbers before the .apps.

Deleter more than 50 e-mails in gmail in 2020

Last time when I selected the e-mails on a page to delete, after selecting 50, gmail offered that it could mark all the e-mails having that label.

Now it does not.

How can I select all that 9000 e-mails now?

PHP Google GMAIL API limite de mensajes obtenidos

Tengo este código para obtener los mensajes de la api de Gmail

class AuthGoogleMailService

    private $Expiretoken = false;
    private $clientName="This is my CLI app";
    private $accessType="offline";
    private $setPrompt="select_account consent";
    private $scope=Google_Service_Gmail::GMAIL_READONLY;

public function getClient() : Google_Client

        $client = new Google_Client();

        $accessToken = $this->getGoogleToken();
        if (!is_null($accessToken)) {


        return $client;

//Obtenemos el servicio de gmail
 $GoogleClient = (new AuthGoogleMailService())->getClient();
 $Gmailservice = new Google_Service_Gmail($GoogleClient);

 //parametros para obtener los correos
 $options = array('labelIds' => 'INBOX', 'maxResults' => 1000, 'q' => 'is:unread');
 //Obtiene los mensajes
 $messages = $Gmailservice->users_messages->listUsersMessages('me', $options);
 foreach ($messages as $message) {
  print('inicia mensaje' . PHP_EOL);
  print('------------------------------------' .PHP_EOL);
  print('id de mensaje '. $message('id') .PHP_EOL);

  //Obtiene el encabezado del mensaje
  $Emailmessage = $Gmailservice->users_messages->get('me', $message('id'), ('format' => 'FULL'));
  foreach($Emailmessage('payload')->getHeaders() as $header){
      print_r($header->name." : ".$header->value . PHP_EOL);

si me trae los correos y me muestra los mensajes pero aun que le ponga en la opción de maxResults le pongo 1000 pero solo me trae 500 , ¿esta limitado a 500? o ¿tengo que hacer otra cosa?

necesito obtner los mensajes de varios dias y pues solo me esta obteniendo 500.

gmail – Why i have to sign in to continue to fill out google form even though i already signed in from my phone?

when I open the link to the google form, it asks me to sign in to continue. I already signed in on my phone but why it is asking me to sign in again. when I touch the sign-in button, it just directs me to the same page and asks me to sign in again. I can open it on my laptop but I can’t open it with my phone. I have been trying logging out of all of my account and sign up again, but it didn’t work. before this, I
can open it, but just now it didn’t work. can someone help me?

How can one change the timezone of Gmail (Android application)?

How can one change the timezone of Gmail (Android application)?

gmail – Can anyone suggest how to also include work hours (9-5) in this out-of-office script?

The below script successfully auto-replies to sender on selected non-work-days
Can anyone suggest how i might add the after-hours of work-days, say 5pm-7am, to trigger the reply also?

function autoReply() {
  var interval = 5;        //  if the script runs every 5 minutes; change otherwise
  var daysOff = (1,5,6,0);   // 1=Mo, 2=Tu, 3=We, 4=Th, 5=Fr, 6=Sa, 0=Su
  var date = new Date();
  var day = date.getDay();
  var label = GmailApp.getUserLabelByName("autoresponded");
  if (daysOff.indexOf(day) > -1) {
    var timeFrom = Math.floor(date.valueOf()/1000) - 60 * interval;
    var threads ='is:inbox !label:autoresponded after:' + timeFrom);
    for (var i = 0; i < threads.length; i++) {
      var message = threads(i).getMessages()(0);
      if (message.getFrom().indexOf("") < 0 && message.getFrom().indexOf("no-repl") < 0 && message.getFrom().indexOf("bounce") < 0 && message.getFrom().indexOf("spam") < 0) {
        threads(i).reply("", {
          htmlBody: "<p>Thank you for your message. I am not in the office today. If you have urgent questions you can email If you have other urgent enquiries you can call the office on 1800 999 002.</p><p>Best regards,<br>Name</p>"

Gmail não reconhece imagens em emails enviados com template html

foto do problema

Somente no gmail não aparece, em outros provedores as imagens abrem normalmente

gmail – Emails to Google Groups email address aren’t working

When I send an email to the an email address in Google Groups, I get the following error from

Mail Delivery Subsystem

We’re writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (***) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group. A few more details on why you weren’t able to post:

  • You might have spelled or formatted the group name incorrectly.
  • The owner of the group may have removed this group.
  • You may need to join the group before receiving permission to post.
  • This group may not be open to posting.

If you have questions related to this or any other Google Group, visit the Help Center at

The address is setup to forward to group members immediately, but it doesn’t seem to be getting through in the first place.